The Letter from Cristy

I love this letter we received last year from Cristy Gidluck in Saskatchewan.

Hi. I just wanted to say that I drove myself and my four young kids an hour and a half to watch the races in Saskatoon for opening night last night. As always, the races were awesome.

Afterwards I took the kids for a drive through the driver camp and we stopped in at Rick Fraser’s. He was so amazing to us. I took my three boys, ages seven, four and two, up and he stopped what he was doing to chat with us, took the boys for a little tour into his trailer, to see his horses and even let them sit in his wagon. He talked with them and gave them very kind advice about following their dreams and even signed a poster for each of them.

It tears me up even now remembering my seven-year-old looking at Mr. Fraser with so much awe and respect. It’s all he has talked about, and what he told every person he saw all day today…that he got to meet a famous chuckwagon cowboy and even sat in his wagon!!

I hope this message somehow gets to Mr. Fraser…a sincere, heartfelt thanks for taking the time to go the extra kind step…when he could have more easily just given them a handshake and sent us on our way. Rather…he has given them a memory they will cherish for likely their entire lives.

My grandpa drove pony chuckwagons his whole life and, though he passed away when I was quite young, the lifestyle and sport are so close to my own heart and it just meant a lot that someone went out of their way to give my boys a closer look and the sport is definitely closer to my boys hearts even more so after the wonderful experience. So thanks. We will try make it back in for another race this weekend. Best of luck and safe driving to all the drivers and riders!

rick fraser3

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