Battle of The Rockies: Day 1 (August 12)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Been a few days since Sunday’s blog. Bright and early on Monday morning, Team 23 arose quite early to get a good head start on the packing up and traveling south to the town of Rocky Mountain House.  It’s an approximately 647km drive. The traveling caravan departed around 8:30am Alberta time.

We got an hour down the road to the town of Rycroft and were forced to stop, as Rick’s big truck had an antifreeze hose leak. It had to be fixed. Thanks to one of our sponsors, Ken Drysdale and Midwest Pipeline, who was able to send a mechanic our way. While that was being repaired, the rest of our units continued on. We loaded up all the fencing equipment to take with us so we could have the corrals set up by the time Rick and ponies arrived.

Ken Drysdale and Midwest Pipeline Trucik Sponsor

Ken Drysdale and Midwest Pipeline truck sponsor

Vehicle Sponsore Midwest Pipeliine and Driving Foce! Thank you!!!

Vehicle sponsor Midwest Pipeline and Driving Force! Thank you!!!

Along the way somewhere by Whitecourt, our small bathroom window busted off the side of my home on wheels. Not sure why, but it’s nothing that a few hundred dollars won’t fix. Guess Ricky will just have to win a day money to pay for the repair. Go, horses, go!

The girls and I arrived into town at approximately 5:30pm. We set the pens up, filled the water tubs and had a bit of a breather, and then Rick arrived. It was nice for the horses to not have to wait to be unloaded. Full camp setup usually takes us approximately two hours. By the time it was dark, it was time for all our tired little bodies to head to bed and get some much-needed rest.

For me, this is one show that I truly do enjoy. I think more so because of the beauty of the layout here. The mountains are nearby, the river runs by the park, and there are so many evergreens and tall, tall trees. It feels like home.

The weather is beautiful here. Not sure what the long-range forecast is but I hope the sunshine holds for the week.

Handing Stadium Over

Handing Stadium over

Tonight’s hook on the first night of racing here in Rocky was Spirit on the Left Lead, Spin on the Right Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel coming of the 1 barrel. We had Cole riding Trixter holding leaders and Rory on Stadium throwing the stove. What a superb turn to get the rail and win the race wire to wire!  We were thrilled to hear at the end of the evening, we maintained a second on the day. Our friend Chase Vigen captured day money! Good for him!!!

Chanse Vigen running for broke.

Chanse Vigen running for broke


A veteran driver at his best


Neway on the backstretch


How sweet it is to cross the finish line first!

While the races were on, Coy and buddy Derek were making some kind of potions under the infield grandstand. What imaginations kids have. Love those kids.


Buds! Coy and Derek


Gary Gross, our Rocky Mountain House chuckwagon announcer

Here in Rocky Mountain House we have Gary Gross, who hails from the Ponoka area, announcing our WPCA races. A great job he does.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

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  1. Great job Sue! I have been enjoying your blogs very much. Gives me an insight into something I enjoyed previously, but knew nothing about.

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