Day 3 Results for Cody

Amongst the busyness of Rick and Team 23 racing endeavours, our son Cody is right along with us, helping us train, doing chores and learning the techniques of driving from his dad. We are very proud of Cody and how he is blossoming into a very good chuckwagon skinner.

Last night on Day 3, Cody was off of barrel 3. The horses he hooked were Left Lead – Air, Right Lead – Ranger, Right Wheel – Sporty and a borrowed horse named Cash from Mike Vigen. He drove in and was set to go, but just before the horn blew the right wheeler jumped ahead, which made the other wheeler jump as well. Cody was then pulling them back as to not be ahead of the barrel or he would be assessed a one-second penalty. During this time, the horn blew so the momentum was just not where it should have been. Despite all of this, Cody ran a respectable eighth-place finish on the day and is sitting sixth in the average.

Although Cody may not be racing full force yet, I do know in my heart that he is going to be one heck of a chuckwagon driver in years to come. He’s got a natural talent. He will make his Great Grandpa Tom Dorchester, his Grandpa Dave Lewis and his Uncle Dallas Dorchester all proud there up in heaven. If you wish to follow along and read all the stats of the Western Chuckwagon Association, go to for all the results and events. Cody will also compete in Dawson Creek with the Western Chuckwagon Association from August 5 to 9.

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