Breaking the Silence: Navigating the Struggle of Seeking Support

Do you remember the last time you assisted someone with a task? Helped an elderly person with their groceries? Opened the door for a stranger? Bought a coffee for the customer behind you?

We all tend to be helpful in many ways in our day to day lives. Volunteering in schools, food banks, and shelters. How about tending to the ill family member in the hospital day after day, mowing the neighbors grass when they were away, or tending to the stranger who’s vehicle broke down.

There are so many opportunities in our daily lives, to give of ourselves, and in turn, it makes us feel so good inside, releasing plenty of endorphins.

But you know what? So many of us are very reluctant to ask for assistance when we are in need. There are several reasons as to why, one won’t reach out, or accept help from another. I admit, I am guilty of this very notion over the course of my life.

Some of the reasons for not asking for help is because our pride and ego gets in the way. We may be embarrassed. We may not want to burden another, or we have fear of rejection. And sometimes we just want to go it alone, because we believe no one will understand us anyway. All the while, we may be desperately in need of another.

Needing and asking for help is definitely not a weakness, though many people feel it is. It can be challenging to ask a friend, a stranger or even a therapist to be open to listen to our woes. It means taking that step to opening up and being vulnerable.

Yet, if one does as for ask for help, it gives us an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience, no matter what the outcome. Reaching out to others teaches so many things about ourselves. It often gets one to go deep within and examine our own needs and accepting areas where there may be room for improvement in our lives.

It is then, that we need to put our egos aside and admit that we are not totally self sufficient. We really do need each other in some way, shape or form.

There is literally no shame in requesting the computer expert to assist in setting up the new laptop that arrived from Amazon or asking your dad to show you how to change the oil in your vehicle. There’s always a chance of bonding and or learning something new when we reach out for a lending hand.

When we disallow friends, family or strangers from assisting us from say, driving us to an appointment, or making a meal for the kids, or tidying and catching up with our laundry because we got behind, what this does is it robs the so called helper, from experiencing the joy of giving. That feel good feeling of endorphins being released for another. They need to feel useful and appreciated too. As we want to be helpful, so do others.

When we reach out for assistance it also teaches us to trust. Whether we call upon people, animals, the angels, God, the Creator and/or the Universe, it is important to believe that all of our needs will be answered. There comes a reminder through all of this, that there really is compassion in this world, and that if we allow it, we will be loved and cared for.

Take time right now, and ask yourself where in your life could you use either a small or large dose of help and take that step to reach out to someone and ask “I’m in need, will you help me?”

Allow someone to be of service to you today. Give and the world gives back.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.” Edwin C. Maturan

A side note:

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6 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence: Navigating the Struggle of Seeking Support

  1. Sue,
    This is a really thoughtful blog post this time around. Whether we are alone in our journey or not we are all together in it as well.
    Del Sheehan

  2. Sue, you’ve nailed it! Whether you are helping others or allowing then to help you, endorphins are the gift which both can enjoy… and, if there are any by-standers who witnes, or even hear about said Act of Kindness, they also can experience that gift of endorphins. WIN-WIN-WIN!
    Good on you, my friend! 🤗

  3. Thank you Sue! It is hard to be open and vulnerable when sometimes you need someone just to listen and other times you want help to find what you need. And some just listen, others act and when you think it’s that friend that will help you in your time of need, it won’t be, it will be the other friend. I loved the endorphins! We are always quick to help but not to accept it. Thank you!

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