Calgary: Night Two (July 4)

Another beautiful morning here in Calgary, Alberta. I must confess, I got to bed way too late—2am was not what I was planning, it’s just how it worked out.

When the races are finished for the night, Team 23 gets busy and tends to the horses, washing, feeding, bedding and wrapping if need be. We usually finish up about 10 or 10:30pm, and then our sponsor comes back to the barn with clients. We welcome them into our barn to meet us and to meet the stars of the show, the horses.

Many are thrilled to be back at the barns with us. It’s just like NASCAR: If you get to go into the pits where the racecar driver and the crew are, you have won the lottery, so to speak. Yes, the race is thrilling to watch, it lasts just over a minute, but the real action is all the preparation and care afterwards. It does take a team, and Rick and I are very proud of our Team 23!!!

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This morning was our turn to cook breakfast. Well, yes, we have breakfast every day but we share the duty with Rick’s cousin Troy Dorchester and his barn crew. We alternate days providing the meal. This way everyone eats and every other day we get a break. A win-win situation. My famous Ham and Egger Cheese Buns were on the menu today, along with a nice fresh fruit salad.

I want to share with you a photo of days gone by. What a crew this was!

Rick Fraser Team 23

This photo was taken back in early 2000. We were sponsored by Kendal Pipeline. What a team we had with Ken and Sherry Drysdale.

This partnership lasted for seven glorious years. What began as a partnership quickly became a friendship that lasts still to this day. They will always be part of our Team 23, for they helped us to get us where we are now.

You will see Rick and me, Cody (who totally looks like our grandson Coy), our daughter Amy, Ken and Sherry Drysdale, DeeAnne Foster, Francis DeBeaudrap, Nathan Sales and my nephew Jordan Pagacz. Not sure where our other daughter Kaylee was that day.

Around 4pm this afternoon, I was preparing to head out to the barns after a much-needed nooner nap. I laid down at noon, waking up again at 2:30. I felt refreshed. I need to make sure I do this every so often to stay recharged for the days ahead.

Before I went out, I could tell the skies were very daunting with threats of rain. And then it happened! A major rain and hailstorm came upon us. It was fast and furious, with lots of moisture in a short time. In the trailer, the hail pounding on the outside was very deafening. Team 23 was down at the barn and had started chores already. A few of them got caught in the craziness of the rain coming down and got soaked. It really didn’t last very long but you could tell it left a mark.

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Despite the weather, the show must go on. Yes, the races were still held but Rick had to don the mud pants and raincoat to stay dry from the muddy track. He hooked Victory, Keenan, Spirit and Zorba.

We had a decent run with them, placing 14th on the day, and we’re sitting 17th in the show. There is definitely room for improvement and it’s not impossible to obtain a spot in the semi-final heat.

Rick Fraser Team 23

We would really like this, as our sponsor tonight was Terra HDD and they would be thrilled to have to come back to watch the final evening of races. A huge shout-out to Terra Core Rentals for their sponsorship and support.

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Well, I best be headed to bed. This chick’s had it. Especially when my eyes are closing and my heads a-bobbing.

Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.