A Little Boys Dream Come True

Howdy All!

It has been a very busy week since our arrival here in Grande Prairie, Alberta at Evergreen Park race track.  With only days left to prepare for our first night of Chuckwagon racing, a phone call had come, asking if Rick and I, and “Team 23” were available to have a young 10-year-old boy come and visit us at our barn for a tour of the ponies down on the grounds.  The date was set.


A handsome boy named Hinton

Sunday morning arrived, and one very excited young boy arrived at 7 AM.


Mom Robyn and Hinton

Mom Robyn tagged along too.  Horses are not new to Hinton, as his family has a few horses on the family farm.  This young lad also belongs to a local club, called  PARDS (Peace Area Riding for the Disabled). PARDS is a society that is committed to providing high quality Equine Assisted Therapy to  individuals.  It maximizes their growth and potential; physically cognitively, behavioraly and socially, through equine assisted programs and activities.   His heart lies near and dear to the majestic equine animal.


A look down the shed row

Hinton also brought along his Riding mentor Nancy to join in his chuckwagon experience.



One Special Hand Shake

The time arrived to meet the driver.  It was exciting for both of them.

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Hinton wanted to meet all the horses in the shed row.  And that he did.  We took him one by one, and introduced him to them all.   And then it was time to get to work.  We had to harness 4 horses and take them out for an exercise run.


Adjusting the equipment


Securing the headstall


Adjusting the bit

“Team 23” got right to work, brushing and harnessing the four that needed to go.  While we were busy preparing for the run,  Hinton was quickly making friends with some of the other horses down the way.


A Special Bond

It really is amazing, to step back and see the connection between a child and a horse.  The horse senses the openness, sincerity and gentleness of the little ones.


We are one

This was so touching to watch Hinton go on his own to do this.  The communication is there, and no words are spoken.

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The time had come, and we decided that Hinton could ride out to the track with Rick in the Chuckwagon.  Hinton was elated!  He kept his emotions under control as he didn’t want to disturb the horses.


Watching from the sidelines

Hinton had a front row view watching Rick come into the barrels for his practice run.


And Away They Go!!!

The horn sounded, the horses jumped forward with a leap and a bounce, around the figure eight and away they went!


Unharnessing the ponies

Back at the barn, the equipment comes off and into the pen they go to cool down, roll in the sand and quench their thirst with fresh cool water.


One More Surprise Hinton

We weren’t done yet!!!  We had a few surprises for Hinton to send him on his way.


Would this fit you?


Biggest Smile Ever

A t-shirt, a poster, and a mini chuckwagon too.  The reaction of this little boy Hinton, touched our hearts more than you can imagine.  This particular morning, a little boy came into our lives and reminded us that life can be so simple.  We just need to stop and take the time to see, touch and take in, all that is around us and always look at the world through the eyes of a child.


The Best Gift Ever


Forever Friends


And at the end of the day, this all took place, because it was only a phone call away.


From the Travelin Trailer

Sue with Rick and “Team 23”




P.S.  The law of LOVE could best be understood and learned through little children.