Strathmore, Alberta Rain Out

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Well, I could tell you my computer crashed, or I didn’t have anything to report, but truth is, there were no races due to the rain storm that hit and I just didn’t feel like writing.  I enjoyed the evening with my grandson Coy, then went to bed a bit earlier than normal.  In the morning I got up around 5 am,  fed morning oats for Ricky and enjoyed Timmies coffee with Rick, Troy and our friend Rod.  And that’s that!

I did get one phone call from a concerned friend, wondering where’s my blog.  She said there would be others concerned too.  Well I haven’t forgotten about you all, I’m just delayed a bit.  Hopefully you’re not disappointed too much.


The 5 o’clock Storm

Last night around 5 pm the skies were darkening to the north.  Our daughter Kaylee, called and told us to secure things down as a severe thunder and lightning storm containing high winds and possible hail was coming our way.   Well it came with a force.  We managed to stake our barn down with a sledge-hammer and spikes, but only when the wind had come up.  We were pretty fortunate it didn’t lift and destroy.  We heard one other barn for sure was ruined at another camp.  Unfortunate for the barn, yet good that all the horses were fine.


The races were called off as the lightning and rain storm continued for a few hours.  Our sponsors, friends and family all gathered into our RV and enjoyed a beverage until the rain let up.


Practicing Engineer

When the rain finally subsided, people started coming out from their trailers.  Coy decided to build a tower out of the chairs and wood available.  He did a pretty good job.



The early morning sunrise was beautiful, and the quietness and freshness from the rain of the great outdoors was breathtaking.  The ponies were excited to see me and receive their morning oats.

The drivers, officers and Stampede committee got together to decide what the next step in racing was to be.  The proper appointed people assessed the track, and as of now, they will be racing tonight, and will continue on Monday, and Tuesday we will race in lieu of yesterday.


A Treasured Letter

I would like to share with you, a treasured letter that I have kept from a few years back.  We like to read these every so often to enjoy great memories that the Chuckwagon Trail has given us.  Johnathan was a young fella from a local 4-H group that came to spend the days with us when we raced in Edmonton a few years back.  We totally enjoyed Johnathan and his humor.  And we were pretty excited to see him again this year when we rolled into the Ponoka Stampede.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  In those times when we yearn to have more in our lives, we should dwell on the things we already have.  In doing so, we will often find that our lives are already full to overflowing.