Calgary Stampede 2017 Day #6

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

So before heading to bed last night, I had all our dirty laundry gathered up and ready by the door.  It was laundry day, and I didn’t have far to go.  Jerome’s Appliances of Calgary donated some washers and dryers for the use of us folks down here in the barns.  It’s pretty handy to have, and I like to arrive around 6 am to use them as there is nobody around at that time.

Once the machines were loaded and doing their thing,  I sat and enjoyed some coffee and Bailey’s with Rick,over at cousin Troy’s barn right next door.  Lots of real good old-time  stories are usually told at this time in the morning.  Yesterday, I happened to interview Troy and Rick together.  It’s pretty humorous.  If you would like to see it and other photos and tidbits about our Chuckwagon Life  on the road, check us out on Facebook under the title, Rick Fraser & Team 23 Chuckwagon Racing.

From noon till 4 PM, the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Committee put together an afternoon of relaxation and pampering for us ladies of the wagons.  There was a gal there to do mini massages, 2 hair stylists and a make up artist as well.  The committee prepared a light snack table along with ice cold beverages.  It was such a treat to relax and be pampered.  A Huge Shout out to all that helped us to feel special when we are so busy at the barns.  A Job well done.

I like photos in black and white, and tonight I took a few from where I sit during the races. I trust you will enjoy.  A photo, they say is worth a thousand words.

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I will be honest with you.   It is always hard to come in, sit down and write after we recieve racing penalties.  It is just the disapointment of it all.

Tonight’s hook was, Spritit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Jim was on the left wheel and  good o’l Law was on the right.  David Bensmiller held the leaders and Ryan MacNeil threw the stove.  Rick drove the horsess around the barrel perfectly.  On the third turn, the judges made a call to assess a penalty to our team.  It was first put on as a 2 second penalty, then they added 3 more on.  So, so very disapointing.




A First for Everything

On a cheerful note, we had our friend Johnny Morris stop by with a friend from Poland.  John is a well known curler from Alberta.  He also is part of the Maverick team who has for many years sponsored a Chuckwagon during the Calgary Stampede.  We got Johny’s friend to sit on our saddle horse.  Little did we know, it was her first time ever on a horse.  It is so hard to believe,  because when one has been around horses for many years, we just take it for granted some of the time.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

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P.S. Falling down isn’t defeat.  Defeat is when you refuse to get up.