Two Months of Busy-ness

Hello All!

My good intentions to sit down and write in November and December, got put on the back burner.  The months were filled to capacity with so much more, that I never got time to blog.


Everyone needs a Haircut

It wasn’t until November 5th, that Rick and I got outside to trim all the horses manes. As you can see, there was no snow at that time.  We were pretty happy to have a very warm extended fall season, as were the farmers.  Many of them had their combines going for several days into November.  Who knew they would have had such luck with the weather man.

Every fall, we trim the horses manes right down.  The reason for this, is that by racing season, the mane has  grown nicely out and just flows in the wind.  No tangles to comb out.  And Lord knows, Rick doesn’t like that job, in fact I think all the chuckwagon drivers are allergic to it.


Lana Delaney and Rick

The Canadian Finals Rodeo is always in the month of  October in Edmonton, Alberta.  It brings many rodeo and farm folks to the city for some exciting action.  Throughout the day, a farm fair runs all day before the rodeo.  It hosts many businesses to display their wares.  Our Veterinarians, Lana and Ryan from Delaney Veterinarian Services out of Sherwood Park area, asked Rick to come and sign some posters for an afternoon.  He obliged, while grandson Coy and I shopped at all the other booths.  A win, win all around!


I thought I was finished renovations after living in our Wetaskiwin home for the past 9 years.  From basic renos to make it our own, to a basement flood, to a wind/hail storm, adding an addition, there just always seemed like something had to be done.  We always said the kitchen was too dark, so we decided to do something about it, with a low-cost dollar figure to it.  I went out to the local Home Hardware, bought a painting counter kit for $159 and we got busy.  Sanding, priming, painting and clear coating.  Four days later, and we were pretty happy of the outcome.  Much, much brighter now.


All Smiles

It was a low-key, Grey Cup football crowd at the Fraser Ranch this year.  Just a few close friends and family to watch the big game.  Rick plays some beer hockey in the winter, and one of his teams is called the Old Puckers.  They were selling raffle tickets on the Grey Cup game to make some money.  There were a few unsold tickets, to which we all signed at the last-minute before the game began.  And wouldn’t  you know, Rick won the $500 with the final score on his ticket.  Well he danced around the room for so many laps, I quite counting.  He could hardly contain himself and was looking forward to getting to the next beer league game to gloat to all The Old Puckers.


Flying High


Fabulous Friends

Well, the end of November, and I was off to Las Vegas for a bit to enjoy some me time with some exciting and fun friends.  It’s always good to get away and have some fun.  We attended the National Finals Rodeo, saw the sights, met many interesting folks, and most importantly, laughed a lot.

When I arrived back from  a very appreciative break, the Christmas season was upon us full force.  My very talented sister Dana, hosted a ladies festive evening out at her lovely home.  With many yummy homemade treats, several delicious beverages, and a beautifully decorated home, us gals had a very enjoyable evening.


The Christmas Train


And the Stockings Were Hung

It was time for our house to be festive, and the elf’s got to work.  And I’m not one of them!  Rick and our daughter Amy do it all.  And they do a fabulous job throughout.  I will tell you a little story.  Many years ago, early in our marriage, I took it upon myself to decorate the tree.  Someone thought it was a little silly looking. I won’t tell you who it was, but no worries, the Christmas decorating  was given away.  And it is just fine with me.  My job is to bring everything out and put it away.  We are all just happy with that.

Now that the house was festive, it was time to host our 4th annual Dorchester Christmas celebration.  We average about 55 of the family, and this Christmas was no different.


The 23  lb Baked Turkey

I roasted the turkey in record time, with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and home-made buns too.  Everyone else brings a dish to contribute to the meal.  I couldn’t ask for a better family to be a part of.

The meal was consumed by all the hungry family members just in time for Santa’s appearance.



  Kids big and little enjoyed the gifts that he brought.



Excited for Christmas too


The Very Important Letter

When Santa departed, he forgot to take his mittens. Well Coy made sure to let him know to take them, when he wrote his letter and set them out with some milk and cookies on  Christmas Eve.  And by gosh, the mittens were gone, come Christmas morn as were the milk and cookies when the kids arose.


Santa Had Arrived


Happy Cousins


A Helping Hand


The Best Dressed Cowboy

I can’t express how exciting it is to be a Nana.  The children just warm my heart to the fullest.  Their smiles brighten my day.  We all enjoyed the day to its fullest.  Our family is blessed.img_6825

Christmas 2016 is now complete.  We are all in need of a little extra  R & R.  I trust that you all had an enjoyable time wherever your life has taken you during this festive season.

From the Home on the Ranch


P.S. Live a Good Life. And in the end, it’s not the years in a life, it’s the life in the years.

Abraham Lincoln