Ponoka Stampede Day #4

Howdy All!

I must confess.  I slept in this morning till near 8 AM.  I think the crew was kind of wondering if I’d show. I know I won’t get fired because they would have to find another cook. And heck, Rick sure wouldn’t want to take on the job.  He does however make a mean toast, egg and avocado breakfast, then can make a big bowl of popcorn for supper.  That I’ll give him.


My Friend and I

Today was a great day!  Probably the best day in the whole summer on the trail.  This is the day of the special needs rodeo that Rick and I, and many of the other fellow drivers attend to volunteer to go along side a child for a couple hours.  It is a very humbling day.

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This rodeo all began because of a girl named Skylar.  Nineteen years ago they started having this rodeo.  The first time Rick and I went to volunteer, we were Skylar’s partner.  Well since then she has grown into a fun young lady.  She loves the rodeo and chuckwagons.  I’ve seen so many changes in her from year to year.  Partaking in this rodeo is so very humbling.  Of all the things I will miss from going down the road, it will be this little rodeo at the Ponoka Stampede.


Me and My Pals


Horse Care

As owning any kind of animal, it needs so much proper care and attention.  With horses, their legs are very important. Kaylee our daughter pitched in tonight helping put some wraps on some of the horses in the barn.  This is very important to keep our ponies sound.


Best Turn

Off the two barrel tonight, the horses worked tremendously and hit the track flying.  Rick said this turn was the best one he’s done in a long time.  He had Bacardi on the Left Wheel, Jim on the Right Wheel.  Spirit on the Left Lead, and Ranger on the Right.  Quaid Tournier held the leaders with Ed and Chance Flad threw the stove with Andy.  All went well and the team posted a 1:17.95 which was good enough for 4th on the Day.


So Many Faces

After the races, our relatives, the Overacker family came back to the barns.  With them they had a few “Rick” faces.  Oh What Fun!!!  And they’ve had a lot of gigles with these everywhere they’ve gone.    This group shot is sort of like finding Waldo. Don’t you think?

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

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P.S.  Sometimes you need people around you who make you remember why it’s all fun and games and that life isn’t so serious after all.”