Home On The Ranch September 2017

Howdy Folks,

As September is upon us, so is the farmers and their fall harvesting across the prairies and beyond.  As I ventured over to our daughter Amy’s home in Consort, Alberta with Bruce and Bonnie a couple of weeks ago, we fully enjoyed our journey.  I shared just a few photos on my last blog, and decided I needed to share some more of the great photos that were captured.  I always like to say, a picture is worth a thousand words and more.


Our arrival at the long driveway, was a sign we could not miss.  When travelling in new areas, some sort of landmark is always a good thing.  Coy, our grandson was very excited to see us and show us around.  But not until we enjoyed a delicious good home cooked meal with the kids and Amy’s in-laws.


“Awesome!” Come Along with Me

As Consort sits approximately 62 km west of the Saskatchewan border, the lay of the land is fairly flat with rolling hills for miles and miles.  The area has had very, very warm temperatures for the last month or so, and this has put a twist on the harvesting of the crops.


Paths Along the Fields

We began our journey driving side-by-sides across the fields to the paths that follow along the edges of the quarters.  This area is quite different from central Alberta.  Many huge power towers scatter over the landscape, continuing on in the distance for miles.


“Doe Alert”


Off and Running

Wildlife is everywhere you go when traveling this great world of ours and here was no different.  We came upon this doe grazing in the field.  She never saw, heard or smelled  us right away, as the wind was blowing in a different direction for this.  But when she spotted us, there was a very still look, and then away she went not wasting any time heading south to safety.


The Long Wooden Fence


On Top of the World

We continued on, enjoying the warmth of the day, along with the breeze, and the dusty o’l trail.  By the look of things, some of the fence lines have been around for a good long while, giving them character in the distance.  All the farmers in the area have picked many rocks from the fields over time, and continue as the land gets worked up year after year.  We passed by a few large rock piles along the way of the beautiful golden fields.


Golden Treasures

Some of the back roads were pretty much built of dirt.  I’m pretty sure they would be impassable when the rains come down.


Long Long Road

The views from the top of the hills were amazing as we could see for miles abroad.


The Old Wooden Tree

As we traveled from field to field, there were clumps of trees here and there.  Some were just a few bushes gathered together, and others were small little water sloughs with several different types of birds enjoying a swim.


Long Forgottern

We happened to spy this old combine that was pushed to the side and hidden away.  I often ponder on what it was like for the folks who purchased this piece so long ago, what it cost, how excited they were to have it, and all the work that it completed on their life on the farm.


“Which Way Now?”

It seemed like out in the middle of nowhere, these co-ordinate signs were posted.  I believe that they have only been putting these out in the country areas for the last 10 – 15 years or so.


Progress in the Distance


A Golden View

When I was taking photos that day, I decided to try out the black and white look, along with the color.  I really like how both options describe the scenes, as they really give a different flavor to the photo.


A Full Load


Checking the Field

Even though the day was hot, and it wasn’t just right to combine yet, the bales could still be loaded and brought back to the Ranch.  A Farmers work is never done.  These were some of my favorite photos that I shot.  They really do tell a story.


A Farmers Classic

When we reached the crew, we stopped and chatted and reminisced about the farming in the area, how the crops were doing and what they foresee in the future to come.


Checking Things Out

Our Grandson Coy, is one special little guy.  His love for life around him shines through beyond measures.  Throughout his first few years of growing up in Wetaskiwin with us, Coy and Amy’s bond with our relatives, Bruce and Bonnie grew close right from when he was born.  Bruce and Coy, have this relationship that is quite special and will be for a very long time to come.  I put together this little slide show in the field.  And as you watch it, you can just see what I mean when I say they have a bond.  Even though you might not know them, it is very easy to tell.

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“Thanks for Coming Along.”

All in all, we had a fabulous day.   Memories were made, and will be cherished and remembered forever.


Buried Treasures

From the Travelin Trailer…………..

Till Next Time


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P.S.  Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.