High River: Night Two (June 19)

It’s Friday already. Seems like we just arrived. We were up and at it early. Rick fed the ponies while I got myself dressed and ready to go out the door. We had a date! To the local Tim Hortons.

Actually Jody Seeley from Sun Country 99.7 was broadcasting live there this morning and the WPCA drivers were invited to come and join her. We were also joined by rodeo announcer Mike Labelle and rodeo clown Dennis Halstead. We had lots of laughs with the customers driving through and the guys signed some posters to give away.

One of the customers came through in a very fancy convertible. Rick, in his humour, asked if he could go for a ride. The fella obliged, Rick jumped in and they were gone! It wasn’t too long and he returned with a big grin on his face. They were flying!

Shortly thereafter one of Rick’s old schoolmates, Tim, came through in his done-up pick-up truck. Well, Rick has had the opportunity to drive this baby the last couple of years that we’ve been here. He’s fallen in love with this truck. Rick took Mike for a quick spin to show it off. I just shook my head. I say, “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!”

crop 20150619_080539[2]

And before we left, a local RCMP constable showed up for a coffee. The boys all sauntered over to have a chat and take a photo. They really wanted to drive his car. But no go!

crop 20150619_083002[2]

crop 20150619_083008[2]

Upon our return to the barn, we saw the girls had worked efficiently and had gotten all the morning chores completed. It was time for breakfast. We enjoyed a nice visit, with our meal out in the warm sunshine while the morning practice wagons began to roll. We headed over to the track to watch a few, then the girls saddled some of our outriding horses to go out for a lap or two. I ventured off to the grocery store to fill up the cupboards again.

Coy, our grandson, arrived right at supper time, just before the races. He had hitched a ride with our relative Brace to spend a couple of days with us here.

Tonight we were off the money barrel, as some may call it. But tonight it unfortunately didn’t work for us. The team of Spirit on Left Lead, Speirman on Right Lead, Vegas on Left Wheel and Zorba on Right Wheel didn’t start too badly at the sound of the horn. Rick turned the top barrel but coming to the bottom that Left Wheeler kept leaning to the left, just enough to have the barrel in our way.

Rick Fraser Team 23

I don’t usually like to post the photo of a knocked barrel but hey it happens and no one is exempt from it happening at sometime in their career. Our outriders Cole and Dustin rode Beau and Trixter tonight and both did superb jobs. They all are great athletes.

crop DSC_8257[2]

crop IMG_3098[3]

Growth means change and change involves risks, stepping from the known to the unknown.