Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #4

Howdy All!

What a day!  So very, very busy for me.  As it was the final day of racing in High River,  I had my day planned.  And sometimes no matter how planned a person can be, things can change in a moments notice.   With all the mud, came a whole lot of cleaning.  After breakfast I was headed to the laundry mat.  But not before Rick and I took time to visit with our friend Ralph who stopped by.  It was nice to just sit and shoot the breeze in the early morning sunshine.  And how spoiled are we that he brought along a container of coffee and timbits too.

Well the laundry did get done, a few groceries picked up and a quick stop to fuel up the truck, as it was moving day right after the races.  I got back to camp around 2 PM and madly got busy putting the laundry away, packed up things in the trailer, and prepared  lunches for the trip north to Ponoka.

We were treated to a lovely lunch, prepared by our Niemans Water Well Drilling sponsor, Doug.   Our crew and I really appreciated this nice gesture.  It really freed me up to get things ready for our trip.



We thank you Doug and Melissa for the sponsorship, food and friendship.  We were excited to get you a Day Money Run.

It was a bright, hot summer day for the last day of racing in High River.  The track was heavy, but had dried up somewhat.  Rick hooked Spin on the Left Wheel, Sporty on the Right Wheel.  Louie on the Left Lead and Speedy on the Right Lead.  Quaid held the leaders with Stadium and Chanse Vigen threw the stove with Ice.


The Mud is Flying

It was a pretty good run, however Rick felt they didn’t start as hard as they could have.  He still had a decent run placing 5th on the day with a 1:21.29.  This wasn’t quite enough to capture the winning title, as Kurt Bensmiller went just a bit faster.  Congratulations to Kurt and Ashley Bensmiller on the 2018 Guy Weadick Chuckwagon Championship.


The Homestretch Drive

Coming home was a crowd pleaser finish.  The chuckwagons were all so very close.


Break In Between


Three Abroad

I am sharing more of my photos I have taken this past week or so.  I have so many good ones, that I want to share them all!  In time you will be seeing more.


In Sync


Hey There

When the final race was finished the real pack up began.  We had a few extra helpers as our Son Cody was there, our adopted daughter Candice and boy did we fly.  When the last horse was loaded, and we were on our way.  The time was approximately 6:30 PM.  It was smooth sailing all the way to Ponoka. We arrived there around 9:15 and the set up began again.


Ready to Go

We were busy little bees, and again we had a few more helpers.  I think this was the fastest set up yet.


Anxious to Go In



Well it was dark, when the horses were wanting in. They were hungry for their supper.

When the last horse entered the barn and was put in his stall, the clock read 11:00 PM.


Happy and Content

And now that all my work is done, it’s time for me to go to bed too.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.    Ralph Waldo Emerson



Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #3

Howdy All!

Rick and I both awoke around 3 AM to hear the pitter patter sound upon the top of our home on wheels.  When we got up for morning chores, the rain was socked right in along with a gentle but steady wind.  It didn’t look very good for the rest of the day.

Chores were completed in rain gear and rubber boots. I made a big breakfast for the crew including bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee.  At home we rarely eat like this, but on the road, I find it is better to serve a big breakfast, help yourself kind of lunch, and some kind of hot supper with all the fixings. Nobody ever complains to the cook, so I think I’m good.

The day was a lazy one.  I had full intentions of going to do laundry, but Rick had taken the truck into town to run an errand.  So, too bad for me, I decided to tuck right in, watch a movie and fall asleep.  Yup!  That is exactly what happened.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.


Grandpa Tom Dorchester


Someone had forwarded this photo of Rick’s grandfather Tom Dorchester  (sitting on the fence)  to us on the internet.  I had to share it as the person commented on how he was such a prankster.  Well that he was, and I do know where Rick gets his fun and crazy personality from.



Before long, it was 4 PM.  The time that the track directors would decide if we were going to race or not.  By this time the rain had quite and things seemed ok, despite the soupy mess all around the track.  All things were considered into the decision, and it was know the races would carry on.


Its All in the Lines

I dug out the mud pants, rubber boots and the hat covers and away we went.

Rick decided on hooking our 3rd outfit coming off the two barrel tonight.  They consisted of Bacardi on the Left Lead, Speedy on the Right Lead.  Club on the Left Wheel and Vegas on the Right Wheel.  Quaid held the leaders with Ed, and Chanse Vigen threw the stove with Air.  They had their hands full, as when Rick pulled into the barrels, he came to a full stop, and then a couple of the horses decided to move forward before the horn went.  Darn it anyways!  No worries though, as Chanse managed to grab the Chuckwagon and pull it back into position, just in time for the horn to ring.  We posted a time of 1:21.49 which was good enought to place 3rd on the day and move us to the top of the aggregate.  We’ll take that!

The horses were amazing, and so powerful when they went charging past the bottom barrel and onto the track.  I know they do so well, but it is the driver who leads them.  And I must say………………………Rick is a pretty good skinner, but I know he would never tell you that.


Retired Veteran

We always enjoy seeing and chatting with people we meet after the races.  And tonight was no different as retired Chuckwagon driver,fellow Mel Haase stopped into say hello.  The guys had a pretty good chat and reminisced for some time.


Telling Stories

I guess it was a good decision for me not to go do laundry today as this weather brought in quite a bit more work for me.  I was hoping to leave the duty for another day, and it was good thing that I did.  The hamper became a bit more fuller, so I know whats on the menu for tomorrow.


Shower Time

As people need to wash up after a good day of work, so do the horses.  The ones that are racing on any given night, always have a bath/shower.  It feels pretty good to get the first few layers off after a muddy night.

All in a Days Work

This picture of Chance Flad is one of a kind.  I admire those outriders as it is a very unique and amazing job that they do out on the track.


Happy Campers

During the races here in High River, it is impossible for me to see the mini chuckwagon being given out as I am busy gathering the outiriding horses.  So I found out from my daughter that on social media, these young fellas were the recipients of the mini chuckagon, and were they happy!


A Days Done

One more day has come and gone, and I sure enjoyed just relaxing, rather than “doing” the whole day long.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you do.

From the Travel in Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”


DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth;  without rain, there would be no life.   John Updike

Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #2

Howdy All!

A beautiful morning it was, here in High River Alberta.  I went for a morning jog in the area, and it was so peaceful and quiet at 6 AM.  Rick fed oats at 6 and continued on with chores with the crew at 7 AM.  The weather report said there may be rain later in the day, but our area was spared.


Kubota Rides

All the kids from the other camps don’t take long to find out where we are at each stop on the tour, as Rick is labeled as the Candy Man.  We love to treat them with all kinds of sweets and treats.  They come to visit and Rick loves to take them for kubota rides.


All good laughs

Rick also got some of them learning how to two-step up in the liner.  However, the boys and girls are a bit young, and having to get close to the girls just isn’t so cool at this age in life.  One day that will definitely change.


Jumpin Jack

After lunch, Rick had a few of the young fellas that are potential outriders,  come by and he gave them a few lessons on how to run, jump and mount an outriding horse.


First Lesson

Back in the day, Rick was one of the best, and has many belt buckles to show for it.  He has a passion to help these young fellas learn, to keep our chuckwagon sport alive.

Every show, we hope to keep the same outriders, but this is not always the case depending on who we get hooked with.  As Chance Flad and Rory Gervais ride for Doug Irvine, we lost them for this show as we are hooked in the same heat as Doug.  We hired Quaid Tournier, and Chanse Vigen asked to ride behind us just one more time before Rick hangs up the lines.  Chanse has his own outfit to race so we were thrilled that he was available.  Chanse is an amazing athlete all around.  We are thankful to have him on our team this High River Show.


My Job

My job for years, has been to prepare the outriding horses for the evening race, and take them to the track for the outriders to ride.


Two of The Best

Tonight, Ed and Andy were our horses on duty.  Quiad held the leaders with Ed and Chanse threw the stove with Andy.  These are such quiet easy horses to tend to while waiting for our heat.  They are well-mannered and that is just how I like it.


Rounding the Top

Our team tonight was Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Cowboy on the Left Wheel and Jim on the Right.  The horn sounded and all 4 wagons charged forward.  Rick had a nice barrel turn on the top and bottom and took the lead onto the track.  He maintained first place all the way around, capturing a day money run in a time of 1:17.55 and sitting third in the average.


We are so proud of how our horses have been performing.  It is totally a group effort when it comes to keeping our horses sound, fit, healthy, fed and watered.  There are so many others that help us maintain their high performance, and we thank you all.

It is always a great feeling when you know you’ve crossed the finish line first, only to find out that the day money run is yours.




Home Run Stretch

Yes!  It’s always a good day.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy



P.S. Because that’s what kindess is.  It’s not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can.  Andrew Iskander

Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #1

Howdy Folks!

Before we left for Medicine Hat on Monday,  we loaded our grain bin on our truck full of oats to keep us going for another couple of weeks.  When Rick bought the Peterbilt, he added on another sleeper from the scrap yard and made it into an oat bin.  It works slick as a whistle as we have 2 RV discharge spouts on the bottom on each side of the container.


High in the Sky

The journey to High River, AB was uneventful.  For me in the Frieghtliner, I drive in silence most of the time.   I rarely turn on the radio.  I normally just drive along and think to myself.  Or I make a few phone calls to catch up with the kids, relatives and friends.

While the crew set up camp, the horses enjoyed a nice warm relaxing rest in the bright warm sunshine.  Our liner/barn, has hydraulic sides that are operated with a generator to fold them in and out when at each destination.  Back in 2005 was the first year we had this, and I tell you, we sure have appreciated using it.  It just makes this go a little bit quicker.



And once we were finished, camp Dorchester and “Team 23” enjoyed a few beverages, pizza and stories to boot.


Practice Run

As we had a few days off before the show started, many wagons utilize the morning track times to run an outfit.  Cousin Troy Dorchester had a team needing a blow, so Rick jumped in to lend a hand.


Shootin the Breeze

When in this southern part of the province, we always enjoy heading out west to the Longview country.  It is so beautiful out there with the rolling lush green hills and the big blue and white mountains in the distance.  We ventured out to our friends, John Scott to show our barn hands around.  It is such a unique Ranch, as they have filmed many fun and exciting movies on the place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was pretty happy with the photos I had taken.  The place just had so much to offer in the way of landscape, movie sets, animals, buildings and so much more.


White Buffalo

Did you ever know there were white buffalos?  I sure did not.  Well there were a few out in the pasture out on the Ranch.  They were pretty unique looking.



The regular hairy brown buffalo’s were there too!  Rick was pretty worried I was getting just a little bit to close to them while taking their photo.  He had his hand on the wheel and his foot on the gas just in case they made a move.




A Thing Called Love

While I was out early this morning on my bike for my “Me” time, I came across this lovely rock.  I thought that this love sign was pretty cool.  It was meant for me.


Scrub a Dub Dub

As race time neared, last-minute things had to get done. With little time to spare, we worked together and scrubbed the sponsor tarp shiny, bright and clean.  Nothing a little bit of elbow grease can’t fix.


Heading to the Track

Our outriders tonight, were Quiad Tournier on Stadium, holding the leaders and Chanse Vigen throwing the stove on Ice.  It was so good to have Chanse back for just one more time before we retire, as he very seldom rides anymore, because he has his own team of horses to drive.


At the Start

Coming off the four barrel, carrying the John Scott Motion Picture Animals Tarp, Rick had Louie on the Left Lead, Nickle on the Right Lead.  Spin on the Left Wheel, and Sporty on the Right Wheel.  The team had a great start at the horn.  The barrels were left standing and they hunted the track and gained some amazing speed.  They were pretty fast and posted a 1:18.43 on the day, which was good enough for a day money run.


Full Speed Ahead

We were all pretty excited as we knew Rick had driven very well, and the horses performed to the best of their ability.


Back to the Barns

However, nothing is official until the a few hours after the last race is finished.  The judges need to review each and every heat, to be sure that all things went accordingly.  And sometimes, things have been seen, and a penalty will be assessed.  Apparently, our heat was reviewed, and the judges felt it was tight on the first turn between chuckwagons.  “Team 23” was assessed with 2 seconds inference penalty, and our time had changed which brought us down to 11th on the day.  Despite that decision, we couldn’t be happier with how fast the horses ran, 2 to 3 wide around the track.  Amazing!


A Job Well Done

The chores aren’t quite done until the Chukwagon gets washed, and Rick’s little buddy, Dace sure did a pretty good job getting his clean.  What a great little helper she is.



This year I have been out and about a whole lot more with my camera.  I have been averaging around 400 – 600 photos on any given race day.  They say you can take a 1000 photos, and maybe 10 or so may turn out to be amazing.  I’ve got a long way to go.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”


DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong.  Sometime in your life you will have been all of these.  Dr. Robert H. Goddard

Medicine Hat Chuckwagon Races Night #4 2018

Howdy All

The week has gone by fast, as they always do when we’re on the road.  From week to week, and traveling from city to city, things tend be become a blur at times.  Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the life we’re living, it just seems as you get older, time passes just that much faster.  I think many of you can agree with me on this one.

Today, things went by fast as we had an early race day beginning at 2 PM.  I helped with chores and got the morning off from making breakfast.  The ladies under the grandstand are open for business all week in the mornings,  so I treated Rick to a Fathers Day breakfast (but it was really for me to take a break haha)  Smart thinking on my part hey?

Jim (2)

The rest of my morning was busy taking photos of the horses and getting things organized for our auction sale at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday July 14.  It feels and Sounds kind of funny me saying we’re having an auction sale.  Seems surreal. At any rate, it’s really going to happen.

Jim, here is quite the horse.  He’s one of the 20 that will be sold on that day.  We bought Jim from Cody, our son, who bought him from retired chuckwagon driver, Jim Nevada.  Yes, that’s how he got his name, after Jim.  He’s a very good Right Wheeler that never quiets and runs like the wind.  This horse is one of Rick’s favorites.


Sanctioning Driver

While doing my morning things, the track was a busy one with wagons hooking up some teams for practice.  Among those going around, was our outrider, Chance Flad.  He is looking to race a chuckwagon in the near future, so he needs to prove himself by racing against another wagon driver, and in front of some drivers to show he has what it takes.  He did very well and will be an asset to the  chuckwagon tour one day.



While awaiting our time to race, we always go to the infield to watch the first three heats.  Today Rick was sitting with fellow driver Obrey Motowylo and his hired gal.  Rick is not a fan of jeans with holes in them, so he had to make it known to her, and tease her just a tiny little bit.



Obreys son Ethen, is becoming one of the top outriders quite quickly.  When he started just a few years ago, his dad hired him to ride behind his chuckwagon for each and every race regardless if he made mistakes.  And when you are starting out, just like anything in life, it takes time to fine tune yourself to get better and better.  I give a high five to Obrey and Ang for keeping him under their wings no matter how many penalty points this would have put on their team while he was just a beginner.  Good on them.  Today Ethan has quite a few rides, and I know he will become a World Champion Outrider, it’s just a matter of time.


Arena Director

The Association has an arena director to keep things running smoothly and help out where he can when things get going.  Retired Veteran Chuckwagon Driver, Buddy Bensmiller takes his job seriously and does a pretty good job when issues arrive.  Keeps him on his toes.


Chip Checking

Before the drivers enter the track for their heat, we have a gal that wands the neck of the horses, checking its numbered chip that was inserted to make sure our horse lineup is what we said we were running when we entered it into the app on our phone for the office to oversee.  It’s just a measure to the rules to make sure the horses are racing only the allotted times that the rule book says.


And They’re Off

I love this shot as there is so much going on while it was taken shortly after the horn had sounded.  Still photos can really tell a story when you look at them.

Rick hooked Louie the grey on the Left Lead, Nickel on the Right Lead, Sporty on the Right Wheel, and Jim on the Left Wheel.  Chance Flad rode Stadium and Rory Jervais rode Ice.  This team rocks!  Rick raced two wide, with this team and they hung in there for a time of 1:02.48 which put him 3rd on the day.  Another very good run.


Cody Ridsdale Run

A huge congratulations goes out to fellow driver Cody Ridsdale and Katrina on their first ever World Professional Chuckwagon Tour win.  They ran very well these past four days and it shows.


Long Time Fans

After the dust settled, we had some long time fans come to say hello, get a poster and a picture taken as well.  It’s always interesting to ask where their journey following the wagons has taken them and who do they cheer for.


So Thankful

This wonderful lady came back to our barns to say thank you for the mini Chuckwagon.  She was pretty excite to receive it as she has been cheering many of the drivers on for years.  I always said, it doesn’t matter who you cheers for, just as long as your cheering for somebody.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. Someday, everything will make perfect sense.  So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.