Battle of the Rockies: Day 3 (August 14)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Brrrr! The temperature was somewhat colder today than yesterday. OK! It was a lot colder. I had to put my sweater on this morning during the morning breakfast preparation.  We had some rain off and on throughout the later part of the afternoon.

The day before, Bruce had gone on a quad ride out west with some friends, and along his adventure he stopped and picked some wild blueberries. Oh, they were so good. We decided to add them to our morning pancakes and were they ever delicious with a little bit of syrup.

A few of us in our camp decided to head out and try to find a garage sale or two this afternoon. We found two and a few of us came out with a deal. We were disappointed we didn’t find more but that just means less stuff to pack home.

Coming into the barrels in the mud and rain

Coming into the barrels in the mud and rain


A muddy situation!


A muddy backstretch run

Late this afternoon, the clouds began to open up and the rains came down. I would have preferred to stay in my trailer with a good book and have a nap but that didn’t happen. There were horses to tend to for the races this evening.

Rick hooked Air on the Left Lead, Nickle on the Right Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on Right Wheel. When the horn sounded, they sure went. The Team didn’t quite make it to the finish line first but came in at a close fourth. Considering all the mud that transpired after the rain, it wasn’t  too bad of a run.

Cole and Rory rode Trixter and Andy and managed to complete the figure 8 and ride within the allotted time. No penalties! Thank you, boys!


Waiting for the outriders


Rory preparing his ride


Cole adjusting the cinch


A very muddy driver

I’m thinking a trip to the laundromat might be the order of the day tomorrow, with the looks of the driver. But maybe the car wash might be better. We can send the chuckwagon and the driver to the outrider fundraiser car wash at The Brick to get all cleaned up. What a brilliant idea!

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up.

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Rockies: Day 3 (August 14)

  1. Wow … what a wet race that was…. All the best to the entire team…… Rick looks like he sporting a new beard! Trust you will have better track conditions today….. Pulling for you….Wayne and Irene Barnes

  2. Did Rick enjoy his trip through the car wash, might be a little hard on his hide, LoL. Good luck next two runs, is Cody going to the run off? Ivan Cleveland

    • Hello Ivan
      thanks for your message and your continued interest in chuckwagon racing. Yes, our son Cody is official entered for the WPCA runoff in Bashaw which begins this Thursday. I will keep everyone updated to each days outcome.


  3. Oh my u did get rain . We have 1/2 in. Come in the night. No rain now but very cloudy. Hope it’s sunny tomorrow so I can come over. Oh yeah Rick looks real handsome with the beard. Good luck everyone

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