Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends!

I awoke up at 4:30 am, not  being able to sleep, then realized Rick was awake too.  We chatted about the previous days scenarios and just enjoyed our quiet time.  A busy Chuckwagon season sometimes prevents us from too much alone time.  So there are times when we make a date to just be the two of us.


Machines Provide by Jerome’s Appliance Gallery

I got up at 5 and got ready for the day.  I gathered my laundry and headed down to the barns.  My motto at home is when your working so are your machines.  Here at the barns, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery has so kindly provided us with some super washer and dryer units for our use along with detergent to keep up with the laundry.  I made good use of them this morning.  A couple of loads were washed and dried while Team 23 and I  got busy with the horses.  Unfortunately the machines don’t fold the clothes, and I definitely  won’t be complaining any time soon.  If I don’t have to leave the grounds for too many things, that is very  good.

When morning chores and breakfast were completed, I headed up to the trailer to tidy up and put the nice smelling laundry away.  During Stampede, we don’t spend much time at the trailer, only to afternoon nap and sleep for the night.  Our breakfast meals are eaten down at the barn and our sponsors treat us to evening meals.


A couple of young fans

After chores, Rick checks over his wagon for any repairs, changes the tarp and makes sure its clean for the evening’s performance.  We had 2 young visitors that had come by to see him.  He was wearing his T-Shirt proudly that we gave him last year.  But it wasn’t complete.  He brought his own permanent marker with him so Rick could personally sign it.  Now that’s one serious fan!


Maureena & Sue, Rick & Leo Pretty Young Man

Rick and I decided we would go visit our friends, Leo Pretty Young Man Jr. and his wife, Maureena today at the Indian Village.  The Stampede has relocated the village into the north end of the grounds.  They did a superb job and there is more room for all the Village Tipis participating.  It looks great down there.  If you are so fortunate to be coming to Stampede this year, the village is a must to come and view.

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We came at a perfect time.  The family had just prepared their Tipi for the judges.  What they do is they display many artifacts of handmade beaded dance clothing, headdresses, and footwear.  Many of the items have been handed down from the ancestors that have gone before them  They also set out a display,  of dried berries, sweet grass, choke cherries, and other health remedies items.  I stood in awe of the beautiful creations that their family has made.  Such a rich heritage they have.  And I tell  you, they are very proud of where they have come from and what they stand for. I am very excited to be going back on Tuesday to sit with my friends and learn some beading, bannock making and more.  I too have native heritage in me, and this has now interested me in searching more of my background as well.


Written Origin of the Yellow Antelope Tipi Design


The Yellow Antelope Tipi

After a wonderful visit with our friends, we ventured on back to the trailer for our afternoon siesta.  Along the way we came upon this little jigger all dressed up for Stampede.  Wranglers, belt buckle and all!  Gotta love the little kids.

Just as afternoon chores ended, the skies opened up with a thunder and lightning storm.  We really thought it was going to sock right in for the evening.  A downpour of rain came for about an hour, just enough to make the track heavy and muddy.  Then it cleared off as the start of races were  to begin at 8 pm.  We tied the horses tails, as to make it for easier cleaning after the races.  Tonight Rick hooked Nickle and Speedy on the Left and Right Lead, and Devereux and Law on the Left and Right Wheel.  It was good to have Devereaux back on the track from a bit of a down time.  Our outriding horses were Ernie and Die, with David and Cole riding.

Coming off the 4 barrel tonight, Rick drove a pretty great race considering the muddy track and taking into consideration that he ran 4 wide the whole way around and was still able to come four abreast across the track at the finish line.  The team ran very hard earning a 15 spot on the day and ranking us 9th overall in the 2 day aggregate.  There was lots of washing to do immediately after the races from horses to harness and last but not least, Ricky the driver.  A great effort from Team 23, and we were done our work in no time at all.

After all the work was done and the horses put away, we celebrated outrider Cole’s 22nd birthday.  Someone dared Derek to do a cake plant on Cole, and I guess he was serious as it didn’t take him long to think about it.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain.