Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways

We’ve all felt fear at some point and time in our lives. Whether it be when we took our first attempt to ride a bicycle when we were little. Fearing of falling over and scraping our hands and knees, yet trusting our daddy would prevent this from happening.

The fear of not being accepted in that popular group of kids, when attending the first day of school when you were the new kid in town. The fear of flying in an airplane for the very first time, that was taking you to a amazing destination you so badly wanted to explore.

The fear of being alone, the fear of connecting, the fear of abandonment, the fear of failure and success, the fear of being fully alive, the fear of loss, the fear of trying something new, the fear of beginning a new chapter in life, the fear of loving and the list goes on and on. Not one person is exempt from feeling the extremity of fear.

But did you know, that fear can be healthy? It is programmed into our nervous system, and gives us the survival instincts you need to keep yourself safe from many forms of danger.

Fear is unhealthy when it makes you more cautious than you really need to be, to stay safe, and when it prevents you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy.

Why not face your fears to succeed or fail?

When we have loved and lost, or tried and failed, we may fear opening ourselves up to a painful competitive experience again. 

When we have succeeded or won—possibly at someone else’s expense—we may experience guilt, or fear retaliation. 

Thus many of us learn to hold back in love and life, thereby not risking either failure or success. 

We may feel the world does not allow us to be fulfilled.  Or we may feel guilty and afraid for feeling fulfilled.

We sometimes get hung up, from the fear of the possibility of being injured, whether physically or emotionally from the things we wish to endeavor.

We fear the knowing that we may fall to the ground, to our lowest point of failure, and have to face ourselves in getting back up to try in earnest again, sometimes trying over and over and over again.

Knowing full well, others may critically judge us. But the judgement of others, should never matter.

Take a step forward, and face your fears. Avoiding fears only makes them scarier. Whatever your fear, if you face it, it should start to fade.

Close your eyes and visualize the complete scenario of the fear that you are avoiding. Feel each and every sensation. Play the movie in your mind of the outcome you’d love to have.

Feel it. Hear it. See it. Believe it. Then do it!

When we practice this visualization continuously and repetitively, and then take the step forward, face the fear, that’s when the real miracles begin to take shape. The fear dissipates, and we rise to conquer all things in our lives, one fear at a time.

And remember, when you have faced that fear, whatever it is, jump for joy and be celebrated by others.

Life is full of stresses, yet many of us feel that our lives must be perfect. Bad days and setbacks will always happen, and it’s important to remember that life is messy.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

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All the photos I have inserted, are my work, making memories one click at a time.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.” Bear Grylls

In Service of Others, Brings Meaning and Purpose Within.

I am a journaler. It has been self healing, and helps me to understand life on a different level.

This morning, I looked back on a day in March that I penciled my thoughts, and it gave me a huge desire to share my writings with you.

My Writing on Thursday March 23, 2023

Oh the days go by. The feelings each day, each hour, each minute are different. One just never knows how one will feel at any current moment. They just don’t.

One moment you can be happy and joyful, and in another minute, things can change and the tears can well up and overflow. It’s all part of living, growing and evolving.

This morning I listened to Simon Sinek a British-born American author and inspirational speaker. Simon spoke about an experience he had during the war in Afghanistan several years ago. He was there. Seared in fear of death and all the things.

It wasn’t until he decided he needed to just go and be of service to the ones who were serving. His life had changed immensely in these moments.

The human touch speaks volumes

A plane was able to take him and a few others back home from the horrible and devastating war. In tremendous anxiety, Simon and others rushed to get to the plane. Little did he know, the plane he was to get on was a plane that was transporting a fallen soldier back home to the USA.

Simon met a doctor on the aircraft, and asked the man a question: “Do you have a different kind of feeling on these missions than you do back home?”

The doctor replied: “90 to 95% of the people who come through ER are either drunks or idiots. There’s not a single drunk or idiot on this aircraft.” The doctor relayed that the feeling he gets when he works these missions during his reserve hours is more powerful than ANY feeling he would ever get when working back home.


A smile and a handshake is all one may need.*

Simon, back in the USA, spoke about his experience, his story of being/going to Afghanistan in front of an audience. Simon got choked up, and was so very emotional while sharing his story. Simon struggled hard to get through his story. His story was so raw and real.

Simon spoke about how someone in the private sector would typically say, in response to his sharing struggle…… “Take your time. It’s Okay. It happened. Take your time.”

Simon said, that’s not what happened. He continued to stand in front of his audience, all choked up in complete silence. He couldn’t speak. Simon couldn’t continue the emotional story he was sharing.

Then, a voice from the back of the room resounded, a General spoke up, and said:

“Go on.” Meaning: “Go on, and we are with you.”

Simon said that’s the difference between the private sector and those wonderful people he was among.

“The private sector says take your time, as if you’re alone. Take all the time you need. By yourself.”

“And these people, who truly know what, and understand what service truly means, they say: “Go forward. Go on. Move forward. You have no choice, and WE WILL BE WITH YOU!”

Simon shared, “When my friends are struggling, I don’t say, “Take your time.” When my friends are struggling, I say: “Go on.” When my friends are crying, I say: “Go on.!”

The underlying message is: “And I am sitting here in the mud with you.”

Simon says, “It is the greatest honour of my life, to sit in the mud with those who are struggling.”

And because of this experience of Simon’s, is where his book “Leaders Eat Last” was created.

Today I have learned from Simon’s story, that I need to be of service to others, better than I have been.

There are so many opportunities to be of service, we just need to be open to them, and begin serving.

Who can you be of service in your life today?

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

Your Power Within

If your thoughts are on what is…….then it is.

I listen to many wise, and interesting people that have so much to offer with their words of wisdom on podcasts, YouTube channels, and speaking to people in general. I can never get enough of filling my being with so much knowledge on becoming a better me, while I live out my life here on this earthly plain. We all attract into our lives what we put our attention to.

Experiences are important. I had the pleasure of photographing a family graduate and his fellow schoolmates just a while back. I love to be inconspicuous, and capture the moments that say it all.

This captured moment puts a smile on my face. It spoke to me in a way, that touched my heart.

It said “Take the photos, of the moment at hand, for you may never remember them otherwise.”

My quote.

These couldn’t be truer words spoken. I think back over the years of my younger life, and there is so little that I can remember. Yet so thankful when I picked up my camera and began my blog, the stories I’ve told and shared, will forever be embedded within.

Life can be a wild ride, with one chapter opening after another one has closed. So you need to hang on, and let the dust and the dirt settle where it may, and enjoy the journey as it may.

At times, we may stumble and fall, but it’s not the fall that matters, but how many times you get back up and continue on with grace, strength and tenacity.

Embrace the beauty within, go out and find the beauty beyond. Whatever that may be. It’s out there. You don’t have to look very far to find it.

Hold on tight to the ones that you love. Embrace each other, capture the moments, build a lifetime of memories. For you only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” Dr.Seuss

Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labour

There’s a time to plant, a time to sow and a time to reap throughout one’s lifetime. Just as the garden that is planted in the spring, if we do not tend to it, nothing will grow. Before anything is planted, the rich soil needs to be prepared, the nasty weeds be removed, and sometimes a fertilizer spread upon the ground.

As a child growing up within the church, I remember the well known Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 which says: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot.”

Everything in our journey of life has its own time and season, and one must be patient and understanding, as we move through the different phases of life, no matter the difficulty and pain that we may experience.

When planting the various seeds into the ground, each one must be carefully placed so far apart, and at different depths into the soil, for the bright sun and gentle rains to begin the process of germination, the first stage in the life cycle of many plants.

Just as a garden needs special care and attention to every detail in preparing, planting, watering and weeding, and weeding and watering again, and praying the bright rays of sunshine come out each and every day in hopes that the abundance of the fruits of our labour is plenty, similarly, our many life’s relationships need just the same care and attention.

Over a lifetime, a person can have many relationships with many different people. Some come and go, others last for a lifetime. Kindling a relationship involves building a connection, showing interest of one’s life, listening and engaging with what is shared. Communicating is key, being open and honest, expressing thoughts and feelings, clearly and respectfully. Spending quality time, and being supportive to one another, encouraging goals and dreams that they may have. Being appreciative of them and letting them know through small gestures or doing something kind for them.

Remember, building relationships takes time and effort, by both parties, just the same as the gardener prepares, plants and nurtures his garden.

Throughout the season, as the plants begin to produce the vegetable within the ground and the greens upon the vine, the gardener enjoys the fruits of his labour.

So should your new relationships bring you a sense of joyful companionship, a listening ear with a source of advice, emotional support to personal growth and an improved well being.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “You are the creator of your own garden. Plant kindness and compassion. Water with love and gratitude. And you will enjoy beauty all the days of your life.” Julie Parker

Embrace Your Inner Child Within

Have you taken the time to just BE? Yesterday, I took the time to just BE. I took the time and frequented our By the Lake Park. It was a breezy, both sunny and cloudy day combined, with a cool chill in the air. I brought my camera along to see if I could capture the experience of my day. The first thing most people see and hear as they arrive to the park are all the waterfowl within the lake parameters.

I came upon several large geese looking so majestic as they are. They are not afraid of the passerby’s or the onlookers. This is their territory, and one should respect it.

I sat and marveled at them, and their habitat. Their freeness to do what they want, their ability to get up and fly when they wish to. Oh how it would feel to fly, fly up up and away with the wind caressing your face. Just imagine that feeling. So carefree. All birds intrigue me. I love listening in the early am to the tiny nuthatches as they sing their tunes in the stillness of the morning.

As I sauntered along the narrow walking path shaded by all the very tall budding trees, I came upon a squirrel that moved so quick, it was almost impossible to snap a picture of the little brown critter. But then to my suprise, he stopped, and we held a gaze for the longest time with one another. It was like we had a connection.

I continued on my way passing others who were enjoying the freedom to ride a mountain bike for exercise, friends strolling along sharing deep thoughts and concerns, some having picnics, and others walking their beloved dogs. I’m a very observant individual when it comes to my surroundings. I often ask myself, “What is going on in their world?” We all have journey and a story to tell.

I asked the mother of the cute little indigenous boy if I could take his picture as he walked along, driving his green remote control vehicle with not a care in world as he passed me by. Oh to be a child again. It is a is a very special experience that is filled with wonder, curiosity and a huge sense of exploration in this big wide world we live in. There is a sense of joy, happiness and innocence that we tend to lose as we become an adult. All those traits often leave us as we grow older.

While we cannot return to being a child again, we can definitely attempt to recapture some of that sense of wonder and curiosity by going out into our world with an open mind and a willingness to explore, make new memories, and just BE.

As I neared the end of my stroll, I came upon this memorial that was created with bright colors of rocks, beautiful flowers, a budding tree and other symbolic momentos. I took a moment to reflect upon the horrific news that was announced a few short years within our community, of a young gal that had lost her life, here at the park in a drowning incident. I remember that day, that announcement. My heart hurt for that family to which I did not know, for the loss of losing a loved one, especially someone so very very young.

Because we do not know the day, nor the hour, nor the minute of our departure from this world we live in, won’t you take a cue from all the children, and approach life with a sense of playfulness, curiosity, laughter and freedom? Try new things, take new risks, even though it may feel uncomfortable and silly.

By living more freely we can experience so much more joy, fulfillment and happiness within our lives. What are you doing to create yourself a more abundant joyful life? Let me know! I would love to hear from you.

From Home on the Ranch


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

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