All Set Up in Grande Prairie

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Well, we’re off and running! It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Grande Prairie already a week now. We’re settled in and routine is in place. It’s beautiful down here at Evergreen Park. We are situated just on the south side of the city amongst very tall evergreen trees. We are protected from any winds that blow. The ground here is sandy, just like the beach. The weather has been hot and dry; not complaining about the warmth, mind you, it just makes for a very dusty trailer, that’s all. And I’m not partial to dusting but this makes me do it every day in the trailer.

Today, after our morning practice runs with the ponies, all the horses were treated to a much-needed bath. They so enjoy the freshness of this. Although when they’re done if you let them go and run around in their pens, the first thing they will do is roll in the sand. So instead they get put in their stalls with their noon oats, hay and fresh water. Takes a bit of time to bathe 27 horses. Just like having 27 babies to look after. Thanks to the help of our hired girls Kim and Caylee, along with our son Cody and his sidekick Allie, it got done in record time.

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As the kids say at Christmas, only two more sleeps…until the first race night of the 2015 World Professional Chuckwagon Association season begins. All the drivers and their crews have arrived and settled in. It’s good to see everyone again and to meet all the new wee ones on the tour, and there are a few of them. There are also a few new barn hands who have come to experience a summer like no other, I’m sure. It’s a country way of life, and it can be addictive. Many will come back year after year to help out again and again.

I would like to make all of you aware that we have a Facebook page up and running. It is titled “Rick Fraser and Team 23 Chuckwagon Racing.” Follow along for more stories and pictures from throughout our days of the season and beyond. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you. My objective is to journal each and every race day and sometimes on off days too. The posts will be late in the evening, so some of you may not receive it until the next morning.

Until next time….

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