Battle of the Rockies: Day 2 (August 13)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Another beautiful day in the Rockies! Warm weather and sunshine! I’m lovin’ it!!  And to think that in only eight weeks, it will be October.  Brrrrr.  I am just going to enjoy what we have now.

Breakfast with Bonnie

Breakfast with Bonnie

This morning we had a full breakfast made. Bonnie was in charge of the griddle. She was a little hard on herself on how the eggs turned out. There were no complaints from the ones who were eating it so I think it was all good.

Gary Gross's #1 fan....Bonnie

Gary Gross’s #1 fan….Bonnie

Gary Gross, our chuckwagon announcer, stopped by with a few Timmies drinks for the crew. Bonnie had to get a photo taken with her favourite guy.  Don’t they look great?

This journal journey has been quite interesting and fulfilling for me. Since I have doing an actual blog that is open to the public, I have reached 26 countries! That’s crazy! I never would have dreamed that this would reach people worldwide. People who have either committed to follow or have viewed the blog are from Canada, USA, Ecuador, Thailand, Switzerland, Cuba, United Kingdom, Australia, Panama, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Sweden, Cameron, China, Slovakia, Israel, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Poland and Turkey. WOW!  That’s cool. What a neat way to share just a little of what we love to do here in Canada.

A 6 horse hitch

A six-horse hitch

Every night before the chuckwagon races begin, the committee has a few other entertainers come to perform in front of the spectators. Our good friends and neighbours from back home in Wetaskiwin, Foss and Shawna Irwin, have brought their beautiful six-horse hitch to Rocky Mountain House. They come in and parade in front of the grandstand for all to admire. A lot of work to get this team looking shiny and groomed.

Aurora and Lexus

Aurora on her equine therapy horse Lexus

Horses really are amazing animals. And they can be used for so many purposes. My friend Tara, who helps me with my blog, had her beautiful and unique daughter ride this equine therapy horse named Lexus out in Truro, Nova Scotia. Aurora sure enjoys her lessons.

The sound of thunder on a clear blue sky

The sound of thunder with a clear blue sky

Here at this show, they run a demonstration race of a chuckwagon before the real races begin. Last year, our son Cody did it. This year, Lane Tournier, son of fellow competitor Luke Tournier, is doing it for the crowd.

Ethan Motowylo

Ethan Motowylo

Derek Kent

Derek Kent

Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson


Lane Tournier



With him, they are having four outriders who race  along, just like it used to be. It’s great entertainment and brings us back to the good old days when we had four outriders per chuckwagon.

A charging start

A charging start

An excellent barrel turn

An excellent barrel turn

Rick hooked the same leaders tonight, Spirit on Left Lead and Ranger on the Right Lead. Then he put  Zorba on the Left Wheel and Vegas on the Right Wheel. Cole rode Trixter and Rory rode Stadium. The team started hard, as you can see. Rick got out alongsideJohn Walters. They ran a respectable race but unfortunately one of our outriders knocked over a barrel. That’s a no-no. It cost us two seconds in penalties. You can’t afford that if you want to win the show. Tonight’s position was 31st on the day and sitting 17th overall.

Whatever you’re going through right now, just remember there’s hope in every breath, in every heartbeat and in every mile. Don’t give up!

6 thoughts on “Battle of the Rockies: Day 2 (August 13)

  1. Thank You for all the time you put into this blog, Even though I was able to watch inDawson Creek BC, it has been a great experience seeing all that happens throughout the season. Thank You to you and Mr Fraser for the whole season.

  2. Thanks so much Sue, all your beautiful photos ,and the sharing the summer journey – helped me feel like I was right there! I love your positive and sunny outlook on life! Tell Rick he makes the family all very proud, you all do… (;
    Safe and fast racing Team 23!

  3. Rowe have really enjoyed your blog at each event. Managed to get up to Dawson to watch the races this year and really hope to go to Ponoka next year, and we will be in GP too I hope you plan on doing the same next season. Have a good winter rest .

  4. Sue; Can’t wait for you to see the new PARDS – Peace Area Ride for the Disabled – area out at Evergreen! It opens sometime this fall and looks to be an amazing facility. If you get a chance next year at the G.P. Stompede, zip over and have a look.

  5. Thank you Sue, for your wonderful journaling and awesome photos .
    I do appreciate that you do this for all the folks that love the sport of wagon racing. My favourite part of the race is watching the horses cut loose onto the track after the barrels. A real adrenaline rush, I must say. , I’ve sure enjoyed reading every interesting facet of your traveling day .
    Safe travels for All the gang on your crew. Love from a Saskatchewan Girl and Horse Lover. Cheryl

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