Grande Prairie Stompede Day #3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

It was a morning of get up and go.  Cody had an outfit to hook and school kids to go meet, so our barn crew and his got things going as soon as  the track opened at 6:30 am.  The boys, Rick and Cody had a school pancake breakfast to attend for 8:45.  Time was ticking.

foggy morning

Kind of Foggy Out

Foggy mornings

Practice Run

We got all the horses harnessed and the outriding horses saddled.  Everything went according to plan.

Hillside School Outing

3 cowboys back in school

The boys clean up well, when its time to go to town.  Today they went to Hillside school, the one Rick attended when he was a young one.  Doing these types of visits is so important to us.Going to the schools is so important for keeping our Western Heritage alive.  The kids loved seeing real cowboys that answered all their questions about their sport of Chuckwagon Racing.


Vet Check for Chips

Come race time, we have some gals that come around and check the horse for their chips in their neck.  This tells them which horse is going.  No horse is allowed to run 2 races in one night.  This is an excellent way to keep track.


One GREAT Sponsor!!

Keddies is one great sponsor!  They were the highest bidder back a few weeks ago  that purchased the rights to have their canvas on Ricks chuckwagon during the 2016 Stompede. Keddies have been purchasing a drivers tarp for many many years.

DSC_3558tonight’s hook off of barrel 2 was the same crew as last night.  Spirit, Spin, Cowboy, and Glory, with Tirxter and Stadium racing behind with the outriders on their back.  Rick was so speedy, he would have captured a day money, but pulling into the barrels he didn`t quite stop soon enough, was then ahead of his barrel, and did not back them up in time before the horn went.  This gained us 2 seconds in penalty.  Darn!  But we are very happy on their quickness around the track.  That speaks volumes.


The Rookiie Skinner

As for son Cody tonight, he sure looks good up in that box.  He posted 26th on the day, but would have been much higher, but unfortunately one of his outriders were late.  They didn`t reach the 150 yard line when the wagon crossed the finish line, so Cody was assessed a 1 second penalty.  Things will get better as we go along.

We had a few little visitors tonight after the races.  Little Cloud, was enjoying jumping off the straw and running up and down the ramp of the liner.  Rick wad taking it all in.  Kids are wonderful to have around.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.