You Can’t Change the Seasons, but you Can Change Yourself.

Seasons, come and seasons go. The days, weeks, months and years pass by. April showers are to bring May flowers they say.

Today, as I look out the window, I see big beautiful fluffy snowflakes floating down from the fully overcast sky. Everything outside is white again. The bows of the trees are hanging low, the animals are taking cover, and the temperature is sitting at a mild 2 degrees celsius.

It is nothing that we haven’t seen before here in central Alberta Canada throughout our spring months. Actually, it is very welcoming moisture on our land, as the ground has been fairly dry the last year or two.

I remember years ago, being told from an older person than I, (most likely close to the age I am today), that even though our bodies that we live within, begin to wear down, our minds continue to remain young. Back then, I didn’t understand what that meant.

Today, I truly understand what that person was saying. At the age of 57, I look back on the years of my life, and smile at some of my past experiences that today, has helped me to make changes in what I would choose to do moving forward.

Back when I was a teenager, I was an athlete that competed in track and field, and basketball. Running long distances was my forte. I was positioned at the starting line, along with several other gals my age. Waiting anxiously and nervously at the same time for the sound of the air gun to go off. BAM! “And they’re off!”

We hadn’t gotten very far, when I got tripped up in amongst my competitors. Down I went, with my knees and palms of my hands kissing the rough laden asphalt. The girls continued on. And I………..didn’t get up. At least, not to keep running.

I’ve never forgotten that moment. Not because of the blood on my body caused by the scrapes I endured. Nor the embarrassment of a young adolescent in front of her peers. What I have taken from that moment and utilized over the years, is that no matter how hard you fall, no matter how difficult the situation, one needs to get up, dust yourself off, and continue on.

I’ve opened the closet door, unpacked my dusty camera bag, charged the batteries, cleaned the lenses, and decided it’s time for some changes in my life. I never thought of me to be a professional photographer from years gone by, but an amatuer that loved to tell a story through the lens.

Who knows where photography will take me, but if I never make the change to begin, nothing will ever change. Here are just a few of my favorite shots taken at a Skijoring Event nearby just a few weeks ago.

Are there things in your life you’d like to change? Consider taking that step to begin the dream you’ve always dreamt.

From Home on the Ranch


“When we are no longer able to change a situation…….we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl

It’s Been Awhile

Yes, it’s been awhile. Life is a journey in the strongest sense. When one sits and ponders of days gone by, we really only have our memories embedded within our minds.

Unfortunately, we cannot retain every single experience within our lifetime. There’s just way to many to recollect. The ones we do retain often at the time, elevate our emotions to enormous highs and lows that include many laughs, smiles and love, as well as tears, sadness and loneliness.

My favourite way of pondering back on my journey of life, is taking the time to sit and view the many photos of my day to day life. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

People sometimes ask, would you ever change the past as you know it? With some deep thought and rememberance of days gone by, I would truly have to say “no”.

Why you ask? Well, of all my past experiences, in my life, they have made me into the beautiful, strong, wise, confident woman that I am today.

I continue to live life to the fullest as best I can. Looking after my body, mind and spirit first, so that I can be fully there and present for others. Some days, are better than others. Yet I continue on.

I decided its time to put pen to paper, or in this instance, typing to text. And begin to share whats on my heart, in my soul and some day to day experiences that I think others might like.

I’m starting right here, where I left off.

I’ve looked back over my blog writing and the photos I shared and the stories I wrote. It brings smiles to my face, tears to my eyes and laughter in my voice.

I was writing in my daily journal the other day, on April 1st. Writing how the days are going by so quickly. Time is running out.

I’ve got things to do. Places to go. People to meet. Family to connect with. Then I wrote: What is time? A second? A minute? An hour? A day? A month? A year?

I had just completed those words, when a quote popped up on my meditation app. It read just this:

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

Such a powerful statement.

So use your time wisely. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And not one second more or one second less.

From Home on the Ranch


On the Road Again

Howdy Folks!

It has been awhile. I honestly have thought many times about writing, but was in a slump as to what would I write about. Our life journey has changed, and so many different emotions have been rolling through me. As spring approached us, and the season of training was getting underway for all the drivers competing, we were at home, tending to our new business, enjoying our kids and grand-kids.

Oh to be a Kid Again

As it was wise not to have a garden over the years, due to being away so much, Rick decided to build us some garden boxes, that you do not have to bend over to weed. We are excited to see how things grow, as soon as we get some moisture into it.

Something we are looking forward to at the end of June, is the Ponoka Stampede. Although we won’t be competing in the chuckwagon races, Rick is going to be driving the 6 horse hitch at the opening ceremonies each day at the start of the rodeo. We are getting excited for that. As a matter of fact we hitched them up the other day for a practice run and a photo shoot down on the grounds in Ponoka.

As we were getting itchy feet, Rick and I decided to head up north to Grande Prairie, for a trip of rest and relaxation, as well as take in some of the first stop on the Chuckwagon Tour, the Grande Prairie Stompede.

Watching from the Sky Box

A very different view than we normally see over the past 30 some years. We managed to stay very, very clean. We had a birds eye view, and it was good.

Everyone needs a Mentor

Well, that didn’t last long for Rick, before he climbed up into the box to lend a hand. Our friend Colin was doing his maiden voyage run in the other circuit, and Rick jumped in to help out. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


Rick was one excited guy, once the horn blew and Colin made one of the best turns he has ever seen him do. A fist pump was the sign language to prove it.

Meanwhile, I was up in a sky box, taking a few shots of all the action.

And They’re off!

Watching the outriders always seems to impress me. I have full respect for those young fellas, as it takes plenty of heart, strength and smarts to do what they do.

One Leg Up

The roster of outriders is fairly narrow, with some new ones coming up. They are truly quite talented.

In Sync

Then there is the odd outrider, that also Drives an outfit as well. Chance Flad is one of them. He is quite the athlete.

Two by Two

When everything goes right, the two outriders head out onto the track side-by-side.

Its all in the Lines

The communication of the driver to the horse is all in the lines.

Smiles and Friends

Coming back to the community to where you grew up in, you tend to meet up with a lot of people that we haven’t see for quite some time. And it is always great to catch up.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue , with Rick too!

P.S. Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. Zig Ziglar

The Tale End of the Year

Where do I start? 2018 has ended, and I think back to my last writing of the blog. Two months ago, eights weeks, or 56 days in time, however one likes to look at it. There were many times I thought I should sit down and write my thoughts. I can say I was busy, which I was. But busyness, is only what we say it is. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, every day. And what we choose to do in those days is ours decide.



As the days go by, my mind meanders into the past. Thinking and pondering our Chuckwagon Journey. Some days it is so surreal. I look out into the pasture, and those 25 and some thoroughbreds are not there. We have three, that continue to live with us. Deveroux, Nickle and Law. I miss the herd that would run up and down the field in the daylight or the dark. In the house you could here the pounding and thundering of their hooves. When they stopped, they would snort, buck and kick and the steam would be rolling off their warm bodies. Memories such as this pop into my mind, and I wonder why? Why did it have to end?

Beauty in the Winter

So many have asked, do you miss it? It was our lives for so many years. Rick was born into the Chuckwagon world. I married into it in 1984. And my answer to the question? Yes. Some days more than others. We are in the off season, so it just feels normal most days. I also tell people, it feels like a death. That we have to go through mourning. I was told by someone that for every 10 years of involvement, it would take 1 year of mourning. So that sounds like a fair bit of time. However, when we think back to when we first began until now, we ask ourselves, where did the time go? It almost feels like a dream with so many memories.

One Last Family Photo

Life does move on, and my last two month have been consumed with home life, grandkids, new online digital business and enjoying being at home on the Ranch.

I took a photography course last year, which was so very informative. I learned some new tricks of the trade, but have a long ways to go in becoming a professional. However, Greg Johnson (The Tornado Hunter Guy) is the one who has courses throughout the year, and through this, he decided to have a book published with photos submitted by his students.

The Amazing Photo Book

I fished through many of my photos from over the years, and found a few that I liked. I submitted them in the hopes that just one would be chosen. Low and behold, two of them were. And both of them I am so very proud of, as they both tell a story.

No Words Necessary

Skylar. An amazing young lady who I met several years ago, at the annual Special Needs Rodeo during the Ponoka Stampede. I will always treasure that first day I met her, and the years that continued after that. A down-syndrome child that taught me how to love unconditionally. The connection and love she had with the animals was precious.

Six Heats Down and Three to Go

The weather rules when it comes to Chuckwagon racing. Rain or shine, the competition continues. High River Alberta is often a place where the weather fluctuates within hours, due to being close to the Rocky Mountains. Rain and mud prevailed one race day this year, and I was able to capture this shot of outrider Rory Gervais in between heats. The dedication and athleticism these young fellas have is commendable.

I am thrilled that these two photos have been published, along with many amazing great shots from Canada wide. I heard there were still books available, through

Happy Little Bug

I can’t get enough of those little bitty grandkids. At least the last one is little in size. Amy and Chris’s baby Kich is already three months old. Just beginning to smile, giggle and almost roll over. The only downside for me is they are 3 hours drive away. Thank goodness for Facetime.

Nana and Ryker Time

Talking about three, Kaylee and Chris’s boy Ryker is three years old. He’s full of giggles, talking and trains. He is one busy boy who keeps Nana busy at the best of times. And that is just OK!


My little Coy is not so little anymore. Our number one grandson is nine already. He is getting to that age, where friends are starting to be more important that Nan. But that’s ok, he will always have a special place in my heart. Coy loves to play hockey now, as he’s in his first year. School is something he loves. He is a people person, and is still as creative as ever.

Special Moments

Christmas Comes but once a year.

Christmas as always, is special with kids. It came and went with memories to hold.

And the Stockings Were Filled

Gifts were exchanged, but there was one that was so special. Kaylee had thought to hand make one for her dad. She collected some hair from our many horses tails. Put it into a Christmas ornament ball along with a poem which she wrote from the heart. These are the best gifts that will be cherished forever.

At Work

With winter, comes snow, and with snow, comes sleigh rides. We hooked a couple of the horses up and went for a few rides. The weather has been pretty good and not too cold.

Hanging Out with PaPa

Well, as January settles in, I have a list of goals, visions and hobbies to do. It is an adjustment as I seen this month as one to hurry and get things done, as the Chuckwagon season is not far to begin. It is………………..just not for us.

From Home on the Ranch



“Life is about change. Sometime’s it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time it is both.

A Little Bit of Time Away

Howdy All!

Four weeks sneak by so darn fast!  It feels like I just wrote a blog the other day.  I guess that just means that I have continued to be quite busy here around the Ranch.  With winter just around the corner, Rick has been outside doing all kinds of things before the snow falls.  I on the other hand have been a busy bee preparing our books for year-end, keeping house and working on our brand new business venture.

With all this busyness, I was excited to venture off to another ladies wellness retreat down in the Grand Cayman Islands.  My friend, Nadine Dumas, put together another successful week of gathering 12 ladies from Canada, the US and the UK, to focus on themselves.


Fun in the Sun

Of course the sun and the sand are a HUGE draw, but we had many other activities that kept us gals busy.

One activity that was very different for us all,  was aerial yoga.  It tested quite a bit of our balance, but through it all we had lots of laughs and giggles.



When we completed our session, I think we were all in agreement that we could all step in and be the teachers in one form or another.  OK, maybe we wouldn’t go quite that far, but we all enjoyed learning something new.


Cooks in the Kitchen

While every vacation tends to have an abundance of awesome food, this retreat was no different.  However, we got to participate in preparing a meal by competing in a game like on TV, called Chopped.  Chef Maureen put together some awesome basket for each team to create a meal within 30 minutes.




When the final second was up, our plates were displayed and our wine was in our hands.  A job well done by all.

Through out the week, we had amazing meals prepared by some of the local businesses.  One of the mindful aspects of the week, was there was no flour whatsoever used in any of the dishes we were provided with.  And I must say, we didn’t miss it one tiny bit.  As you can see in the photos, the food was very colorful, healthy and tasty.

In the evenings, we were so spoiled as we would sit and enjoy the amazing Caribbean sunsets.  It was so breathtaking.  We had to make sure we were out at just the right time as it didn’t take long for the sun to go down and out of sight.


On one of the nights, this helicopter came flying over just as the sky was filled with amazing evening colors.  I managed to capture it against the beautiful backdrop.


In the distance, a gentleman on a paddle board slowly made his way past.  The waters were so calm on the west side of the island.  A great place to meditate.


White Sand and Toes


Dream Chair

On some of the days we had teaching sessions and fitness workouts, but there was always time for a swim and soaking up the sun.  I couldn’t have asked for a better “ME” time.


Four Friends


Group Photo

Gorgeous Gals

At the end of the day, I have learned so much about myself and others.  As a women, wife, mother, Nana and friend, its ok and important to put yourself first and look after thy soul.  And in doing this, I am able to give back to others so much more.

The 2019 retreat has already begun to form.  If you are interested in attending, please check out Nadine and her website, You will find information on her and all she has to offer in health and wellness.


As we head into November, Rick and I have launched a new online business and it is keeping us busy.  We are pretty excited in the growth of it already, and are looking forward to where it takes us.  As the internet is where it is at when it comes to business, what we are doing, can be yours as well, no matter where you are living in the world.  If you are interested in making another income, and possibly making this your permanent income, why not check it out?  You can also check us out on our Facebook Page, Rick and Sue Fraser.  There is no selling of products.  We are doing something we have always strived to do, giving of ourselves in helping others.

From the Travelin Trailer.

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.

Richard Branson