Is Your Music Still Within You?

I was listening to one of my favorite motivational speakers this morning. Wayne Dyer, who has crossed over to the beautiful place that awaits all of us on our special chosen day. His message that really hit me deeply, to which I’ve heard him speak several times before, is this: “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

What does that quote mean? What does that quote mean to you when you speak it aloud? Wayne’s daughter Serena, found that quote to be the most important principle to her in her life. And for Serena it meant that you don’t allow yourself to live any life other than the one you were born to live.

Some of us hear a different drum beat, a different tune, some like the sound much softer than others who love it wild and loud. And that is totally okay. Because each and everyone of us must march to the music that we hear. We ALL have music playing within us and we have a heroic mission to accomplish……if we allow it.

Wayne goes on to say that there are no accidents in this universe. We all show up here with a purpose. There is an intelligence that is a part of everything and everyone, and all of us are connected to it. And too many of us, are afraid to listen to that music and march to it.

I for one, are beginning to blossom, like a beautiful lilac crocus in the spring, stepping out and listening to my music that is sitting within. My music is within my writing and sharing it with the world. My music is in my photography, that tells a story with every shot I take. My music is taking the time to send a note to a special someone in my life who has impacted me, and say thank you.

What is your music that is lying within that is waiting to be released? Have you always wanted to open up that restaurant on main street? How about those designer clothes that you envision creating for a store to sell? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be that singer on the stage, the traveller that gets to 10 continents or more. And what about the business you want to build or the volunteer baby cuddler at the hospital?

All of us feel something within. What are you waiting for? Go out and do what your music is playing for you. It’s never too late.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Go live a life worth living where, in the end, you’ll be able to say,”I’m glad I did!” not “I wish I had.” Gary Keller

We’ve Only Got One Life to Live

“Life is amazing. And then its awful. And then its amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breath in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.” L.R.Knost

The other day while I frequented the city gym, at my regular early morning hours, I exchanged pleasantries with another lady similar to my age. We’ve crossed paths only a couple of times. This particular morning, we said hello, and she asked me how I was. In return, I said “If I am truly honest with you, I’m feeling pretty emotional this morning.”

I caught her off guard, as a normal reply by most everyone would be “Good”. But I’ve learned over the years, that it’s ok to say how you really feel. Some people will stop and take the time to inquire more as to what may be bothering you. Others will just continue on with what they are doing. Not because they don’t care, but because they are not quite sure what to reply back.

We stood and chatted awhile, as she then shared about a time in her life where she too experienced something similar. What I realized from sharing my reality of my emotions with a stranger, it opened up a pathway for a new relationship to bloom. A connection was made.

When we embrace the present moment, whatever we are doing, wherever we are, there can be so much growth and development within us, which in turn brings us to another level in our lives. Who wouldn’t want that?

And then there is fear? Is fear holding you back from living your best life? I know for me, I still struggle with fearing, if I do this, then that will happen. But then, if I never do the thing………….nothing will ever happen or change! I’m learning to visualize success and overcoming my fears and achieving my goals. And you can too.

This past February, I signed up for a Content Photography Day out at a Ranch near Rimbey, Alberta. A day comprised of other photographers, coming together to practice their skills, taking shots of livestock on the ranch. I didn’t know a soul going. I was a little apprehensive about attending, and I also don’t have a whole bunch of confidence in my photography skills. I’m still learning.

But you know what? I just kept telling myself, “I can do this.” “I can do this.” And I did. I met some lovely ladies who have a passion for photography, were very helpful when questions were asked, and best of all I came away with a few more friends in my circle of life.

Remember, overcoming fear is a process that takes time and patience. Be kind to yourself and celebrate small victories along the way. You’ve only got one life to live.

From Home on the Ranch


If You Shield the Mountain from the Wind

I listen to many podcasts, read self-help books as often as I can, and view many informational youtube channels. My mind is always soaking up many valuable life skills and knowledge to live by. My cup overflows with such content. And that is how I like it.

Some of my favorite people to listen too, living and deceased are Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Brene Brown, Ed Mylett, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, to name just a few.

What I’ve come to realize over the last few years from all of these individuals, is that no matter the height of fame they bestow today, they all have a story. A unique story of their own. A story that each and every one of them, dared to share as they found their true calling in the world we live in.

“Nothing or no one is perfect. We are all imperfect but it’s the imperfections that what makes us perfect.”

Some came from homes where they were abused and broken. Others were loved, yet parents were abusers of alcohol, and in turn, the dynamics in the home became very different. Another lived in many foster homes, as his dad left forever and his mother couldn’t look after him and his brother. So many different backgrounds, for so many different people.

Yet, through the brokenness, the loneliness, the confusion of growing up, each and every one of those people I mentioned above along with you and I, have a story. And our story matters.

“Life is like a road. There are many twists, turns and straightaways as well as hills, valleys and sometimes mountains along the way. Be sure to enjoy the journey.”

Something else I have observed, is that our beginnings, is what molds us into the person we have become today. And it is a good thing. It was Wayne Dyer who spoke of living in several foster homes in his young life. He never got to meet his father, but only heard of the kind of man he was. And when Wayne became a man himself, he held so much anger for the father he did not know, and the abandonment he experienced.

Wayne chose to go to his father’s grave for one thing and one thing only. And that was to pee on it. And he did. When he was finished, he turned to walk away. One step, two step, three step, and then he stopped, turned and went back to the headstone. Wayne experienced an overwhelming sensation of tears and love swirl within him as he verbally forgave his father. Life changed for Wayne Dyer that day. His writing began to flow. His books began to sell.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” J.K.Rowling

Wayne’s life may not have had the best solid foundation, but it was the best foundation for him. Wayne chose to love that day. And through his love, his life changed in ways he couldn’t have even imaged. And even though he’s crossed over the earthly plain, Wayne continues to change lives with his literature and taped speaking engagements thats available to anyone.

“Choose, everyday to forgive yourself. You are human, flawed, and most of all worthy of love.” Alison Malee

So embrace the life that you have lived thus far, as it has formed you into the beautiful soul you are today.

From Home on the Ranch


“If you shield the mountain from the wind storms, you’ll never see the beauty of the carvings. And the beauty of the carvings comes from being able to be in a state of gratitude for the storms that show up in our life.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

You Can’t Change the Seasons, but you Can Change Yourself.

Seasons, come and seasons go. The days, weeks, months and years pass by. April showers are to bring May flowers they say.

Today, as I look out the window, I see big beautiful fluffy snowflakes floating down from the fully overcast sky. Everything outside is white again. The bows of the trees are hanging low, the animals are taking cover, and the temperature is sitting at a mild 2 degrees celsius.

It is nothing that we haven’t seen before here in central Alberta Canada throughout our spring months. Actually, it is very welcoming moisture on our land, as the ground has been fairly dry the last year or two.

I remember years ago, being told from an older person than I, (most likely close to the age I am today), that even though our bodies that we live within, begin to wear down, our minds continue to remain young. Back then, I didn’t understand what that meant.

Today, I truly understand what that person was saying. At the age of 57, I look back on the years of my life, and smile at some of my past experiences that today, has helped me to make changes in what I would choose to do moving forward.

Back when I was a teenager, I was an athlete that competed in track and field, and basketball. Running long distances was my forte. I was positioned at the starting line, along with several other gals my age. Waiting anxiously and nervously at the same time for the sound of the air gun to go off. BAM! “And they’re off!”

We hadn’t gotten very far, when I got tripped up in amongst my competitors. Down I went, with my knees and palms of my hands kissing the rough laden asphalt. The girls continued on. And I………..didn’t get up. At least, not to keep running.

I’ve never forgotten that moment. Not because of the blood on my body caused by the scrapes I endured. Nor the embarrassment of a young adolescent in front of her peers. What I have taken from that moment and utilized over the years, is that no matter how hard you fall, no matter how difficult the situation, one needs to get up, dust yourself off, and continue on.

I’ve opened the closet door, unpacked my dusty camera bag, charged the batteries, cleaned the lenses, and decided it’s time for some changes in my life. I never thought of me to be a professional photographer from years gone by, but an amatuer that loved to tell a story through the lens.

Who knows where photography will take me, but if I never make the change to begin, nothing will ever change. Here are just a few of my favorite shots taken at a Skijoring Event nearby just a few weeks ago.

Are there things in your life you’d like to change? Consider taking that step to begin the dream you’ve always dreamt.

From Home on the Ranch


“When we are no longer able to change a situation…….we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl

It’s Been Awhile

Yes, it’s been awhile. Life is a journey in the strongest sense. When one sits and ponders of days gone by, we really only have our memories embedded within our minds.

Unfortunately, we cannot retain every single experience within our lifetime. There’s just way to many to recollect. The ones we do retain often at the time, elevate our emotions to enormous highs and lows that include many laughs, smiles and love, as well as tears, sadness and loneliness.

My favourite way of pondering back on my journey of life, is taking the time to sit and view the many photos of my day to day life. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

People sometimes ask, would you ever change the past as you know it? With some deep thought and rememberance of days gone by, I would truly have to say “no”.

Why you ask? Well, of all my past experiences, in my life, they have made me into the beautiful, strong, wise, confident woman that I am today.

I continue to live life to the fullest as best I can. Looking after my body, mind and spirit first, so that I can be fully there and present for others. Some days, are better than others. Yet I continue on.

I decided its time to put pen to paper, or in this instance, typing to text. And begin to share whats on my heart, in my soul and some day to day experiences that I think others might like.

I’m starting right here, where I left off.

I’ve looked back over my blog writing and the photos I shared and the stories I wrote. It brings smiles to my face, tears to my eyes and laughter in my voice.

I was writing in my daily journal the other day, on April 1st. Writing how the days are going by so quickly. Time is running out.

I’ve got things to do. Places to go. People to meet. Family to connect with. Then I wrote: What is time? A second? A minute? An hour? A day? A month? A year?

I had just completed those words, when a quote popped up on my meditation app. It read just this:

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

Such a powerful statement.

So use your time wisely. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And not one second more or one second less.

From Home on the Ranch