Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labour

There’s a time to plant, a time to sow and a time to reap throughout one’s lifetime. Just as the garden that is planted in the spring, if we do not tend to it, nothing will grow. Before anything is planted, the rich soil needs to be prepared, the nasty weeds be removed, and sometimes a fertilizer spread upon the ground.

As a child growing up within the church, I remember the well known Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 which says: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot.”

Everything in our journey of life has its own time and season, and one must be patient and understanding, as we move through the different phases of life, no matter the difficulty and pain that we may experience.

When planting the various seeds into the ground, each one must be carefully placed so far apart, and at different depths into the soil, for the bright sun and gentle rains to begin the process of germination, the first stage in the life cycle of many plants.

Just as a garden needs special care and attention to every detail in preparing, planting, watering and weeding, and weeding and watering again, and praying the bright rays of sunshine come out each and every day in hopes that the abundance of the fruits of our labour is plenty, similarly, our many life’s relationships need just the same care and attention.

Over a lifetime, a person can have many relationships with many different people. Some come and go, others last for a lifetime. Kindling a relationship involves building a connection, showing interest of one’s life, listening and engaging with what is shared. Communicating is key, being open and honest, expressing thoughts and feelings, clearly and respectfully. Spending quality time, and being supportive to one another, encouraging goals and dreams that they may have. Being appreciative of them and letting them know through small gestures or doing something kind for them.

Remember, building relationships takes time and effort, by both parties, just the same as the gardener prepares, plants and nurtures his garden.

Throughout the season, as the plants begin to produce the vegetable within the ground and the greens upon the vine, the gardener enjoys the fruits of his labour.

So should your new relationships bring you a sense of joyful companionship, a listening ear with a source of advice, emotional support to personal growth and an improved well being.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “You are the creator of your own garden. Plant kindness and compassion. Water with love and gratitude. And you will enjoy beauty all the days of your life.” Julie Parker

Embrace Your Inner Child Within

Have you taken the time to just BE? Yesterday, I took the time to just BE. I took the time and frequented our By the Lake Park. It was a breezy, both sunny and cloudy day combined, with a cool chill in the air. I brought my camera along to see if I could capture the experience of my day. The first thing most people see and hear as they arrive to the park are all the waterfowl within the lake parameters.

I came upon several large geese looking so majestic as they are. They are not afraid of the passerby’s or the onlookers. This is their territory, and one should respect it.

I sat and marveled at them, and their habitat. Their freeness to do what they want, their ability to get up and fly when they wish to. Oh how it would feel to fly, fly up up and away with the wind caressing your face. Just imagine that feeling. So carefree. All birds intrigue me. I love listening in the early am to the tiny nuthatches as they sing their tunes in the stillness of the morning.

As I sauntered along the narrow walking path shaded by all the very tall budding trees, I came upon a squirrel that moved so quick, it was almost impossible to snap a picture of the little brown critter. But then to my suprise, he stopped, and we held a gaze for the longest time with one another. It was like we had a connection.

I continued on my way passing others who were enjoying the freedom to ride a mountain bike for exercise, friends strolling along sharing deep thoughts and concerns, some having picnics, and others walking their beloved dogs. I’m a very observant individual when it comes to my surroundings. I often ask myself, “What is going on in their world?” We all have journey and a story to tell.

I asked the mother of the cute little indigenous boy if I could take his picture as he walked along, driving his green remote control vehicle with not a care in world as he passed me by. Oh to be a child again. It is a is a very special experience that is filled with wonder, curiosity and a huge sense of exploration in this big wide world we live in. There is a sense of joy, happiness and innocence that we tend to lose as we become an adult. All those traits often leave us as we grow older.

While we cannot return to being a child again, we can definitely attempt to recapture some of that sense of wonder and curiosity by going out into our world with an open mind and a willingness to explore, make new memories, and just BE.

As I neared the end of my stroll, I came upon this memorial that was created with bright colors of rocks, beautiful flowers, a budding tree and other symbolic momentos. I took a moment to reflect upon the horrific news that was announced a few short years within our community, of a young gal that had lost her life, here at the park in a drowning incident. I remember that day, that announcement. My heart hurt for that family to which I did not know, for the loss of losing a loved one, especially someone so very very young.

Because we do not know the day, nor the hour, nor the minute of our departure from this world we live in, won’t you take a cue from all the children, and approach life with a sense of playfulness, curiosity, laughter and freedom? Try new things, take new risks, even though it may feel uncomfortable and silly.

By living more freely we can experience so much more joy, fulfillment and happiness within our lives. What are you doing to create yourself a more abundant joyful life? Let me know! I would love to hear from you.

From Home on the Ranch


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

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Is Your Music Still Within You?

I was listening to one of my favorite motivational speakers this morning. Wayne Dyer, who has crossed over to the beautiful place that awaits all of us on our special chosen day. His message that really hit me deeply, to which I’ve heard him speak several times before, is this: “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

What does that quote mean? What does that quote mean to you when you speak it aloud? Wayne’s daughter Serena, found that quote to be the most important principle to her in her life. And for Serena it meant that you don’t allow yourself to live any life other than the one you were born to live.

Some of us hear a different drum beat, a different tune, some like the sound much softer than others who love it wild and loud. And that is totally okay. Because each and everyone of us must march to the music that we hear. We ALL have music playing within us and we have a heroic mission to accomplish……if we allow it.

Wayne goes on to say that there are no accidents in this universe. We all show up here with a purpose. There is an intelligence that is a part of everything and everyone, and all of us are connected to it. And too many of us, are afraid to listen to that music and march to it.

I for one, are beginning to blossom, like a beautiful lilac crocus in the spring, stepping out and listening to my music that is sitting within. My music is within my writing and sharing it with the world. My music is in my photography, that tells a story with every shot I take. My music is taking the time to send a note to a special someone in my life who has impacted me, and say thank you.

What is your music that is lying within that is waiting to be released? Have you always wanted to open up that restaurant on main street? How about those designer clothes that you envision creating for a store to sell? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be that singer on the stage, the traveller that gets to 10 continents or more. And what about the business you want to build or the volunteer baby cuddler at the hospital?

All of us feel something within. What are you waiting for? Go out and do what your music is playing for you. It’s never too late.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Go live a life worth living where, in the end, you’ll be able to say,”I’m glad I did!” not “I wish I had.” Gary Keller