GP Stompede Night 1 of the Last Run

Howdy All!

Tonight, the rain gear was sitting on hold, as the evening progressed throughout all the activities of the first night at the 2018 Grande Prairie Stompede.   The clouds were continuously threatening to open up for the water to fall upon our parade, but we were lucky enough to elude such moisture.



Tonight, Cody our son drove an outfit in the Western Chuckwagon Association with a team of our horses.  He drove Orchid, Speedy, Club and Bacardi.  Coming off the 4 barrel, a line got flipped around over one of the horses heads, which in turn, slowed Cody down in his forward motion turning the barrels.  He managed to get around them both cleanly and head down the track.  He gained plenty of ground on the wagons ahead of him and finished the race pretty respectfully just the same.  He placed 12 on the day out of 19 competitors in total.


Practice on 1

As we were in the last heat, the track seemed to get heavier as the races went on.  Rick whistled to his horses when the horn sounded to start the race.  He made a clean pattern around the top and bottom barrels, then away they went as fast as they could go.  Rick was very happy with how the boys ran.  Tonight he had Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Cowboy was on the Left Wheel and Glory on the Right.  Quaid Tournier held the leaders with our horse named Ed.  Chance Flad rode Andy throwing the stove and those both rode quite well arriving right close behind Rick when he crossed the finish line.  When the times came out, we had posted a 1:17.77 on the day putting us 5th over all.


Over these last 6 or so years, I’ve enjoyed learning about photography, while takeing many, many Chuckwagon action shots along with happenings along on our journey down the trail.  I am definitely no professional, and have so much more to learn in this area of photos, lenses, light and settings.

Fraser - 4132


Together, Rick and I have had lots of fun living, learning and loving in our chuckwagon journey.  A roller coaster at times,  with many highs and sometimes a few lows.  But we grew from all that we did and we raised 3 wonderful kids along the way.


Fraser - 3917


I may not be an expert at harnessing the horses today, but I do get in there and help out where help is needed.   Thanks to Rick’s dad, the late Dave Lewis, as he was the one to teach me the ropes many years ago when I was just the new girl on the block.

Fraser - 3958

The Right Connection

For a cowboy who lives, loves and breathes what he does,  connecting the lines, crosschecks and snaps together is just another quick job to be done.

Fraser - 4364

Laughter is a Medicine

This guy that I married, always keeps one on their toes.  You never know what joke he will come out with next.

Fraser - 4275

Checking things Out

Well, I do have to tell you, this man and I have done a lot of thinking, debating and decision making this past while.

Rick & Sue in Vegas

Two become One

And through all this thinking and planning, we came to a decision.  A decision that was not easy at all to come out and say.  But yet we knew it was time to say it and share it.


Mr. and Mrs.

We have decided that this year will be our “Last Run”.  Yes, our “Last Run” on the Chuckwagon Circuit.  Grande Prairie, Sasaktoon, Medicine Hat, High River, Ponoka and Calgary too.  More stories to come and many more miles to drive.  So stay tuned, and enjoy, our “Last Run” of this year.


From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”


DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.  Success is “Team 23”.

39 thoughts on “GP Stompede Night 1 of the Last Run

  1. I am a crazy chuck wagon fan from Wisconsin. I’ve loved followIng the chucks for years and usually make it to the Stampede while visiting family in Calgary. We can’t make it this year and now I’m doubly disappointed not to get to watch “23” run the barrels one last time around the Half Mile of Hell. You and Rick epitomize the classiness of the sport. I feel like I know you. Sad in Wisconsin.

    • Hello Kimera
      Thank you for your kind message. Love to hear from you. So glad you have been following along on our journey. Too bad you won’t be in Calgary. We would have brought you back into the barns to meet the horses, Rick and the crew.
      Cheers to you.

  2. Hello Sue,

    Read the new post, I special like the picture Mr. and Mrs. I regonized the photographer. I think I made a good picture from you both.


    Astrid and Jan

    2018-05-31 10:41 GMT+02:00 The Travelin’ Trailer :

    > suefraser23 posted: “Howdy All! Tonight, the rain gear was sitting on > hold, as the evening progressed throughout all the activities of the first > night at the 2018 Grande Prairie Stompede. The clouds were continuously > threatening to open up for the water to fall upon our pa” >

  3. Hi Sue ,Rick looked great last night and the horses ran so well love your write ups after the races thank you

  4. So sorry to see another professional wagon driver hang up the lines. A exciting and awesome contribution to the chuckwagon sport of racing. Thank you for providing our enjoyment and yours for so many years.
    Wishing you a successful 2018 season and years of happy retirement.

    • Thank you Gordon
      It’s been an amazing years, doing what we do. Glad to have met you and I’m sure we’ll meet again.

  5. So sorry to hear this news, but fully respect the decisions you make together. As I read the post I got that “pit in your stomach feeling” and an “Oh, No!” popped out of my mouth. Will make the trek to Dawson for sure!


    • Hello Nancy
      As it stands right now, we will be ending our Chuckwagon journey at the end of the Calgary Stampede. We will be having an auction the second last day, so won’t be competing in Dawson.
      Thank you for following along.

  6. The track will not be the same without Rick out there. Also you with all the pictures and posts you share with us. Good luck on your next venture.

  7. Have a fantastic season and enjoy the summer ahead and those wonderful memories of days and years gone by.

  8. I am so sad to hear that you will be retiring ! Not only will I miss Rick on the track but your blogs unless you will continue them with your own news! You are such a great writer!’
    I guess all good things have to come to an end!
    Best of luck in all your new endeavours! You are far too ambitious to just sit around!!

    • Hello Erla
      Yes all good things do come to an end. We will however still come around at times.
      I may continue writing but of course on a different level.
      Thank you for always following along.

  9. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement. You and Rick will be missed very much but you have given us all so much enjoyment and inspiration over the years.

    • Hi Marilyn
      Thank you for your kinds words. It feels good to know that we have touched others lives in a small way.

  10. Sorry to hear that this will be the last year on the circuit driving, but I’m sure it is very trying at times, and when one door closes another one opens. Time for retirement? I’m sure you will still be involved as your children and perhaps grandchildren get involved. Thanks for sharing your life with the rodeo fans that love you so much. Blessings as you move forward. Simmona Ledger, High River

    • Hello Simmona
      Just retirement from the Chuckwagons, but our life will go on doing other things for sure. And maybe Cody will drive one day too, we hope so but it will not be just now.

  11. Keep up the blog, love to follow you during the year, we hope to make it in to see the races on Sunday. Best of luck!

    • Hi Marie
      Yes, it is a possiblitly I will continue to write. You will know for sure, sometime in the future.

  12. Congratulations to you both on your decision—But so sad for us Team 23 followers. You have brought so much enjoyment all these years and definitely some nail-biting moments as well. I absolutely LOVE your blogs. Just know you will be greatly missed but in the meantime we will make sure we get our fill THIS YEAR!!

  13. There will be a huge hole left in the chuckwagon world when you leave. Best of luck in your next adventure!!!

  14. Sad to hear you are leaving the circuit! You both have brought so much attention to this sport. Sue your posts and pictures makes a person feel like they are part of the Team 23. You both will be missed!

    • Hi Marlene
      Thank you for your message. We’ve enjoyed meeting you. And it wouldnt have happened with out “Chuckwagons”.

  15. Sue,
    You just broke my heart announcing the “Last Run.” It must have been a tough decision as chuckwagon racing is in the blood. My Dad and Tom were good friends, and are watching the races together. Hopefully Cody can and will carry on the tradition and will follow in his fathers footsteps as “Mr. Chcukwagon” Rick gives so much back to the communities! You will be missed!

    • Hi Deana
      So sorry! Everyone has a favorite, don’t they? We will still come around. We have many great memories and will still be making more till we come to the end. And, we too will hope that Cody will carry on one day, just not right now.

  16. Hard hard decision but sometimes those decisions need to be made.
    Hope you guys have the best year ever and wishing you the best going
    down that road.

    • HI Carol
      Thank you for your well wishes. It definitly wasn’t easy saying it, as it was discussing it.

  17. Ahh, I’ll miss your great stories, and the love you have for Chuckwagon racing, but all good things must come to an end at some point.
    I can see the love you two share, and am sure you’ll have many more memories to make, and family to share them with.
    May God bless you both.

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for following along. It’s been quite a ride, and went by way to fast.

  18. Thanks, Sue. I especially loved all your pictures. What will be your next venture … you folks are still young! 😊❤️😊 Pat

    • Hi Pat
      Yes, we are young yet. We have chatted some, but no definite plans as of yet. We definitely won’t be “Retiring” as we are to young for that.

  19. I wish you well in your retirement, you will both be missed on the chuckwagon circuit. Many years in the seat, many trophies and beautiful memories to last you throughout your retirement and all the happy years you have left together to enjoy each other’s love. see you in ponoka

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