Ponoka Stampede Day#6

The final day of the 2017 Ponoka Stampede has come to an end.  The day was filled with all kinds of activities.  When I got up this morning, I had to check my blog.  You see, I was pretty tired last night when writing, and I was getting sleepy and anxious to head to bed.  Thus the spelling and crazing wording, so I just thought I would explain.  This is not the first time it has happened.  When I first started writing about 5 years ago, I had just been emailing my letters out.  We were in at the Calgary Stampede, probably 3/4’s way into it.  I was so tired, it was probably  1 or 2 AM.  I was sitting on a stool trying my darnedest to get wrapped up, when I literally fell off the stool! I was sure I was going to wake someone up and I was so glad I never because I felt kind of goofy and just laughed at myself.  And yes this story went into my blog the following day.


Layne Bremner Chuckwagon Auction

This morning after chores, our Chuckwagon Families all gathered around driver Layne Bremners barn.  He had made the decision to hang up the lines and sell all his horses and equipment for various reasons.  It is always hard to say goodbye to a fellow family.  Layne enjoyed racing here on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association and also the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association.

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Many Drivers, Outriders, Friends, Barn Hands and some Chuckwagon Fans looked on, to either buy or just watch all the action.  Before going into Calgary is a good time to sell as there are always a few outfits that are in need of a wheeler, leader or even and outriding horse or two.  The turnout was fantastic and I believe Layne was pretty happy with how things went.

My afternoon was filled doing paperwork in my office work in the back end of my home on wheels.  The bills don’t quite coming when I’m on the road.  Once finished that, I managed a quick happy hour beverage with our good friends/relatives Bruce and Bonnie.  Then I headed back to the barn to for chores and then to make a bite to eat for everyone.


Our New Little Helper

Little Ryker loves to be around the barn.  He’s just at that stage of walking just a bit, but much easier to crawl.  He loved playing with the bucket handles, but wasn’t quite sure about the texture of the feed.


A Pretty Braid with a Purpose

One hour before race time, a mini rain storm came through.  It did dampen us up a bit on our way to the track.  Nothing my rain-suit couldn’t handle.  If the track is muddy we always tie up their tales.  Most crews do.  The reason?  It keeps the mud from collecting to it and therefore keeps it clean and easier to brush through.


Sittin’ Tight

Up at the track, we bring the two outriding horses before the first heat begins, and we leave after the ninth heat is completed.  This is “Team 23” rules.  The chute is quite narrow, so we choose not go when the Chuckwagons are going to a fro.


Owning It

Our odd horse wears a mask with cups on it for race time.  Stadium came from the state of Kentucky.  When he arrived he was rather small and had no extra meat on him.  We fattened him up and began the training.  He caught on fast and today is one of our good outriders horses.


Turning the Top

We drew the three barrel in the seventh heat for tonight’s races.  It really isn’t what we wanted, but yet the running seemed to be 2 or 3 wide.

Rick hooked  Chad Harden’s Cadillac on the Left Wheel, Air on the Right.  Bacardi on the Left Lead and Spin on the Right.  Dustin rode Stadium holding leaders and Dean threw the stove on Ernie.  Rick had a great turn around the barrels and propelled forward onto the track.  He ran 3 wide and  nipping first ahead of the others at the finish line.  Unfortunately, our outrider had some difficulty and caused us three seconds in penalties.  Two for not going around a barrel and one for being late.  This put us down to 29th on the day, when we could have been 5th.  Tough!  That’s wagon Racing they say.

Congratulations goes out to Kurt and Ashley Bensmiller on their Championship win along with outriders Rory Gervais and Shawn Calf Robe.


Ponoka Pride

I must say it has been a good Stampede here in Ponoka.  I can’t believe we are finished already.  We are looking forward to heading  and settling into Calgary for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  The Calgary Stampede.  It’s the show you want to be at.  Looking forward to doing very well there.

Until Next Time

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”



P.S.  Climb the mountain so you can see the world.  Not so the world can see you.






Ponoka Stampede Day#5

Howdy Chuckwagon friends!

The temperatures rose to almost 30 degrees today.  How lovely!  I so enjoy the warm temperatures.  When my feet hit the floor at 6:30 AM, they didn`t quit until I sat down to write this blog.  I didn`t report for morning chores as I gathered a few things that needed to go home, along with all the dirty laundry.  My first stop was, of all places…..McDonald’s to grab the crew some breakfast.  I normally don`t do that, as I cook most meals in my trailer.  They didn`t complain though, as they are always so hungry in the mornings.

Once I dropped off the goods at camp, I headed north thirty minutes to our Ranch just outside of Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  I wasted no time filling up the washing machine to get a load going.  The short cycle was the one to use as I had a few loads to do.

While that was underway, I headed outside to check on things. Amy`s new little filly was so excited and running around loving her freedom on the lawn while momma enjoyed some fresh green grass.  The apple trees are loaded this year.  It will be nice to enjoy some home grown fruit come the fall.  I then gathered up all the items that we need in Calgary, while there for the Stampede.


Hugs Ricky

Our friends Darryl and Helen stopped by.  Well, that Helen is something else.  If Rick see`s her coming he runs and hides.  Oh not because he doesn`t like her, she just likes to give great big hugs!  Oh we love it when they come around.

 We were seated into the seventh heat tonight as we never made it into the semi-finals.  Rick had a great start and turn with Nickel on the Left Lead, Speedy on the Right.  Jim on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right.  Dustin and Dean rode Ed and Andy tonight.  They started hard and turned like magic.  They didn`t quite get the rail, but he did out turn the guy on barrel 3, Kirk Sutherland.  Chanse Vigen was on one barrel and he flew out of there too.  Chanse managed to come away with a day money run, and we were right behind him to capture 2nd on the day.  What  a great feeling when all things fall into place.


Top of the Fourth

The final four in tomorrows dash for cash is Gary Gorst, Kurt Bensmiller, Layne Macgillvray and Evan Salmond.  Good luck to all these competitors and may the fastest wagon win.

Well, some of our relatives stopped by tonight for a poster and to say hello.  Rick had no problem signing a poster, but they had to see how many bubble gums they could fit into each of their mouths first. They all did pretty good and I think the record was seven.  And I think it shows!


Tricky Ricky and the Kids

We all had a good giggle and we have proof to show it.  I wonder how many gums Rick can chew at one time.  I think he should try it.


As the nights are getting darker faster, this pretty picture was taken by my friend Mack.  This green and white Chuckwagon and horse sits high into the air during the Ponoka Stampede.  It belonged to Rick`s grandfather Tommy Dorchester who was a pioneer in this area.  He was one of the best Chuckwagon Drivers and always had a story to tell.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23




P.S. Stop worrying how it`s going to happen and believing that it will.