Rocky Mountain House Battle of the Rockies Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

It’s important to have friends.  You don’t necessarily need many, just a few good quality ones sometimes is the best.



Well Saturday night, my friends and family headed to the Broken Spoke Saloon for some fun.


Watching Over Me

Well we did have lots of fun, a few beverages and even a dance or two.  My son Cody and his friend High Tower (aka Tim) towered over me just a little bit.  I call them my body guards.


Can You See Me?

The races were slated early for today, so after breakfast and a bit of relaxation of coffee and visiting, it was time to pack up for the trip on home.  Everyone got at it, and baby Ryker kept busy playing.  Who needs store-bought toys when you  have a cardboard box to play with.

Our 2nd hook, racing in the first heat off the four barrel, was made up of Chad Harden’s horses, with only one of our outriding horses being used.  Rick had an amazing tight turn around the top barrel, and then they fired.


By the second turn, Rick had to have been at least six lengths in front of the other teams.


It would have been a day money run, but unfortunately he went so fast, one of the outriders had a hard time getting to the finish line in time.  We were assessed a one second penalty, bringing our time to a 1:16.36.  It was a very impressive run ranking us 3rd on the day and 3rd overall in the show.


Full Steam Ahead

Our main hook for heat number 8,  was Law on the Left Wheel, Jim on the Right.  Louie the grey on the Left Lead and Speedy on the Right.  Our outriders, Chance Flad rode Air and held the leaders, with Ryan MacNeill throwing the stove with Andy.


Focusing Ahead

Things went well in the infield, and then they ran hard around the track posting a 1:16.53 which was good enough to put us 5th on the day.



We were very proud of how they performed along with all of our others horses this week.  After all the times were tallied, we ended up taking 5th in the overall race meet.  Very good indeed.  Congratulations to Dustin and Jaycee  Gorst on winning Rocky.  Well deserved.


My Sidekick

This past weekend and during Bonnyville, we had Searirra out friend from Saskatoon come and help us with the chores and other jobs around the barns.  Some day she will be old enough to become a full fledge barn hand.  She sure enjoys it.

We made it home to our Ranch safely around 8 PM, unloaded, enjoyed a nice long hot shower and headed to bed.

I will be doing a wrap up blog soon.  Thank you all for following  along.


From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  There is no limit to the amount o good a person can do if they don’t care who gets the credit.

8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain House Battle of the Rockies Day #4

  1. Good morning Sue , Glad you and Rick and team 23 made it home safe last night .Wow the race season went so fast !!! I’ll be lost with out reading your letters lol In 8 months spring training starts again I’m all ready counting lol Have a great off season both you and Rick and family Ps Thanks for giving a shout out to me Sue at the races you got me !!!! Thanks Tom

    • Tom
      Thanks again for being a big fan of chuckwagon racing. Thats what keeps the sport going. We are home, and I’m continuing to unpack. The work never stops. Will be taking a vacation for myself in October to looking forward to that. As for now, keeping busy here at home.

  2. Rick and Sue , really enjoyed following you this season we also have some of our friends following you as well now. Looking forward to next year and may see you around Wetaskiwin. Please say hi to Amy and congrats to both of them. We miss her terribly but happy for her , Wes and Dee

    • Hi there!
      Glad you enjoyed following along on our journey. I mentioned you to Amy, and she says hello back. Her and Coy are settling in at Consort at their new home with her husband Chris. Very nice fella. I will miss them terribly too! Been spoiled all these years having them here. Happy for them though. They will be back in town this weekend for a wedding. So get a little more time with Coy before he’s full time in school.

  3. Been a Super summer following your log. Enjoyed greatly — plus well done. No what till May when everything returns . Enjoyed being present at some of your events plus the log. Enjoy your break with those little ones. They grow up so fast. Thanks for everything you due to make the events so enjoyable!!!!!!

    • Hello There
      Finally sitting down to reply to all you folks that took the time to send a note. So great you enjoyed our journey on the road this year. Its always good to hear from you all. We are home on the Ranch, continuing to unpack and settle back into the swing of things. The horses are enjoying the lush green grass.
      Cheers to you

    • Hello Luella
      Thank you for following along my journey. It was good to cross paths so many years ago, and to be able to stay in touch is great. I am hoping to do more writing this fall and winter. I just have to make a commitment. Right now I am continuing unpacking and dealing with the home front. So much to do.

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