Rocky Mountain House Battle of the Rockies Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

We are now at the very end of our summer here on the Chuckwagon trail.  With only 3 more days of racing, it is kind of surreal.  Mainly because the days from the beginning of April in training, to the middle of May when we depart to travel on the road, to now, has gone by so fast.  It really feels that we just began.  When one travels from one location to another each and every week, it kind blends the time together.

As we were visiting family, friends, fans and sponsors around the campfire last night after the races, it was said to us that the life we lead in this Chuckwagon world, is unique like no other.  For these folks, it has brought family and friends together to come and enjoy kind of a country style way of life without having to leave the city so to speak.


Each and every week, we are camping at a different location.  Our daughter bought a pony named Gus from a friend up in the Grande Prairie region.  When we left Dawson Creek, we brought him south with us.  We have him here in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.    He is a big attraction to all the kids, big and small alike.  He’s getting plenty of attention.  Kids from other families among the Chuckwagon group, will come and go for a ride.  When sponsors or fans come about, we make sure the kids get to hop up on him too!.


A Dedicated Fan

We meet so many folks, and many of them are die hard fans, that don’t miss a race.  This fella is here for the weekend enjoying his time during the day riding around and watching the horses run, buck and play in their pens and also chatting with the wagon folks at their barns.

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Our Australian barn hand Duncan, was looking to blow out a horse.  This is the term we use when we are exercising the horses and they run full force speed ahead.  Duncan was pretty excited as this was something he really wanted to experience.  We saddled up our horse Ernie, got our outrider Chanse Flad to ride alongside and away they went.

Things went very well and when I asked him what he thought of his experience  when coming off the track, his reply was “That was sick!”.  I’m thinking that was a full on successful experience of a lifetime.


The Guiding Hands

Our 2nd hook tonight in Heat number one was comprised of all of Chad Hardens horses pulling the chuckwagon.  The outriding horses were one of Chads and one of ours.



Rick said they started and charged hard around the barrels.  He had a great run placing 8th on the day.  He was assessed a 1 second penalty for a late outrider.  Without the penalty the outfit would have been 4th on the day.


On the Run

Our main hook tonight coming off the one barrel was Spirit on the Left Lead, Sporty on the Right.  Rick changed things up and put Law on the Left Wheel, and Jim on the Right.  Cody our son is here and giving us a helping hand, and we sure do appreciate it.


Father and Son



Rick was really happy how Jim did on the Right Wheel.  He really charged hard when the horn sounded.  Sometimes its good to make a change or two to see if a horse works better in another position.  Tonight was one of those nights.


Charging on the Horn

You can see the chestnut on the Right Wheel position, Jim how hard he started.  He’s a pretty good horse.  After two nights of racing, our main outfit and 2nd outfit are sitting 3rd and 4th in the average.  That feels pretty good.  I think the driver is doing a pretty awesome job.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

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P.S.  Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.  It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

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