Time Well Invested

Hello Friends

My yearning to write is always there, and it never leaves.  Yet, the pace of life on the Ranch and the list of things to do keeps me very busy, thus putting my writing on the back burner.   I know I need to learn how to time block and allow myself to set aside a couple of hours to write and share my thoughts as I so enjoy  to do, much more often.

Our Chuckwagon Awards banquet on October 14th came and went and was a very successful, fun and enjoyable evening.

When I celebrated my 50th birthday 2 years ago in May, my wonderful hubby granted me with a gift of a vacation to go and spend time on a girls trip somewhere of my choice.  When returning after a Chuckwagon Summer and being gone from home for three months straight, all I want to do is just stay home, even though there are many things to catch up on at the Ranch.


A Place of Solitude

This past spring, my on-line fitness trainer, Nadine Dumas who lives on the lovely Grand Cayman Island, down in the Caribbean (who is originally from Red Deer AB)  had announced her first ever Luxe & Well Ladies retreat being held in October 2017.  I knew I wanted to attend.


Well, after finishing up all my to do list, sending my books off to the accountant for our year-end, and preparing a few meals for my hubby, I was off on a big West-jet plane headed south to green waters and sunshine.


My Friend Marci

Upon arrival at the beautiful Luxurious Point of View Villa, we received a bag full of goodies from many of the local sponsors around the Island.  What an awesome gift to be given.  The other nine ladies and I were in for a real week-long treat and I think I found a new happy place.


Early Morning Sunrise

Our first morning was filled with a fitness session on the beach, and a yoga hour on the dock.  Both sessions were invigorating and I enjoyed them both very much.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

For supper one night we ventured down to the Bonvivante, a kitchen store/kitchen.  Chef Maureen taught us a few lessons in food preparation and we were the lucky ones that got to enjoy the wonderful results of the evening.


A Little Bit of Heaven


Beverage of Choice

And an evening meal is always better with a chilled glass of very good white wine.


Yoga on the Water

In life, it is always good to embark on new adventures to broaden our horizons.  Our group ventured down to Seven Mile Beach, which is a long crescent of coral-sand on the western end of Grand Cayman Island.  It looked just like it does in the travel magazines.  Again, we had another yoga session, but this time it was out on the water upon a paddle board.  We all had to have lots of concentration to make sure we didn’t tip over into the water.  Again, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and yes, there were a few that went for a swim.


Keepin Cool

I really enjoyed our down time on seven mile beach.  It was not too busy, yet was fun to take a few shots of the kids around us.  It brings me much joy to see the innocence and the no care in the world around them.  They just love life to the fullest.


I need a Caption.  What do you suggest?

This is my favorite photo.  These young teenage gals were having fun doing their thing, and exercising their gymnastics moves.  It was incredible to see their flexibility.


Sand Castles

And who doesn’t go to the beach and not play in the sand.  There is something about the feeling of soft white sand in your toes as you walk along the beach.


In My Happy Place

So far, this vacation has been a very relaxing, meditative time full of many giggles too.  I am looking forward to the rest of the days, and hope to get a few more shots to share with all of you.

From Down South in the Grand Cayman

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. Fill you life with adventures, not things.  Have stories to tell not stuff to show.