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I find it hard to believe that September has passed us by, and all of  us Canadians have been well fed and enjoyed another Thanksgiving Holiday.  Speaking about Thanksgiving, I personally am so thankful for the life I have.  Rick and I were just chatting today, and he said to me, “If we were to leave this earth tomorrow, we sure have had a good life.”  I must agree.  Together, we had enjoyed  34 years together.  Many interesting roads we traveled.  Many hills and valleys came and went, but together, we got through it all and continue to move along this life of ours.


Throughout the busy month of September, I was given some much appreciated cucumbers, carrots, and beets.  I managed to find some time to preserve them so we could enjoy the fruits of labor in the months to come.  Nothing like home grown produce.

Early September, we enjoyed a weekend of vising at a Shantz family reunion.  Rick’s grandma Joy was a Shantz, so we enjoyed meeting relatives we never knew.  One such relative was Penny Shantz, who curled in the 1988 winter Olympics bringing home the gold with her team mates.  She brought along her hardware to share with all of us.  What a treasure to see up close.  Jenna, a young relative from Calgary, had her photo taken with Penny.  I think some day she may be wearing something just that shiny, as she is one heck of a soccer player.  As a matter of fact, her Foothills team out of Calgary, just won a National Soccer Championship out east this past weekend.

Just because the Chuckwagon circuit is complete, it doesn’t mean life stops for all the drivers.  A number of present and past drivers gathered down south at the Century Downs Race Track on September 10th for some Standardbred Racing and a silent auction to benefit longtime chuckwagon supporter Tim Blair and the ALS Society of Alberta.  The weather was excellent with a great crowd to boot.

Cody and Rick, along with many others enjoyed their day competing alongside one another with horses, just of another breed.  Not sure who crossed the finish line first, but we know Tim and the ALS Society came out the big winner that day.


Gracie and her new horse Humpty

When racing a Chuckwagon outfit, there is a constant revolving door for horses, coming and going for different reasons.  We buy, sell, trade and give away.  Yes, give away.  Our dear old Humpty was getting up in age and he has done us very well over the years.  The last while, he has helped us train new horses in the spring.  We felt it was time for Humpty to be retired.  We decided to gift him to our good friends and neighbors granddaughter Gracie.  Well Gracie was tickled pink to receive her.  We know Gracie will take good care of Humpty for the rest of his years on earth.  A great horse for a young rider, as its time for him to slow down.

Our cell phones can be mind boggling some days.  I was sent some photos some time ago on my messenger, but for some reason, I never received them until after race season.  They were photos from a gal I met that had par-took in the Special Needs Rodeo during Ponoka 2015.  She was finally getting her photos to me.  Well I finally received them, and thought it would be great to share the warmth and love that we receive during this one day in the summer.  I cannot stress enough how touching this day is for us.  So many families bring their children out to have fun and experience just a little bit of rodeo on their terms.  The families love it, as it takes them away from their usual day to day living routine.


A Flower for Nana

Before the cold hit, my grandson presented me with this beautiful flower from my plant pots.  Its always a treasure when the wee ones do such a thing as this.  They are so excited give.  It makes them proud.


Our horses are all enjoying their time off in the green grass pasture.  As it is getting colder, they automatically start to hair up.  This means their bodies know that the cold is upon them, and so their hair gets thicker and longer to help keep them warm in the cold winter months.  They all have plenty of oats, hay and grass to eat day in and day out.

The fall season is the time for many Chuckwagon Couples Anniversary’s.  It was always to busy to schedule a wedding during the spring and summer months.  On September 8th, we enjoyed each others company by going out to dinner in the City of Edmonton, celebrating our 32nd year of marriage.  They always say time flies by when your having fun, and it sure has.


With the beautiful fall weather, we took some time to enjoy the outdoors.  A few of us along with some family and friends, jaunted out west to the Alder Flats area to do some quading.  It was quite the experience and work out.  With all the rain that the west had received, we definitely plowed through our share of mud puddles to last awhile.  But it was fun.

I ventured out to Twin Lakes with some ladies to enjoy some peace and quiet.  And it was quiet!  The lake was just like glass.  We kayaked a bit, sat by the campfire, visited and just relaxed.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather and better friends.


The Mavericks and Sue

A week ago, I ventured off to Calgary while Rick was in Vancouver horse shopping.  I got to attend two events.  One was with our Calgary Sponsor, the Mavericks.  They held their windup party out south of Calgary.  It was a good time to chat and relax with all involved.  We sure did appreciate all that they did for us this 2016 Calgary Stampede.  Looking forward to hopefully having a repeat sponsorship next year.


Louise Good’s Photography Weekend Presentation

Another event I was thoroughly excited to attend, was my long time friend, Louise Good’s Photography Gallery Presentation.  She didn’t know I was coming, so it was great to surprise her.  He artwork is amazing!  Louise has traveled many countries over the years, and has captured some very unique moments in time.  From people, to structures, to land, buildings, and animals.


If you get a moment, you can google her work  http://www.inthemoment.gallery/ You won’t be disappointed.


Friends Forever………….Sue and Louise

They always say you know when you have a true friend, when you can pick up where you left off even if plenty of time has passed by since you last talked. Well Louise and I have just that kind of relationship.  And I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

I’m very proud of my friend Louise and her accomplishments over the years.  She definitely inspires me with her photography artistry.

Everyone enjoys a birthday celebration, especially a boy who is 7.  Hard to believe that our grandson is that old already.  He brings us much laughter and smiles and is forever creating things with his Lego and his talent for drawing.

And we are truly blessed to enjoy grandson #2 at the tender age of 8 months old.  His big blue eyes and bright little smile melt our hearts to the fullest.


On the Off Season

Rick was headed out to meet up with the old guys, or should I say wiser guys to play a little bit of hockey.  He loves to get out and have some fun a few nights a week in the off season.  He decided to take his prized possession, a CBC towel from an interview he did for the Chuckagons.  They just don’t give these away to anybody he tells me.

From Home on the Ranch

Sue, and Rick Too.

P.S.  Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.







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  1. Thanks for including me with the Travlin Trailer update. We all have so much to be thankful for. Your writing and pictures are so very interesting. Congratulations on your 34th Anniversary. Wishing you all very best Gordon.


    • Hello John
      Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. Enjoyed our family weekend. Trust you did as well. Loving the early morning sunrises in our Alberta country.
      Thank you for following along.


  2. Great to hear how things are going.
    I enjoy your photography too as you have included some awesome shots.
    Have a great day!
    Lyla Lee

    • Hello Lyla
      Thanks for the kind compliment and thank you for following along. I enjoy taking photos, even though Im no professional photographer.

  3. Well thank you for the memories, its one thing that no one can take away, your blog and Team 23 give us great pleasure in following the rodeo circuit. AGAIN thank you

    The best to you and Mr Fraser in the off season

    Love the Heartt Family, Darcy, Megan, Sarah, Antoni, Trinity and Keira, Tupper BC, near Dawson Creek BC

  4. Hi Sue and Rick, sure enjoy your posts. Look foreword to getting to some of the races next year. Keep well and happy

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  5. Hi sue and Rick you may not remember me but I gave you a poster in Dawson creek but I am doing well and hope to see you soon ;D

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