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Howdy Friends,

I was looking at the calendar, and seen that it has been only 2 weeks since we arrived home from our journey on the summer Chuckwagon trail.   For some reason, for me, it has felt much longer than that.  I guess it is because since I have been home, the work continues.  It is so good to be home, but there are many things to attend to.  First item to attack was our home on wheels.  We pack so much stuff in there, most of it has to come back out when we arrive home.  I have yet to complete that job, but I am gaining on it little by little.  I like to bring things in bit by bit.  This way I can clean out cupboards and closets in the house, and rid of things that are no longer needed.  Kind of a spring cleaning, only it’s happening in the fall.  As a matter of fact, I even joined up with some relatives and had a garage sale last week and made a few bucks.  The weather was great and what the heck! it was an afternoon off from work.


Eye Spy

I am glad also to be back, and settling into my morning routine of me time.  I’ve been going out for my morning runs and enjoying the quietness and the beautiful sunrises.

I am always so grateful to have the ability and freedom to do this.  For one, it makes me feel so energized, and another reason is it keeps me feeling young and able to keep up with my grand-kids who I enjoy spending time with as much as I can.


A Little Pool Party

The  weather has been so warm here, that little Ryker enjoyed an afternoon swim in his little pool while his momma ran some errands.  I had no problem sitting and enjoying some play time with the little one.


Animal Balloon Coming Right Up

The Lakedell Annual Fair, down the road 30 minutes, was held this past weekend, so Daughter Kaylee and I gathered up the kids and headed on out to enjoy all the activities for the young and old alike.


Train Ride for All

The turnout was awesome as the weather rose into the high 20’s.  A very enjoyable day for all.



As the days are getting shorter, the sunsets are becoming more spectacular on the evening horizon.  Just tonight, Rick and I ventured on out to feed the oats to the hungry ponies.  I managed to capture some pretty neat photos with my camera phone.


A Bucket Here and a Bucket There

When you have several head of horses, it is a daily routine to go out among them and make sure they are all free from injuries.  You just never know how much mischief they can get into when playing with each other throughout the day and night.

Once the quad has started up, the horses hear this and start milling around, then follow us out into the field to eat their favored oats.  Did you know that  thoroughbred horses will only eat enough oats till they are full, leave and come back later to finish up?  Unlike a pony who will gorge themselves to possible death from eating too much?  Yes, a pony or saddle horse do not have the sense to stop when they are full.  Just a little bit of tidbit information you might like to know, if you didn’t already .


After attending the races at Northlands today, we came home to a suspicious flag flying on our post.  It definitely does not belong to Rick, as most who know him, is a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan and always will be.  I think we have a lead on who put it there, so when the time comes, I’m sure he will deal with the culprit, in one way or another.  Oh what fun has begun.  Hahaha.

I took last Wednesday off, picked up relatives Bruce and Bonnie and headed out east to visit our daughter Amy and her husband Chris and grandson Coy on their farm just past the town of Consort Alberta.


Long Long Road

The land is very dry there right now and the crops are not far from being harvested.  We all enjoy the warmth of the sun, but too much heat on the crops is not that good.  Hopefully things will be profitable for the farmers in that area.


Down the Fence Line

We took the side-by-sides and toured around the many acres around the Ranch.  The terrain in that area is so very different than here in Wetaskiwin.  The hills are rolling for as long as the eyes can see.


Sight Seeing


A Load full of Straw

I so enjoyed seeing the tractors in the fields, the bales being loaded and the trucks hauling it away.  It brings me back home to the days when I was a kid.


Although my father was not a full-fledged farmer by any means, we did grow up on a farm with many of the regular animals a farm usually has, and I helped with the stooking of the hay into square bales, once my older brothers had left the farm.


There’s just something to be said about being a kid and growing up on a farm.  There is just no place on earth like it.

From Home on the Ranch

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you.  It’s what you leave behind you when you go.    Randy Travis




29 thoughts on “Home on the Ranch

  1. Good morning Sue ,I so love reading your letters still . Seeing the video of your horses running when they hear the grain coming out you can’t beat that . Have a great winter Sue and Rick and family PS 7 months spring training starts again !!!! Thanks Tom

  2. Absolutely love your stories & pictures. Thanks for keeping us in the loop when we are not able to attend any of the races.
    Cheers !

  3. Thank you Sue for all the blogs and pictures this last while not able to get to the races so enjoy all .Listen to Billys races on sirus and keep informed. Wishing you and Rick all the best.Till we hear from you again Happy Trails

  4. Thanks so much for your blogs, the pictures are amazing also !! The last race night in Rocky we were in the same area in the stands as the little boy who received the mini chuckwagon , the look on his face , the wonder and bewilderment and awe that HE had the prize was heartwarming. He was so thrilled he barely knew he was stepping up the stairs to his seat.
    Thanks again for your words and pics , we love to hear and see your life on the trail.
    Take care.
    Ron and Penny

    • Hey there! Thanks for sharing that. We don’t always get to know who gets it, so how exciting is that for that little guy!

  5. Another great year behind you. I loved reading all your posts, and enjoyed all the pictures that went along with them.
    I to grew up on a farm, and loved it. My favourite time of year was fall, although it was very busy, it was beautiful. All the colours, smells of high bush cranberries, taking lunches out to the field after school. What great memories!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful fall and rest of the year!
    May God bless you and your family.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures once again.

  6. She I have very much enjoyed your blog this year. I started following your blog last year after strathmore. I don’t get to very many wagon races any more . I always watch calgary . I miss your races on Q 91 . I always listened. So to make a long story short, I really appreciate your blog Thanks very much and I hope you have a very good fall. Anne Marie

  7. Sue, I will miss reading your blog and seeing the beautiful photos you post. I love the silhouette of the horses and of course the photos of your grandsons :). Wish you and Rick many blessings and look forward to the return of the Travelin Trailer next year.

    ps. Where are Duncan and K and what do they do when the races end?

    • Thank you Margaret
      I will be writing from time to time. Yes the sunsets have been amazing,, thus the lovely photos of the horses.
      Duncan and Karina went touring some in Alberta and BC. They will be heading back to their homes in Australia and Ontario very soon. They were great help this season.

  8. Hey Rick and Sue;

    Keep these blogs coming. We always enjoy them so much.

    Sue, I think you should be a professional photographer as your photos are always absolutely amazing and tell a wonderful story.

    Glad to know you are all well and enjoying the fall.

    Take Care.

    Marjorie Krossa


    • Hey there Krossa Family! Thank you, I may not be a professional, but I sure do enjoy learning and taking them. My enjoyment is knowing others are enjoying them too.

  9. So enjoy reading your blog! Glad I met you a couple years back and found out about this! I agree with you–The farm is the best place to grow up! Gigi

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