On the Road Again

Howdy Folks!

It has been awhile. I honestly have thought many times about writing, but was in a slump as to what would I write about. Our life journey has changed, and so many different emotions have been rolling through me. As spring approached us, and the season of training was getting underway for all the drivers competing, we were at home, tending to our new business, enjoying our kids and grand-kids.

Oh to be a Kid Again

As it was wise not to have a garden over the years, due to being away so much, Rick decided to build us some garden boxes, that you do not have to bend over to weed. We are excited to see how things grow, as soon as we get some moisture into it.

Something we are looking forward to at the end of June, is the Ponoka Stampede. Although we won’t be competing in the chuckwagon races, Rick is going to be driving the 6 horse hitch at the opening ceremonies each day at the start of the rodeo. We are getting excited for that. As a matter of fact we hitched them up the other day for a practice run and a photo shoot down on the grounds in Ponoka.

As we were getting itchy feet, Rick and I decided to head up north to Grande Prairie, for a trip of rest and relaxation, as well as take in some of the first stop on the Chuckwagon Tour, the Grande Prairie Stompede.

Watching from the Sky Box

A very different view than we normally see over the past 30 some years. We managed to stay very, very clean. We had a birds eye view, and it was good.

Everyone needs a Mentor

Well, that didn’t last long for Rick, before he climbed up into the box to lend a hand. Our friend Colin was doing his maiden voyage run in the other circuit, and Rick jumped in to help out. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


Rick was one excited guy, once the horn blew and Colin made one of the best turns he has ever seen him do. A fist pump was the sign language to prove it.

Meanwhile, I was up in a sky box, taking a few shots of all the action.

And They’re off!

Watching the outriders always seems to impress me. I have full respect for those young fellas, as it takes plenty of heart, strength and smarts to do what they do.

One Leg Up

The roster of outriders is fairly narrow, with some new ones coming up. They are truly quite talented.

In Sync

Then there is the odd outrider, that also Drives an outfit as well. Chance Flad is one of them. He is quite the athlete.

Two by Two

When everything goes right, the two outriders head out onto the track side-by-side.

Its all in the Lines

The communication of the driver to the horse is all in the lines.

Smiles and Friends

Coming back to the community to where you grew up in, you tend to meet up with a lot of people that we haven’t see for quite some time. And it is always great to catch up.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue , with Rick too!

P.S. Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. Zig Ziglar

15 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Very excited to open my email and see you were back for a chat. Always a pleasure, thank you

  2. So glad to see the On the Road Again post this morning, Sue. Thanks for taking the photos and the time to let us all know what is happening. DGB in Vancouver.

  3. Hi it was so nice to hear from you I was wondering how this were enjoy your new journey and have a great summer enjoying those beautiful grandchildren 💕

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  4. Glad to hear you will be in Ponoka. I sold my trailer last year so this year will enjoy the stamepede from a motel in Lacombe. Hope we can catch up this year. Lou

    • Glad to see you are back with your blog. I still go to Ponoka and miss seeing you at that rodeo. Now that covid is over have also gone to the finals, Strathmore, Rocky Mountain.
      Down from years past. The Stampede I watch on TV. Hope our paths cross again in the near future as I certainly think of your family at each event.

  5. I can’t imagine the how emotional it is for you guys. I am sure it will
    Be hard this year but will get easier as time goes by.

  6. Thanks for writing, I really enjoy the stories and pics. May you and Rick be filled with many hugs, love, and well wishes from your fans and family as you transition to a slower lifestyle. Simmona Ledger

  7. sorry we did not run into each other in Ponoka. I did wave during the family circle of the infield in the stage coach. I sold the trailer last year so stayed in Lacombe at a motel. With travelling back and forth we did not spend as much time around the campsite. A different experience as I did not pack for 4 seasons which was always available in the trailer. Will know better for next year. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Calgary stampede is next on my agenda. Lou

    • Hi Lou! Glad you got out to watch the Stampede. We enjoyed our new gig. It was very different, but good. Had lots of fun, won our race each day, and made day money every day too. How good is that? We are now in Calgary. Rick will be the color guy on the radio each night on 910 and sirius and I think Bonnyville radio as well. So it will be something different. We will stay much drier than most. Cheers to you

  8. Morning 😊 Susie!! Quick question what’s the format for Quinn’s golf benefit? Cost golf? Can anyone go for supper? Where is the meal time? Thanks TTYL Patti

    On Thu, May 30, 2019, 2:28 AM The Travelin’ Trailer wrote:

    > suefraser23 posted: ” Howdy Folks! It has been awhile. I honestly have > thought many times about writing, but was in a slump as to what would I > write about. Our life journey has changed, and so many different emotions > have been rolling through me. As spring approached u” >

    • Good Morning Patti! Here is the info I put out on FB.
      To all our Chuckwagon Family and Friends, we send out an invitation to come join us on Saturday August 31, 2019 for a fun day of Golfing, horse drawn wagon rides, supper, bonfire and camping.

      This event is being put together for our family member and friend, Quinn Dorchester. All proceeds collected are to assist Quinn Dorchester in his battle against cancer.

      Registration begins at 9 AM with a shotgun start at 10:30 am. Golf fee is $95.00 per person which includes 18 holes of golf, cart, and supper. If your lucky enough…….there are prizes for the top teams.

      For those who don’t golf, please come anyways! There will be afternoon of horse drawn wagon rides, provided by Foss and Crew from 1 to 4 PM.

      There will be a Catered Dinner beginning at 5:30 PM, the silent and live auction, bonfire, and maybe even some karaoke.

      We are looking for auction item donations of any kind, sponsors for the event, or cash donations are kindly accepted as well. Any thing would be much appreciated. Please contact one of us on the committee. Also, if you would like to help out………..reach out to us and we’ll assign you a job.

      Golf Cost: $95.00 Call 780-586-2350 to Register.
      Includes: Green fees, Cart, and dinner
      Registration between 9 AM – 10:15 AM
      Supper Only Cost: $20.00 per person for non golfers.
      (please let us know if attending)
      Wagon Rides: 1 – 4 PM
      Dinner and Prizes: 5:30 PM
      Silent and Live Auction at 7 PM
      Evening Bonfire and Karaoke to follow.

      We have free camping spots available Friday and Saturday evening ( no hookups)

      For full Service Campground Rentals nearby. Call Whispering Spruce Campground at 780-586-2249 for reservations.

      The Golf Course is Located 5 KM south of the Village at Pigeon Lake

      Contacts for info:
      Sue Fraser: 780-335-6650
      Kyle Dorchester: 780-312-9284
      Jason Lemiex – 403-652-9742

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