The Tale End of the Year

Where do I start? 2018 has ended, and I think back to my last writing of the blog. Two months ago, eights weeks, or 56 days in time, however one likes to look at it. There were many times I thought I should sit down and write my thoughts. I can say I was busy, which I was. But busyness, is only what we say it is. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, every day. And what we choose to do in those days is ours decide.



As the days go by, my mind meanders into the past. Thinking and pondering our Chuckwagon Journey. Some days it is so surreal. I look out into the pasture, and those 25 and some thoroughbreds are not there. We have three, that continue to live with us. Deveroux, Nickle and Law. I miss the herd that would run up and down the field in the daylight or the dark. In the house you could here the pounding and thundering of their hooves. When they stopped, they would snort, buck and kick and the steam would be rolling off their warm bodies. Memories such as this pop into my mind, and I wonder why? Why did it have to end?

Beauty in the Winter

So many have asked, do you miss it? It was our lives for so many years. Rick was born into the Chuckwagon world. I married into it in 1984. And my answer to the question? Yes. Some days more than others. We are in the off season, so it just feels normal most days. I also tell people, it feels like a death. That we have to go through mourning. I was told by someone that for every 10 years of involvement, it would take 1 year of mourning. So that sounds like a fair bit of time. However, when we think back to when we first began until now, we ask ourselves, where did the time go? It almost feels like a dream with so many memories.

One Last Family Photo

Life does move on, and my last two month have been consumed with home life, grandkids, new online digital business and enjoying being at home on the Ranch.

I took a photography course last year, which was so very informative. I learned some new tricks of the trade, but have a long ways to go in becoming a professional. However, Greg Johnson (The Tornado Hunter Guy) is the one who has courses throughout the year, and through this, he decided to have a book published with photos submitted by his students.

The Amazing Photo Book

I fished through many of my photos from over the years, and found a few that I liked. I submitted them in the hopes that just one would be chosen. Low and behold, two of them were. And both of them I am so very proud of, as they both tell a story.

No Words Necessary

Skylar. An amazing young lady who I met several years ago, at the annual Special Needs Rodeo during the Ponoka Stampede. I will always treasure that first day I met her, and the years that continued after that. A down-syndrome child that taught me how to love unconditionally. The connection and love she had with the animals was precious.

Six Heats Down and Three to Go

The weather rules when it comes to Chuckwagon racing. Rain or shine, the competition continues. High River Alberta is often a place where the weather fluctuates within hours, due to being close to the Rocky Mountains. Rain and mud prevailed one race day this year, and I was able to capture this shot of outrider Rory Gervais in between heats. The dedication and athleticism these young fellas have is commendable.

I am thrilled that these two photos have been published, along with many amazing great shots from Canada wide. I heard there were still books available, through

Happy Little Bug

I can’t get enough of those little bitty grandkids. At least the last one is little in size. Amy and Chris’s baby Kich is already three months old. Just beginning to smile, giggle and almost roll over. The only downside for me is they are 3 hours drive away. Thank goodness for Facetime.

Nana and Ryker Time

Talking about three, Kaylee and Chris’s boy Ryker is three years old. He’s full of giggles, talking and trains. He is one busy boy who keeps Nana busy at the best of times. And that is just OK!


My little Coy is not so little anymore. Our number one grandson is nine already. He is getting to that age, where friends are starting to be more important that Nan. But that’s ok, he will always have a special place in my heart. Coy loves to play hockey now, as he’s in his first year. School is something he loves. He is a people person, and is still as creative as ever.

Special Moments

Christmas Comes but once a year.

Christmas as always, is special with kids. It came and went with memories to hold.

And the Stockings Were Filled

Gifts were exchanged, but there was one that was so special. Kaylee had thought to hand make one for her dad. She collected some hair from our many horses tails. Put it into a Christmas ornament ball along with a poem which she wrote from the heart. These are the best gifts that will be cherished forever.

At Work

With winter, comes snow, and with snow, comes sleigh rides. We hooked a couple of the horses up and went for a few rides. The weather has been pretty good and not too cold.

Hanging Out with PaPa

Well, as January settles in, I have a list of goals, visions and hobbies to do. It is an adjustment as I seen this month as one to hurry and get things done, as the Chuckwagon season is not far to begin. It is………………..just not for us.

From Home on the Ranch



“Life is about change. Sometime’s it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time it is both.

18 thoughts on “The Tale End of the Year

  1. Sue…
    Nancy and I were happy to see that you were able to make it to the “cousins” meeting at the village.
    I have to confess that I was overwhelmed with the number of cousins that took the time to show up. The time was short and I regret not having more time to visit with the cousins I never knew.

    The trip was a last minute deal that more than satisfied a life long “wondering”. As we got out of the car for the visit just prior to our meeting at the Village Gordon offered a “Welcome Home Chuck” as I was standing about 40 feet from where I was born. That wondering was now realized.

    It struck me in reviewing this post just how lucky Cousin Rick was over time. The “One Last Family Photo” show just how graced both of you were with such great looking children. For me the picture represented another chapter of Canadian cousins I never knew that are welcome to stop by here.

    Should you find yourself south of the border there is an open invitation for that glass of red wine and for Rick that piece of pie that we almost found when we snuck out of the village meeting for a few minutes. Name the pie – I’m sure I can find some reasonable facsimile “down here”.

    and yes your horse is a “pretty boy” but I might casually suggest he would prefer handsome.

    Cousin Chuck

  2. Your blog certainly brought tears to my eyes. It was so much at the races and most of all after at the barns.


  3. just love getting your news and what a great life and family you both have. Don’t stop posting or taking your great pictures.
    Happy New Year to all of you, it will be a great year as new things always replace the old. Lou

  4. May God Bless you and your family today & always in 2019!! It was wonderful to receive your news again!!!! After I retired after 30 years as a prosecutor, I ended up serving 12 years as a member of the Appeals Commission for Worker’s Compensation and now serve on the SUBDAVISION&DEVELOPMENTAPPEALBOARD& Appeal Tribunal for Horseracing Alberta, all completely NEW challenges for me
    .Do not fear a new challenge in a new area. GOD WILL GUIDE YOU ALONG THE WAY! Blessings: Chaplain Gary(RETIRED)

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