Time Well Spent

Howdy All!

Although we have been home from our final Chuckwagon Race for just over two weeks now, there has not been a shortage of things to do, here at Home on the Ranch.  That first week was mostly a time of catching up on sleep, and just being present at home to recharge our systems.  The rest of the time, I have been working at catching up on all the paperwork that was piling up, with things such as bills, GST, payroll and the like.  Rick, David and Kim kept busy around home, fencing, cleaning up fallen trees, and other things that needed to be tended to.


Boats for Two

Our daughter Amy and her son Coy arrived here on Monday, so it was time to put the chores aside, and enjoy some down time with them.  My two girls, and their kids and I loaded up and headed out west to Ma Me O lake just a thirty minute drive from home.  I picked up Rick’s aunt Sharon and her kayaks along the way too.


Thumbs Up

Coy was pretty happy to be out in the kayak by himself for the first time ever.  The water couldn’t have been calmer, and the warmth of the sunshine was hovering around 30 degrees.  A beautiful warm summer day.


Nothing Like the Beach

Little Ryker, well you could call him a little “Beach Bum”.  He loved the water and the sand.  It kept him occupied for hours.



Ryker even had a fine feathered friend nearby.


Come Back!

He tried to get close………….but that was just about how it was going to be…………….just close.


Cooling Off

When your seven months pregnant, and hot in the summer heat, you find the best place to cool off, and that is just what Amy did.  We are looking forward to that little bundle of love to arrive in the beginning of October.  Another grand-baby to spoil!  Love it!!!

Nana was enjoying her time at the lake.  This is something that we pretty much have never done over the years as Chuckwagon Life was where it was at the past 34 years of being married to Rick.


Now as life moves on for us to new adventures, we have to steady ourselves, and see what is next.  We have not made any rash decisions, we are just going to enjoy some down time for a little while.


I just know in my heart, that we will hang on, and enjoy the next ride in our journey of life. The sky’s the limit in what we are going to do and where we are going to go.  Life is good.

From Home on the Ranch

Sue, and Rick too.

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Great things are done by people who think great thoughts and then go out into the world to make their dreams come true.

16 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. Good morning Sue , It’s so nice to see you writing again .It will be really nice now to be able to get all your work on the ranch done this time of the yr .It has to be a little different as well not going to any more races but it’s time for you and Rick to rest now from being on the road Take care PS hope to see more letters very soon miss them Tom

    • Hi Tom
      Yes busy on the Ranch, but also taking some time for us a small adventures as well. So enjoying all the warm weather we’ve been experiencing.
      Very different not being on the road for sure.

  2. I am so happy that you are continuing on with your stories of ranch life, your family and activities. Always pleased to receive your blog posts.

    • Hello Patty
      Thank you for being a faithful follower. I enjoy writing and it gets me out to take photos too, which I enjoy.

  3. So glad you are enjoying the start of this chapter! Best wishes, and keep the posts coming, they’re always enjoyed!

    • Hi Patty
      Home yes. Many things to do, but enjoying doing them. Looking forward to many more “different” adventures.

  4. Good luck on your new journey your posts have made a lot of people’s heart smile and such great photos take care enjoy💕

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    • Hello Barb!
      Good to hear from you. Thank you!!! I met a friend of yours in Ponoka at the Farmers Market. We had a good chat. Can’t remember her name.
      Cheers to you

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for the note. What was the name of your friend you brought to me in Strathmore so long ago to meet? I’m sure it was you. The one who wanted to meet me, as you would send her my email blog, and she said it helped her with the loss of a loved one. I have never forgotten that, and that was one of the main reasons I continued to write all these years.
      Cheers to you

  5. Thank you, Sue for your message, I will truly miss hearing from you, I am glad you are having some special down time….Cheers!!

    • Hi Lynda
      Thank you. I will keep writing, just not as often, and on a very different note. But will be good just the same.

  6. enjoy all the new adventures. I spent the long weekend in Peachland. Something I have not done for years. toured a small portion of the lake seeing up close the result of the fires in this area, did some winery tours and just enjoyed the nice weather by a lake. That is something you and your family would enjoy and very different from the chuckwagon life. seeing apricots and peaches hanging on the trees with pick your own signs (did not do that this trip) Just saying enjoy all the new adventures heading your way

    • Hi Lou
      Oh that adventure sounds wonderful. I would love the wine and the fruit. Great mix for sure. We have friends in the Shushwap. We need to venture there and enjoy some of that lake life. Hope to do it soon.

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