Dawson Creek, BC Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Sunny, with some cloud today and a high of 22 degrees.  Very enjoyable.  Rick fed the ponies at 6 am then headed to town for coffee with the guys.  Well he maybe never had coffee, cause he dislikes the drink, but I’m sure he gathered information.  You see, he tells me, women gossip, and guys gather information.  So, I’ll leave this comment with you to decide.

While the crew cleaned the barn, I filled all the water buckets and tubs.  It’s not a job some like doing but its got to be done.  The water pressure is pretty good now, thanks to Connie Patterson and the  Dawson Creek Committee.  Back a few years, it wasn’t so much.  They get better every year to accommodate us.


Sue and Connie Patterson

Coy and I ventured out this morning to the Special Needs Rodeo.  Along our travels we met Connie in the infield, working no doubt, putting up banners.  Connie is the head of this whole operation of the Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede.  I tell you, this women gets things done.  She is the best Co-ordiantor I know!

We arrived at the Rodeo to find many kids having a morning of a life time.  We so often take things for granted in our day to day life.  But for these kids, coming to this Special Rodeo is exciting beyond words.  We had 2 drivers, Chad Fike and Dustin Gorst, along with 2 outriders Dayton Sutherland and Ethon Motowylo attend to help out with the kids and thier activities.



Throwing ropes, petting the goats, riding horses, and racing in mini chuckwagons were all activities the kids enjoyed.  Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our morning.

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Again, the big and little kids headed to the pool, so Rick and I headed to the grounds on our own special date.  Every year, we like to just roam around the O’l Country Fair, have a piece of pie, visit with folks we come across, check out the exhibits, and just enjoy each others company as a couple.

Our first stop, we came upon these rather old folks.  They seen Rick, the famous Chuckwagon driver, and asked if they could have a photo with them.  He obliged!  HaHa!


Then Rick was getting a little to comfortable with that chick in the grass…………what’s that all about I asked?  I need to get in there too!


So I did!!!  No one’s taking my man that easy.

Onward we went, viewing all the exhibits and farm animals in the neat little barns.

This little shed row was just the neatest as ever.  Very warm and welcoming.  We met this big black boy across the way.  He even had his very own mustache!!!  I must say, I’ve never seen this ever before.  There is always a  first for everything.


We ventured on over to the ring where they have the heavy horse pulls, massive Percheron and Clydesdale show horses hooked to the most beautiful wagons and more.  So much work goes into preparing these horses and it sure shows.  We can appreciate it.

Our friend Gordon, was busy going around and around, harrowing the field with his 2 beautiful paints.  He was just the happiest guy and so proud of his horses.  I said to Rick, its a shame that this is really a dying past time, as many kids will not have a clue about working the fields with the horses because of the way the world is today.  But again, thanks to Venues such as the Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede, we can enjoy these things even if it is just once a year.


Back Stretch Run for Cody and Team 48

Cody was off the two barrel tonight.  His horses were raring to go, and they started just a bit ahead of the horn, which he then was assessed a 1 second penalty.  He placed 26th on the day.  He’s going to get those little things out of the way and then watch out!  He’s a very good Chuckwagon driver and will be at the top one day soon.

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I wanted you to see our start to finish on the one barrel.  Rick came in a bit ahead of the barrel.  He then was backing up to get his rear hub even with the barrel where he was supposed to be.  Unfortunately, they didn’t give him hardly any time at all and they blew the horn.  The horses started, and Rory our outrider throwing stove had the barrel on the ground, but his hand was on the wagon pulling it back.  He did one heck of a job to get that stove in and then mount his horse going pretty fast around the bottom.  The hook tonight was Glory (LW) Vegas (RW) Spirit (LL) and Speedy (RL).  Stadium and Andy were ridden by Cole and Rory.  Both these boys did exceptional tonight considering the circumstances.  And “Team 23” was 23rd on the day.  We were assessed a 1 second penalty for being ahead of the barrel.

As I was heading out of the infield with my two outriding horses, riding one and leading the other.  Stadium whom I was riding got spooked by a dog that was near the exit.  He jutted sideways quickly.  Thank goodness I didn’t fall off.  I stayed on, and continued to hold onto Andy the other horse.  I felt my finger being yanked quickly.  A fella nearby  was there to give me a hand.  I dismounted and checked things out.  I could tell with my gloves on, my finger dislocated.


I sent the horses back to camp with the good Samaritan, and then headed back to the infield to visit the paramedics.  I did try 2 times to pull it back into place on my own, but it just popped back out again.  Once they assessed it and wrapped it, Rick picked me up and we had our second date of the day, at the local hospital.  With a bit of a wait, and ice on my hand, I seen the doctor.  He froze it, put it back into place and sent me on my way to return back tomorrow for an ex-ray.  I’m getting a little woozy from the T – 3’s now, so I best finish up my stories for the day.     And as the saying goes …..” Its a long ways from my heart.”


From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with  Rick and Team 23

P.S  When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say, “WHY ME?”  Just say “TRY ME!”