Recharging from Costa Rica

Hello Friends

Christmas and New Years came and went.  We enjoyed every moment of the holiday.  We played cards, visited, had some sleigh rides and just took the time to enjoy life and family in general.


Pirates Eyes

To get away from electronics, Coy and I have been battling playing Score Four.  He’s getting pretty good, and winning at times.  I better watch out.  The score board could flip at any time.


Just a taste


………and another!


Oh So Good

On other days, Nana just has to make some treats with her grandson.  And boy does it taste good!  Especially the uncooked batter.  Yet the finished products not too bad either.




Tickle Time


Special Moments

The extra special blessing, is not having one grandchild………….but 2!  Ryker might be only 11 months old, but he has stolen my heart right from the get go.  Those bright blue eyes just pull you in when they see you.  I enjoy our moments together, its time well spent.


Hey Out There

The little ones grow so fast.  It only seemed like yesterday when he was born.  Now it won’t be long that he will be walking.  Their curious little minds never stop.



Cousins are always good to have.  And Papa I think has them cheering for his hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Can you tell?

As the winter passes by, Rick and I are fortunate enough to get away and enjoy some Rest and Relaxation down south in Costa Rica with some great friends.


Costa Rican Spa Day

One of the first days in, us gals indulged ourselves in a pedicure spa.  Not just any kind of spa.  A Fish Pedicure Spa.  Yes!!! It’s real and unique to say the least.  We were all in it together.


Fish Spa

They clean your feet and lower legs, then we insert them into a bath of water and tiny fish.  I’m not really sure what kind they are, but the nibble at your dead skin.  Oh my, what a feeling that was.  We fulfilled our 15 minute time limit so things were good.  But would we do it again?  I don’t think so.  It was an experience to say the least.

Every morning, we get up very early as the sun is rising, and go for our beach walk/run.  I always take my camera to catch some interesting photos along the way. So much to see.


A Dancing Dress in the Sand


One Lone Coconut


A symbol in the Sand

Costa Rica has become a favorite place to come and relax for Rick and I.  We hope to be able to keep coming as time goes by.


Up on the Hill

No matter where I am, my exercise routine is important to me.  It gives me much needed quality time just for me.


On my stroll back down the steep hill in the morning,  I captured these 2 photos.  As you can see, in one of the photos, we can see the flowers close up and clear.  In the other photo, the close flowers are fuzzy and the path beyond is clear.  This made me ponder where I am in my life today.  Do I see things much clearer and live each day as it comes?  Or do I plan ahead and see the road I travel clear as a bell?  Something to ponder in your life today.


What does your path look like?


Taking Time to Relax


Stop to smell the flowers

Where ever your path may lead you, take time for you and relax,  and remember to stop and smell the roses.

From the Sunny Skies of Cost Rica

Sue with Rick too

P.S.  Let every moment be what it’s going to be.  What’s meant to be will come your way.  What’s not will fall away.    –   Mandy Hale




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  1. Hey guys it’s Tylin I hope you had a great holiday I did but I made a comment on December I hope you felt good in cost Rica I still in Fort St. John but it’s good you made a new post if you would like to text me text bye I always be following the blog might see you guys in GP and DC

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