Ponoka: Night Five (June 30)

WOW! Today is the last day of June. Where did this month go? When I’m on the road, I lose all track of which day it is. At home I faithfully live by a calendar. In the trailer, I do have one but we normally say it’s a race day or it’s a non-race day.

I went to bed a tad bit late last night and was up early this morning again. I awoke sometime in between to listen to the rain falling hard on the trailer. Not sure how much moisture the area got but I do know that it made the grounds very muddy. And how do I know? Because Rick decided we needed to hook another outfit this morning.

I dug out the rubber boots, the mud pants and rain jacket for the boys to wear while in the wagon. Better to spray down the rain gear than to make another trip to the laundromat. And yes, they did come back very muddy. Horses and all. So after the chores were completed, the pressure washer got used cleaning up all the equipment and horses.

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick Fraser Team 23

If you have never attended the rodeo or chuckwagon races here in Ponoka, it is one event of the year that you should put on your bucket list. This is quite the happening place when people from all over Canada and the USA flock upon this small town for some great cowboy entertainment. The RVs amaze me every year. I wouldn’t even be able to begin to guess how many units are on the grounds.

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And the best part is that it costs nothing to park your home on wheels for the full six days of the Stampede. It’s one big party with the neighbours around you.

Ken Malvin, our friend, mans the World Professional Chuckwagon Association merchant trailer. He has many great clothing items to choose from to promote our association.

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Somehow the day slipped away quickly. I tended to a few more envelopes that arrived in the mail and also did month-end payroll. It just seems that when I sit down to do those things, more and more paperwork appears. It was rather quiet in my trailer, and I enjoyed listening to the kids just outside my door filling up water balloons and then chasing each other and hoping to get good aim, laughing through it all.

Around 4, we had some special visitors. My friend Lucy and Garth brought over Garth’s seven-year-old grandson Dylan. What a cute kid. Dylan has some special needs and so cannot speak, walk on his own or hear very well.  This doesn’t mean he can’t communicate, that’s for sure. He’s a smart little whippersnapper.

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When he went to see the chuckwagon races, they said he would get so excited. Well, he also got very excited when he received a Team 23 T-shirt along with a mini chuckwagon. What big smile he had. These kinds of moments touch our hearts and bring us memories that last a lifetime.

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Abigail also stopped by, and she was the lucky recipient of the mini give away tonight. She was all smiles when she arrived to meet us. We gathered up Abigail and Rick to take a photo in front of the wagon. I don’t think she’s going to give up her new prized possession to anyone anytime soon.

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Tonight out of the barn came Nickle on Left Lead, Speedy on the Right Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel. Ace and Andy continued to be ridden by Cole and Dustin.

Rick Fraser Team 23

If you noticed a bit of a change-up, you are right. We switched Speedy and Nickle positions. It seemed to have worked out okay as the Ricky and the boys pulled off a fifth on the night’s placing, the highest position so far at this Ponoka Stampede for us.

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick and his cousin Troy were in the heat together. For me, it’s neat to see these two relatives race together. We have one more race here tomorrow, and then it’s off to Calgary. We will be in the eighth heat and will start off on the third barrel. The four four finalists who made it for the possible $50,000 will be Evan Salmond, Kirk Sutherland, Jason Glass and Kirk Sutherland. May the fastest wagon win!

Our lives will always be full if our hearts are always giving.