“Embracing Ephemeral Rain: A Journey Through the Healing Power of Tears”

Tears, they are a myriad of several types of emotions that occur throughout the lives of us all. Not one person on this earth, is exempt from tears flowing from their eyes at one time or another. To allow the wet salty tears to flow freely from the soul can feel so abundantly amazing and freeing of matters that lie deep within.

Whether the cause is sincere joy, the kind that fills your heart to the brim, and spills over in tears of happiness, overwhelming sadness and grief, physical pain, or empathy for another, we all feel it throughout our lives…some more than others.

As a baby is birthed from a mother’s womb, the tears begin to flow. Not only do the tears flow from the new born beautiful baby, but by the parents who co-created the tiny little infant. Tears of joy, of a miracle so perfectly formed, overflows like an erupting volcano of hot boiling lava. Emotions also run high, as the wee one is gracefully and lovingly held by the aging proud relatives.

Tears are those silent storytellers to which speak volumes about the kaleidoscope of a life. When the tears cascade down the cheeks, they are not just droplets as the water in a vast clear cold lake, they are the manifestation of feelings too profound for words at times.

Conversely, tears born of sorrow are a poignant symphony of grief. Each droplet carries the weight of unspoken pain, a release that brings solace in acknowledging the depth of one’s emotions, as difficult as it is. Tears born of heartache can flow as if they will never cease. These tears become like a soft cleansing rain, washing away the heaviness that lingers within, allowing for the possibility of renewal of calmness and peace.

Compassion too has it’s tears, those shed in empathy for other people who struggle. These tears are often an unspoken language of solidarity, forging very close connections between human hearts shared in understanding. In their quiet descent, they bridge the gap between one soul and another, acknowledging the universality of human experience. Something so definingly loving and unique.

Tears of surmountable gratitude and extreme joy are perhaps the most tender of all tears. They embody the overwhelming acknowledgement of the many blessings in our lives, both a very deep appreciation for the beauty in the mundane and the extraordinary. In these beautiful tears that well up and trickle down, there is extreme humility, a recognition that life’s most precious moments are often wrapped up in the simplest of gestures, that we dare not dismiss as they may come by few and far between.

Sometimes it warrants an individual to go out to an earthly space in nature, a vast body of water, or a gushing fast paced stream, and be present. Water, in itself possesses a unique therapeutic power, a balm for the inner soul. The melodic sound of rushing water, a cascading waterfall or capping waves becomes a symphony that resonates with the innermost chambers of the heart.

The sheer force of the mighty water serves as a metaphorical cleanse. It can well up the tears within, and allow the flood gates to open and release the built up emotions, sad or joyful. Just as the river sweeps away debris in its path, so too does the warm salty tears flowing softly down one’s cheek, washes away the many burdens and concerns carried within.

Water and tears in itself serves as a subtle healer, stitching together the frayed edges of the soul. It whispers tales of resilience, offers a cleansing embrace and invites us to find solace in the ebb and flow of life’s currents.

In the embrace of nature’s dynamic waters, the inner soul finds a sanctuary, a place to release, recharge and rediscover the harmony that resides within. In this stillness, one can find a quiet refuge, a monetary escape from the demands of a fast-paced world.

When was the last time you allowed those tears to flow freely? They are a testament to the richness of the human experience, a language spoken without words.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Tears are the unspoken poetry of the soul, each drop a poignant verse telling a story only the heart truly understands.”

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As my life continues to unfold in my young senior years, as a single lady, I love to write my thoughts from the voice within on this blogging platform. Firstly in a form of therapy for me, and secondly, that I may assist someone else in their journey of life.

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“Earthly Harmony: Nurturing Wellness Through Connection”

I had the opportunity to meet a number of new people at my workplace this past weekend, at the local city curling rink. One particular younger, good looking gal, came by for a glass of water. I struck up a conversation on how her game had gone. “Great!” she replied.

She went on to tell me that she and her team mate would be playing again in 30 minutes, and she was feeling a bit on the tired side. My first thought and suggestion to her, was to go outside for a walk on this beautiful warm November day. Get some fresh air, and enjoy a lovely jaunt around the block in the great outdoors. “It will do wonders for you.” I told her. She agreed.

To connect with nature, is such a spiritual experience, that can renew us from within. As I stepped outside early this morning, heading to my regular gym “me” time, I stopped to gaze up into the dark clear sky, only to see so many brilliant bright twinkling stars. Way to many to count. As my eyes gazed across the vast open air, taking it all in, I verbally said aloud “Thank you Universe, God, Creator, Ancestors, Medicine Woman, Dad. I am so grateful to be alive. Thank you for the beauty of this earth.”

Although we are human beings, we are also nature beings, created from the same source as animal, plants and even rocks. The earth we’ve been gifted, calls for us to connect so that we can feel balanced and whole, a part of the universe.

Have you ever hugged a tree? It feels so good! So healing. So empowering and energizing. It’s strength of wood is a comfort in its amazing solidness and as one leans against it, one can feel the solid support from its might trunk. When I wrap my arms around the tree trunk, it’s as if the tree is hugging back. You should try this sometime. Pick a tree, and come back to it often, to be grounded, energized and feel a sense of healing.

To be outdoors, awakens the senses. We tend to breathe more deeply, taking in all the scents around us. Depending where you are and the season upon you, the air may smell like deep green pine needles, fragrant fresh blooming flowers of all kinds and colors, and maybe the air is smokey from wild burning forest fires.

Calming walk on the beach.

Walking on the beach, feeling the sand between our toes, can create a calm and relaxing feeling all the while listening to the tides of the water roll onto the shore and recede back again. Our toes could become chilled, and our bodies feel a bit more rigid, as we coast side to side, down the bright big snowy mountain, with the wind whipping at our faces. Yet, we could feel refreshed standing in the mild gentle rain that trickled down our face, washing all our worries and concerns away, even if it is just for a moment.

Stepping outside on any given day, can bring many different natural earthly sounds and sensations in the body, from flies, bees, and bugs buzzing, to the roaring sound and feeling of the mighty wind against our skin, or we can stop, and bask in the incredible peace of silence, which at times can be so very deafening.

Connecting with mother earth and the nature that is given to us, evokes a sense of awe and wonderment about the vast universe. The Canadian Rockies can be so humbling as you pass through them, and the magical colors of the rainbow intrigue us every time one appears in the sky. Witnessing and experiencing all that nature and mother earth has to offer us, connects us as one……….if we allow it.

Be present, as often as you can in the great outdoors. The more we become one with nature, the more it has to offer us. It is a never ending place of enjoyment, healing, renewing of our bodies and mind which in turn can enhance and enlighten our intuition.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Be still. Sit quiet. Listen to the surroundings of your being as you sit in the great outdoors. It will teach you so much, if you allow it.” Sue Fraser

Breaking the Silence: Navigating the Struggle of Seeking Support

Do you remember the last time you assisted someone with a task? Helped an elderly person with their groceries? Opened the door for a stranger? Bought a coffee for the customer behind you?

We all tend to be helpful in many ways in our day to day lives. Volunteering in schools, food banks, and shelters. How about tending to the ill family member in the hospital day after day, mowing the neighbors grass when they were away, or tending to the stranger who’s vehicle broke down.

There are so many opportunities in our daily lives, to give of ourselves, and in turn, it makes us feel so good inside, releasing plenty of endorphins.

But you know what? So many of us are very reluctant to ask for assistance when we are in need. There are several reasons as to why, one won’t reach out, or accept help from another. I admit, I am guilty of this very notion over the course of my life.

Some of the reasons for not asking for help is because our pride and ego gets in the way. We may be embarrassed. We may not want to burden another, or we have fear of rejection. And sometimes we just want to go it alone, because we believe no one will understand us anyway. All the while, we may be desperately in need of another.

Needing and asking for help is definitely not a weakness, though many people feel it is. It can be challenging to ask a friend, a stranger or even a therapist to be open to listen to our woes. It means taking that step to opening up and being vulnerable.

Yet, if one does as for ask for help, it gives us an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience, no matter what the outcome. Reaching out to others teaches so many things about ourselves. It often gets one to go deep within and examine our own needs and accepting areas where there may be room for improvement in our lives.

It is then, that we need to put our egos aside and admit that we are not totally self sufficient. We really do need each other in some way, shape or form.

There is literally no shame in requesting the computer expert to assist in setting up the new laptop that arrived from Amazon or asking your dad to show you how to change the oil in your vehicle. There’s always a chance of bonding and or learning something new when we reach out for a lending hand.

When we disallow friends, family or strangers from assisting us from say, driving us to an appointment, or making a meal for the kids, or tidying and catching up with our laundry because we got behind, what this does is it robs the so called helper, from experiencing the joy of giving. That feel good feeling of endorphins being released for another. They need to feel useful and appreciated too. As we want to be helpful, so do others.

When we reach out for assistance it also teaches us to trust. Whether we call upon people, animals, the angels, God, the Creator and/or the Universe, it is important to believe that all of our needs will be answered. There comes a reminder through all of this, that there really is compassion in this world, and that if we allow it, we will be loved and cared for.

Take time right now, and ask yourself where in your life could you use either a small or large dose of help and take that step to reach out to someone and ask “I’m in need, will you help me?”

Allow someone to be of service to you today. Give and the world gives back.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.” Edwin C. Maturan

A side note:

As my life continues to unfold in my young senior years, as a single lady, I love to write my thoughts from the voice within on this blogging platform. Firstly in a form of therapy for me, and secondly, that I may assist someone else in their journey of life.

I have added a feature that supports me in a nominal way from you, the audience. It’s called “Buy me a Coffee.” The coffee cup logo is located in the bottom right hand corner of my blog.

It’s a simple and friendly way for fans to express appreciation by contributing the cost of a virtual coffee. This voluntary gesture assists creators such as me to sustain my work and continue to produce the content I share, that the reader enjoys.

I like to think of it as you and I, sitting down at your table, sharing my thoughts from within….while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

So if you feel up to joining me from my “Thoughts from the Voice Within”, and that hot cup of coffee, I would be so ever grateful.

Who Inspires You?

Wow! When I sat down with my thoughts, of what inspires me, or who is an inspiration in my life, the little hamster wheel in my brain began to spin. My first thought, was that the bulk of inspiration comes into our lives from another human being. Which much of it truly does. However, I began to dig deep in thought, and began to realize that inspiration can come upon is in so many other forms that surround us.

I must say, throughout my life, I have had soooo many people come into my life that truly impacted and inspired me in some way, shape or form. And for that, I am truly grateful. Of course I could never mention every single person, but today, I want to share with you, my friend Jenn.

This past summer Jenn and I went on a exciting fun adventure, to the Bowden SunMaze located in central Alberta, Canada. We were looking so forward to enjoying the mass fields of bright yellow sunflowers. Well, the experience didn’t disappoint. We were thrilled to view bright yellow fields for as long as the eye could see. But first, we came upon these goofy boards, to which Jenn encouraged me to get in behind and poke my head through, to which brought forth quite a few chuckles and giggles, to us and the passersby’s.

My friend Jenn continually inspires me, as she is as bright and radiant as a fully bloomed sunflower. Jenn ignites creativity, motivation, and positive change in her day to day life. She has lifted my spirits many times, when they were on the floor, so to speak. Jenn’s joyous laughter resounds from within, capturing others attention nearby. I can’t help myself from laughing along too!

Jenn captures the beauty in that one single sunflower that towers above all the rest. There is a meaning to that she says. Jenn is an inspired individual that is true to herself.

She embraces her uniqueness and authenticity, which in turn, this genuine expression of self, resonates with others, encouraging them to be true to themselves as well. Jenn has truly impacted and inspired me with all her wonderful qualities in life.

In essence, inspiration in a person such as my friend Jenn, is a transformative force that not only elevates her own life, but also has a ripple effect, touching and influencing the lives of others. I’m so very happy and grateful that our paths crossed when they did.

My friend has been very instrumental in my healing journey of life these past two years, when my husband decided to depart from me. I cannot thank Jenn enough for when she answered the call to have a listening ear, anytime I needed to share. I like to say, Jenn’s sat in the “mud” with me many many times. A term I especially like, that comes from American author Simon Sinek.

Ultimately, inspiration in a person is marked by the positive impact they have on the world around them. Whether through their work, relationships, or contributions to their community, inspired individuals leave a lasting and uplifting legacy.

And in closing, who or what inspires you in your journey in life? Feel free to send me a message and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “To be inspired is great. To inspire is incredible.”

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways

We’ve all felt fear at some point and time in our lives. Whether it be when we took our first attempt to ride a bicycle when we were little. Fearing of falling over and scraping our hands and knees, yet trusting our daddy would prevent this from happening.

The fear of not being accepted in that popular group of kids, when attending the first day of school when you were the new kid in town. The fear of flying in an airplane for the very first time, that was taking you to a amazing destination you so badly wanted to explore.

The fear of being alone, the fear of connecting, the fear of abandonment, the fear of failure and success, the fear of being fully alive, the fear of loss, the fear of trying something new, the fear of beginning a new chapter in life, the fear of loving and the list goes on and on. Not one person is exempt from feeling the extremity of fear.

But did you know, that fear can be healthy? It is programmed into our nervous system, and gives us the survival instincts you need to keep yourself safe from many forms of danger.

Fear is unhealthy when it makes you more cautious than you really need to be, to stay safe, and when it prevents you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy.

Why not face your fears to succeed or fail?

When we have loved and lost, or tried and failed, we may fear opening ourselves up to a painful competitive experience again. 

When we have succeeded or won—possibly at someone else’s expense—we may experience guilt, or fear retaliation. 

Thus many of us learn to hold back in love and life, thereby not risking either failure or success. 

We may feel the world does not allow us to be fulfilled.  Or we may feel guilty and afraid for feeling fulfilled.

We sometimes get hung up, from the fear of the possibility of being injured, whether physically or emotionally from the things we wish to endeavor.

We fear the knowing that we may fall to the ground, to our lowest point of failure, and have to face ourselves in getting back up to try in earnest again, sometimes trying over and over and over again.

Knowing full well, others may critically judge us. But the judgement of others, should never matter.

Take a step forward, and face your fears. Avoiding fears only makes them scarier. Whatever your fear, if you face it, it should start to fade.

Close your eyes and visualize the complete scenario of the fear that you are avoiding. Feel each and every sensation. Play the movie in your mind of the outcome you’d love to have.

Feel it. Hear it. See it. Believe it. Then do it!

When we practice this visualization continuously and repetitively, and then take the step forward, face the fear, that’s when the real miracles begin to take shape. The fear dissipates, and we rise to conquer all things in our lives, one fear at a time.

And remember, when you have faced that fear, whatever it is, jump for joy and be celebrated by others.

Life is full of stresses, yet many of us feel that our lives must be perfect. Bad days and setbacks will always happen, and it’s important to remember that life is messy.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Thank you for following along on my blog. If you’ve enjoyed it let me know and share it with a friend.

All the photos I have inserted, are my work, making memories one click at a time.

From Home on the Ranch


P.S. “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.” Bear Grylls