Calgary: Night Nine (July 11)

Day 9 is a wrap and Day 10 is on its way. Seems like we just moved in, although my body is yearning for some much-needed sleep soon. We will be starting to pack things up tomorrow, as we will head home on Monday.

Today we had a beautiful morning enjoying coffee and stories with the neighbours. Making a big pot of coffee for everyone is what I like to do. If I were at home, I’d make banana bread for them too. This past week we have had some homemade baking from others and we sure enjoyed it.

After chores and breakfast, most of the chuckwagon families gathered on the south end of the buildings to attend an auction sale. It was not just any sale—it was a retirement sale for Jerry Bremner and family. They decided to pack it in. Selling during Calgary is your best bet as you most likely get more in dollars for your horses. The sale went well and we even bought a couple as well.

During the 10 days of the Stampede, the chuckwagon community is treated to the use of the Sports Medicine Team. Many of our crew took advantage of the chance to receive a massage or chiropractic treatment. I had myself a 15-minute massage. Oh boy, did I feel it. My neck and shoulders won’t be the same. I plan on going again tomorrow.

After a short one-hour lie down, I was headed down to the barns to tend to help with chores. We had a few visitors tonight. The first was little Zander. What a cute little boy he is. We met Zander when we went to the Alberta Children’s Hospital at the beginning of the week. He’s been having treatments but was granted a day pass to come to the chuckwagon races. Zander was very shy but every now and then he would post a smile. We knew he liked the horses and the visit.

crop DSC_9291[2]

We met a friend of a friend and, boy, was he tall. This guy made our son and his friend Tim, AKA “High Tower,” look somewhat small. I don’t think I’ve stood by such a tall human being. I must say they all look great!

crop DSC_9279[2]

One other guy that stopped in for a visit was Johnny Morris, our Albertan curler. He has joined up with The Mavericks to help support charities, sponsor a chuckwagon and just have some good, pure fun. We had Carter Rycroft and his family out to our ranch during spring training so it was nice to meet his partner.

crop DSC_9282[2]

Tonight’s races were being threatened by rain. And that’s all it was—threatened. Thank goodness! Otherwise I could have been going to the laundromat again.

Rick was off the 1 barrel. He was quite excited about that as he hooked a newer wheeler on the string. The lineup was Left Lead – Spirit, Right Lead – Ranger, Left Wheel – Air and Right Wheel – Keenan. Cole rode Beau and Dustin rode Stadium. We were a penalty-free outfit today! Yahooo! And they all worked very well.

Rick Fraser Team 23

The semi-final heats were ran to see who would get into the final $100,000 dash for tomorrow. The successful drivers were Kurt Bensmiller, Kelly Sutherland, Logan Gorst and Vern Nolin. May the fastest wagon win tomorrow!

Follow your dreams for they are whispers from your soul.