Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

With the forest fires that have been burning here in the Province of British Columbia, today was the day that we felt the effects of it.  The sky’s were gloomy with a haze of smoke all day long.  It continued to be very humid and warm, yet dreary with no sunshine to be seen.  It’s amazing how the looks of the skies can set the mood on a persons day.

Even though the weather was like that today, I was very happy to have my good friend Michelle drive up from Grande Prairie, an hour and a half away to come take me for lunch and a visit.  We had a great visit for a good part of the day.  You made my day Michelle.  Thank you.


A Photo with the Driver

Yesterdays winner of the mini Chuckwagon, made his way to our barn this afternoon to meet up with Rick and say thank-you.   Liam and his family came from Fort Nelson area to take in the Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede.  There are quite a few fans from the surrounding area that come to enjoy the weekend here.


Trained to Turn


The 2nd outfit tonight in the first heat, was comprised up of all of Chad Hardens horses.   Rick did very well driving the outfit to a 22nd on the day and finishing 9th in the aggregate standings.   Chance Flad and Casey Knight did well handling the outriding for this crew.


Racing for the Finish Line

The outfit crossed the finish line first in the heat posting a 1:16.79.


Bonding Time

While awaiting our heat,  I tend to the outriding horses.  Stadium and I were having a little bonding time.  He hails from Kentucky, where he purchased him several years ago.  He’s one our best stove horses.


Lining Up for the Start

In the eighth heat, our hook was our grey Louie on the Left Lead and Speedy on the Right.  Jim was on the Left Wheel with Law on the Right.  These horses have been going so well.


Going into the Barrels

Louie the grey is a newer horse to us and after each run, is performing better and better each time.  He comes in and stands really nice.  Coming off the 4 barrel, Rick drove around to be three wide around the track finishing 3rd in the heat with a time of 1:15.91, setting us 12th on the day.  The exciting news is, it was good enough to put us 3rd in the four day aggregate, which also means a spot in the final Dash For Cash tomorrow in the ninth heat!!!  How exciting is that?!

So the four finalists tomorrow, Mike Vigen, John Walters, Rick Fraser and Mitch Sutherland.  May the fastest team win in a penalty free heat.


Things are Looking Up

While on the road, I sure do miss my grand-babies.  This little munchkin, Ryker is a one busy little boy.  We face-time each other to have a little visit.  Looking forward to seeing them on our last stop in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.    Colin Powell




  1. Thanks for the update, can’t wait to hear the outcome tomorrow. That should a very good race. Safe driving to all and GOOD LUCK

    • Hello Sheila
      Thanks for the well wishes and thank you for following along our journey this summer. Appreciate hearing from all you folks out there.
      Continuing to unpack and catch up on things here at home.

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