Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #9

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Before heading out to the barn, I put one breakfast pan into the oven, set my timer for an hour to come back and put the next one in, timing it just right for when morning chores were complete.  Oh it smelled so good when I came to pick it up.  Nobody complained, just good comments.  Preparation is everything when making meals to feed a crew.

During the day, we had some down time.  Kaylee and Ryker were hanging out and visiting in the barns. Being a grandparent is like no other feeling.  You just gotta love those little jiggers.  We are very blessed to have our kids to come join us here at the Calgary Stampede.


Having Some Fun

Amy, Coy and I headed over to the Grounds to enjoy some time away from the barns.  Coy really liked hanging out in the kids area.  We also headed to the GMC tent where Coy was having an interview with WPCA Broadcast announcer Billy Melville.  Coy got to ask Chuckwagon Driver Chanse Vigen a question, and then the footage played during the races at night on the big jumbo tron.

What a great job Coy did.


Rain, Rain and More Rain

During our chore time in the afternoon, the clouds opened up again and dumped an enormous amount of moisture in a short time. It poured!  Walking the horses  outside for their afternoon excercise came to a hault for a few minutes.  Rick rides Zoomer and leads two horses at a time,  and he tells me he is made of sugar, and he doesn’t want to melt!  And I believe him.

Only 2 more sleeps and we will be heading on north to the next show in Bonnyville.  So I took some time and packed a few things from the tack room and hauled it up to the trailer.  The dreaded packing day is something that no one looks forward to.  It seems it takes but on hour to unload all our belongings, and three hours to pack it all up and leave.  Not sure how that works.


Rick Fraser & Rick Fraser

Before the races, we had a visitor come by to meet us.  And yes, his name is Rick Fraser.  We heard about this fella a few times as he is a politician here in Calgary.  When we were in the city we would see his campaign signs set up all around.  And somehow, when we were in Strathmore one year, one of his signs ended up on our camping spot.  We’re not quite sure who planted it there, but we have a real good idea.  At any rate, it was good to meet Rick and have a photo  taken together.

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As the sun has not come out to shine on us, the track conditions stayed so soupy and muddy for tonight’s race. So much more work for us all.

Rick was off the barrel 3 tonight, hooking Nickel (LL), Speedy (RL), Deveraux (LW) and Law (RW) .  David and Cole rode Andy, and we borrowed a horse from fellow driver Dustin Gorst.  All was set and good, the horn sounded and all four wagons were off.  Chanse Vigen had an amazing turn off the 2 barrel and he was gone. Rick and his horses had some trouble maneuvering around the top of 3 and crunched it.   Very disappointing, especially when that happens 2 days in a row.  We have had such a roller coaster ride this Calgary Stampede.  But you know, we all have a journey.  And through our journey we have to take from every moment, a step back and say to ourselves,  “What did we learn from it?”  and take away the good and leave the not so good behind.  I believe in my heart, all things happen for a reason.  And good always comes forth through everything, we just have to seek it and embrace it.

There are four excited drivers after tonight’s races.  Kirk Sutherland and his son Mitch. Jason Glass and Vern Nolin.  These guys will be vying for the $100,000.00 dash for cash in Sunday nights finals.  Good Luck to all the Teams.

We have a number of vets for our Equine Athletes that are on site 24/7 in case one needs attention.  These folks do a fantastic job, coming along side and caring for our horses.  Before the races, they go around to every horse that is competing that evening and do quick assessment to make sure they are all fit to go.  That is a total of 216 head of horses each night that are looked at.  That is  impressive work by all.

Rick has no shortage of teasing when they come around.  Vet Erin and Rick were comparing their injuries, both horse related.  Not sure which one was hurt more, I know  they will both heal and be good again in no time.


A Childs Excitement

My evening ended with a bang.  Grandson Coy, was soooooo excited for me to come with him to the fence and enjoy  the fireworks.  We were litterly almost right beneath them.  They were so loud, but yet so very impressive, colorful and astounding.


So Much Noise

Together we laughed, screamed and yelled at the excitement of it all.  I will treasure this experience forever.  It was one of my favorites.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Time spent playing with children is never wasted.