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Sue Fraser was born and raised in the Grande Prairie area. She now lives in the small city of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, with her husband Rick. First and foremost she is the mother of three grown children: Amy (husband Chris, & son Coy), Kaylee (husband Chris Reid and son Ryker) and son Cody. Sue and Rick have been happily married for over 30 years. Sue is also very proud to be called “Nana” by her grandsons , 8 year old  Coy and 2 year old Ryker.

For many years, Sue and Rick were self-employed, owning and operating their vacuum truck company in the Grande Prairie region. They have since sold that company.

Throughout the past 20 years, Sue has travelled alongside hubby Rick to live a life on the Chuckwagon Trail during the summer months of May, June, July and August. Rick is a member of the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA), and his passion for the sport runs deep. Rick is a third-generation chuckwagon driver, coming from the Tommy Dorchester family.

Eight years ago, Sue thought it would be good to update their company’s manager/secretary Cindy on a regular basis about what was going on and where they were during the chuckwagon season as business continued back in Grande Prairie. Sue started with an occasional email that detailed daily adventures and results of the days races. Word soon spread about the email blog and more people asked to be included on the email list. Sue then picked up her camera and attempted her hand at being an amateur photographer. She took photos around the camp, action shots on race days and of the day-to-day living. She then included some of the most interesting photos to tell her story in the email blog.

In 2015, with the assistance of her friend Tara, Sue’s blog, WagonTrails and WagonTails was born.  Today, with the uniqueness of internet technology, Sue’s blog reaches so many people from all around the world from countries such as  Switzerland, Germany, USA, China, Australia, all of Canada and more.

Sue hopes you will grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy her rendition of “The Travelin’ Trailer.”



29 thoughts on “About Sue

  1. From Thailand – Wishing you all a great year ahead. Always enjoy hearing about life in the TravelinTrailer

  2. Can wait to read the e mails in Athabasca and win be down to see u all in Ponoka at the Stampede it so much fun and I enjoy taking lots of pictures

  3. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it. Follow the races all summer Attend the Ponoka Stampede

    • Thank you for following along Darlene. When your in Ponoka, your welcome to come and visit the barn and meet the horses. Morning time is best.

      8 – 10:30 usually.

      Cheers to you


  4. Fist thing in the morning after I get my coffee I check my emails for news from Suzie, always interesting and makes me smile.

  5. I enjoy wagon races every year and listen live and watch calgary can never get enough good luck and hope i can sign up foe the news letter,, rick is a great man.

  6. So grateful Rick and his horses survived last nights upset without injury. Love watching the chucks! Blessings for a profitable and safe season.

  7. Please could you include me on your blog with your daily info
    We are from Kitimat bc and used to live in Calgary so Have watched many chuck wagon events and now have to watch on tv but we both love the races and look forward to reading your blog

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Sue in the barns this year at the Calgary Stampede, she’s lovely! Looking forward to following you and your family through this blog 😊

  9. Heard about your great blog, while listening to the CBC broadcast of the Stampede , this past ( wet week ) ! ( we watch every year, one of these years will be there in person ) . Saw Ricks “upsidedown-back-flip-cart-wheel” and closed my eyes, ” phew”glad everything was OK !!

    • Hi Tricia
      When the dust settled and the Stampede was over, Rick and I looked at each other and said “We did just fine here.!”
      Yes was like a roller coaster ride, but good one at that.
      and Thanks for following!

  10. Hello Sue,

    Read the new post, I special like the picture Mr. and Mrs.

    I regonized the photographer.


    Astrid and Jan
    The Netherlands

      • Hi Sue and Rick, If you were having a public event somewhere around Calgary during the stampede or any time if permiisible I could come and get poster at that time. Thanks Terry Stauffer

      • Hi Terry
        My apologies for not replying to your comment. I somehow missed it. Not sure if you know of anyone going to the Chuckwagon Races in Rocky Mountain House, as we will be there and have some posters yet. I would love for you to get one.

      • Hi Sue, We are planning to go to Rocky so that would work excellent. Thank you Terry

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  11. Sue
    Thank you for sharing your final visit with your Dad with us. I feel the emotion and empathize as I remember my own Dad.


    • Hi Bob
      Thank you for your condolences. I am finally getting to reply to all my comments. It was great to see you at Stampede. Always enjoy all our visits. Till our paths cross again, take care.

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