Strathmore Chuckwagon Races Day 2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Earlier this week, the weather man was calling for rain today.  It did not come, thank goodness.  It turned out to be a rather warm and welcoming day.  As we the Strathmore Rodeo and Exhibition Grounds are situated on the edge of town, our horse pens back onto a row of houses in the subdivision next door.  Last night when the races were coming to a close, we looked over and to our surprise, got a pretty cool view.


Strathmore “Team 23” Fans

Our neighbors put up some very welcoming signs for us.  Rick made his way over to say hello and chat awhile.  He brought them a couple of “Team 23” hats.  It’s always good to know the fans are out there, not just for us, but for all the different Chuckwagon Drivers.


A Meeting Like No Other

Speaking about fans, today we were given a real treat.  We were asked to give a barn tour, to a lady of the age of 80+.  We obliged.  Little did we know, this barn tour was on her bucket list for some time now.  You see Elaine has always enjoyed chuckwagon racing, but has never been able to get up close and personal with any driver or horses involved.  Well her friends Bev and Joanna decided her bucket list needed to be filled.  A call was made into the World Professional Chuckwagon Associations office.  One thing led to another, and Elaine, along with her friends Bev and Joanna arrived in the town of Strathmore and the tour began.

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Elaine had so many questions, and we had so many answers.  These Golden Girls enjoyed their time in “Team 23″s barn to the fullest.  And to think that this all happened from a phone call for a friend to have her bucket list fulfilled.  They went away with a new bearing upon the world of Chuckwagon Racing.  We gave them each a hat, some signed posters and a hug or two.


Sealed with a Kiss

After Rick and I sent them on their way, we each looked at each other and both agreed what a fulfilling and rewarding impact those three “YOUNG” ladies had on us today.  They were full of life!  Age did not matter to them.  We could just tell from the moment we met them, that life was what you made of it and it just does not matter what anybody else thinks.  So if you haven’t already, start living today like there is no tomorrow.


Turning the Top

In the first heat, with the 2nd outfit, Rick hooked Louie on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Air on the Left Wheel and King on the Right.    The outriding horses were Chad Hardens, DT and Cadelac ridden by Chance Flad and Casey Knight.  He had a respectable run and ended up 20th on the day, and sitting 21st overall.  It’s been good to get a few newer horses into some races and get them going to become great ones later on.





When I headed to the infield to take a few shots of the first heat, I ran into my friend “Mack”!  This girl is full of like and makes me smile when we see each other.  I am so glad our paths have crossed.  We may not spend loads of time together, but when we do its good quality fun time.  Everybody should have a “Mack” in their life!!




A Night at the Fire

The evenings are getting cooler, as the month of August is upon us.  Rick brought along this fancy fire pit he created for me back when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary a few years ago.  He’s pretty proud of this little baby.  It has not just any undercarriage, but a green John Deer mower with welded on stainless steel heat shields by the tires to prevent them from getting to hot and melting.  And I’m pretty sure the tub is from a Maytag washer.  It works like a charm and we have been enjoying its warm that it gives off every night after the races.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”


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P.S.  Live for the moments you can’t put into words.



7 thoughts on “Strathmore Chuckwagon Races Day 2

  1. That’s so neat sue. How to make someone’s day better! Wishing you all the best this weekend. Cheers. Roberta

  2. Hi Sue and Rick , It shows you have chuck wagon fans all over the place and you made that woman dream come true how nice for that woman . Now she can check it off her bucket list !!! . Someday I’ll be out to meet you and Rick as well . Thanks Tom

    • Good morning Tom
      Thanks for always following along and taking time to leave me a message here and there. I’m sure one day you will make your way out west.
      Cheers to you

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend for the ladies and team 23. Enjoy and good luck and safe driving to everyone.

  4. I love the weekends when I can read your post Sue. Learning, laughing and inspiration. We love to go for a drive in the evenings and listen to the races on Sirius 147. Always cheering for Team 23 and hoping the sun and the moon and the stars align for a winning race just to make your day. Good luck for tonight’s race. Cheers

    • Hi Marilyn
      Thank you for following along our journey this summer. Its always good to hear from you folks. We are home now, and I continue to unpack. It takes awhile. Also trying to catch up with things around the Ranch. So never a dull moment for me.

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