A Blog Beginning

Sunset on The Ranch

Spring is here, yet the snow lies on the ground. The sunsets are becoming so much more prominent. The horses have been brought in from the pasture to begin what we call spring training.

Welcome to my blog, “The Travelin’ Trailer.” I’ll also be writing here about my time “Home on the Ranch.”

Coy on Papas Shoulders

Our grandson Coy on Papa’s shoulders

Thirty-three years ago I met the man I was to marry. Little did I know that half of every year, we would be traveling the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The reason? I married into the Tommy Dorchester chuckwagon family.

Let me explain about that last name. My husband’s name is Rick Fraser. Rick’s late mother’s birth name was Joan Marie Dorchester, born to Tommy and Joy Dorchester. Joan married Lyle Fraser, divorced, and then married Dave Lewis, the man Rick called his father. The late Dave Lewis was also a chuckwagon competitor.

And so my story begins. I will take you on a journey, through my eyes of a Chuckwagon Wife’s daily adventures. I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories I have to tell, take in all the photos I share to go with them, and, at the end of the day, I hope I have touched someone’s life in a new way.

One thought on “A Blog Beginning

  1. Looking forward to following your adventures all season long. Wagon racing is about the competition of course but you and Rick and your family continually demonstrate it is about so much more, particularly the community and family involved around the sport all year long. You are both great ambassadors for the sport and western heritage way of life.


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