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Howdy All!

Been a busy time this past month.  Catching up on things at home, and just taking time to see where our next step will be.  We also took time to play, and I hope you do to.


Just Playin Around

The 2nd Annual Senior Pro Rodeo was held in Wetaskiwin, which was just down the road from our Ranch a few weeks ago.  We decided to drop in and see a bit of the action as we knew a few of the competitors.


They didn’t disappoint.  Together, the crew made things happen and the action was great.


From Calf Roping to Team Roping, to Barrel Racing and more.  There were names we recognized from CFR a few years back, and others that just enjoy what they do.


The weekend couldn’t have been better, the weather was amazing.  The intermission entertainment was priceless.


A local pony horse club, came out to play soccer…………………with their horses!  Well we’ve never seen anything like this, but it was so awesome to see.  This grey pony was the best player around.  He bunted and bunted and scored a few goals.  I think the girl was just along for the ride.  Great Entertainment!


Dayton Sutherland


Rory Gervais

Rocky Mountain House was the place to be.  Rick and I, our barn hands Kim and David as well as our kids and other friends made a camping trip to the finals of the WPCA Chuckwagon Circuit.  We enjoyed ourselves the full week, just camping and taking in all the action of the races.  Young Dayton Sutherland captured his first Championship win after only competing for the last year and a half.  Outrider Rory Gervais also won his first World Championship Outriding title and Kurt and Ashley Bensmiller won another Chuckwagon World title.  Congratulations to them all.




The best entertainment of the weekend, was the kids wild pony races.  But then us old girls topped that by putting in a couple of teams on Saturday night.  Well our team consisted of my daughter Kaylee, my friend Kim and me.  The other team was Lisa Bensmiller, Ashley Bensmiller and Caitlin Fike, (All wifes of Chuckwagon Drivers).  Well what a blast we had.  Both teams were able to rassle those little guys down and the rider got on.  I was that rider on our team.  It brought a huge amount of excitement to the crowd and the young kids cheered us on.  Thanks to Photographer Shellie Scott for the great action shots.


As the days go by, I continue to fill my days with catching up and working on a new journey in life.  I’m excited to step up into see what awaits.  I’ve got a few things in mind and the ball is slowing rolling.

Until next time

From Home on the Ranch and Beyond

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Sue Fraser

P.S.  Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.

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  1. trying to figure out how to get to your place for your weekend in Sept.. Linda and I and maybe Collin and Susan Pritchard

  2. So happy to receive your traveling blog. Keeping us informed on your new journey.. 🍀🌾💚

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