Strathmore, Alberta Day #3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

A very warm and enjoyable day  began, as this  morning there was an event to attend.  The crew tended to the barn chores, and I headed over to the  Kirk Sutherland camp, to help out with their daughter Misty’s Pace Kids Charity breakfast.  This pancake breakfast is in its 4th year now and all the proceeds go to children with special needs. Pacekids Society for Children with Special Needs is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of parents of Pacekids’ children, as well as other community members. Founded in 1994, Pacekids holds a Private ECS Operator License from Alberta Education, and offers a variety of programs through funding from Family Support for Children with Disabilities. Pacekids continuously emphasizes the importance of the special needs child and the family unit.  Pacekids Programs is family focused and strives for excellence in the therapy, education and family empowerment of children with special needs.

The breakfast was a success, as the barn crews were fed, prizes were given out, the kids loved the face painting by artist Emerson, and some money was raised for the Pace Kids Group.

The races were scheduled for 1 pm, so everyone headed back to their camps to prepare.  Cody was off the 2 barrel today.  He wasn’t so happy with his run as it was slower than he anticipated.  He was 29th with a 1:21.17.


Backstretch Day#3


4 Abreast

Ricks hook today was Nickle (LL) Spin (RL) Trick (LW) Law (RW) with Ice and Stadium as the outriding horses being handled by Chad and Cole.  I unfortunately don’t get to see the infield barrel turn, so I listen for the horn, then Ricks whistle, and hope for the best as they come around the oval.  Today he was 4 abreast coming off the four barrel and that is how they raced the whole way around.  We place 17th with a 1:19.68.  That is pretty good considering he was  4 wide.  That is a huge accomplishment with that outfit. After the times were all calculated over the 3 days, we are sitting 3rd overall, with Gary Gorst leading the pack, and John Walters in behind for 2nd.


103 years young

Today’s recipient of our Mini Chuckwagon Giveaway, was 103 years young, Ms. Sybil Wilson.  She was tickled pink to have it.  When word got to the barn that this happened, we thought it would be an honor for Rick to scoot over to meet her.


Just Had to Meet Her

And meet her he did.  She was excited to make us aware that her Great, Great Granddaughter Paisley received the mini wagon 2 years ago here at the Strathmore Stampede.  How exciting is that?


One Last Hug

I had to have one last hug with Spider-man as he is headed out on a mini vacation today.  It will be a couple of weeks before we see each other again at the last show in Rocky Mountain House.

Last day of racing starts 7 pm Tuesday evening.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  The best classroom in the world, is at the feet of an elderly person.



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    • Hello Carol

      thank you for following. Glad the P.S.s are touching your life in some way. Always good to hear from my followers.


  1. I caught wind of your Great blog during the stampede behind the scenes TV segment and am thoroughly enjoying following your journey and learning more about chuckwagon racing. So much so I am going back to the start of your blog to read it all! I collect inspirational sayings too and enjoy you leaving us with something to grin or think about.   I got a chuckle today to spot in a photo that Rick uses Thee Original iPad…writing on his hand! 😉  Kari

    • Hi Kari

      Thank you for following. Its just a small thing that I do on the side to enjoy our summer. I’m very thankful to be able to connect with people like you out there in internet land, and share just a little bit of our chuckwagon journey.

      And yes my hubby continually uses his hand for a note pad. Funny you would have noticed that.


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