“Earthly Harmony: Nurturing Wellness Through Connection”

I had the opportunity to meet a number of new people at my workplace this past weekend, at the local city curling rink. One particular younger, good looking gal, came by for a glass of water. I struck up a conversation on how her game had gone. “Great!” she replied.

She went on to tell me that she and her team mate would be playing again in 30 minutes, and she was feeling a bit on the tired side. My first thought and suggestion to her, was to go outside for a walk on this beautiful warm November day. Get some fresh air, and enjoy a lovely jaunt around the block in the great outdoors. “It will do wonders for you.” I told her. She agreed.

To connect with nature, is such a spiritual experience, that can renew us from within. As I stepped outside early this morning, heading to my regular gym “me” time, I stopped to gaze up into the dark clear sky, only to see so many brilliant bright twinkling stars. Way to many to count. As my eyes gazed across the vast open air, taking it all in, I verbally said aloud “Thank you Universe, God, Creator, Ancestors, Medicine Woman, Dad. I am so grateful to be alive. Thank you for the beauty of this earth.”

Although we are human beings, we are also nature beings, created from the same source as animal, plants and even rocks. The earth we’ve been gifted, calls for us to connect so that we can feel balanced and whole, a part of the universe.

Have you ever hugged a tree? It feels so good! So healing. So empowering and energizing. It’s strength of wood is a comfort in its amazing solidness and as one leans against it, one can feel the solid support from its might trunk. When I wrap my arms around the tree trunk, it’s as if the tree is hugging back. You should try this sometime. Pick a tree, and come back to it often, to be grounded, energized and feel a sense of healing.

To be outdoors, awakens the senses. We tend to breathe more deeply, taking in all the scents around us. Depending where you are and the season upon you, the air may smell like deep green pine needles, fragrant fresh blooming flowers of all kinds and colors, and maybe the air is smokey from wild burning forest fires.

Calming walk on the beach.

Walking on the beach, feeling the sand between our toes, can create a calm and relaxing feeling all the while listening to the tides of the water roll onto the shore and recede back again. Our toes could become chilled, and our bodies feel a bit more rigid, as we coast side to side, down the bright big snowy mountain, with the wind whipping at our faces. Yet, we could feel refreshed standing in the mild gentle rain that trickled down our face, washing all our worries and concerns away, even if it is just for a moment.

Stepping outside on any given day, can bring many different natural earthly sounds and sensations in the body, from flies, bees, and bugs buzzing, to the roaring sound and feeling of the mighty wind against our skin, or we can stop, and bask in the incredible peace of silence, which at times can be so very deafening.

Connecting with mother earth and the nature that is given to us, evokes a sense of awe and wonderment about the vast universe. The Canadian Rockies can be so humbling as you pass through them, and the magical colors of the rainbow intrigue us every time one appears in the sky. Witnessing and experiencing all that nature and mother earth has to offer us, connects us as one……….if we allow it.

Be present, as often as you can in the great outdoors. The more we become one with nature, the more it has to offer us. It is a never ending place of enjoyment, healing, renewing of our bodies and mind which in turn can enhance and enlighten our intuition.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Be still. Sit quiet. Listen to the surroundings of your being as you sit in the great outdoors. It will teach you so much, if you allow it.” Sue Fraser

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