Strathmore, Alberta Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Not much to report of goings on today.  As we are headed to home sweet home tomorrow, so we got busy packing and tidying up camp.  We did get a surprise visitor that  stopped  by though.  Our friend Bob Norton from Calgary came out with his grand-kids for a quick visit.  It was very good to see him, and nothing has changed with Rick and his relationship……..they continue to tease and bug each other right from the get go.

Today I managed to get a few photos of Cody coming onto the track and also passing by on the back stretch.  He had a decent run of 1:17.71 to place him 16th on the day.  He was happier with how things went today.


Uncle Dallas Dorchester


Son Cody Fraser

So many people have told us that Cody sits up in the wagon box and drives like his great Uncle Dallas Dorchester.  I dug out some photos and found these.  Thought it was neat to compare.  The year was 1982  in Wainwright when Dallas was driving.

Well we were crossing our fingers and toes that the stars would align for another Strathmore win, but things didn’t work out  quite how we had hoped.  Coming off the 1 barrel, Rick guided the team around the top and then to the bottom.  Passing by the bottom barrel, the left wheeler leaned just slightly more than he should have, enough to feather the barrel and it floated to the ground.  A 5 second penalty.  Disappointment for us all on Team 23, but all said and done, we have some great races here in Strathmore.

A congrats goes out to the Gary Gorst Team on his first ever  Strathmore win with outriders Casey Knight and Kale Lajeunesse.


Cute Kids

Our final recipients of our mini Chuckwagon giveaway were these cute kids.  They were pretty happy to get it.  We’re not quite sure if the little feller is going to share, as he’s got a pretty good hold on it.

Tomorrow we are off to the comfort of our own home for a few days as our next venue is in Dawson Creek, BC which starts on Wednesday, August 10 –  14th.  Looking forward to the good o’l Country Fair.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Usually your biggest trials come right before your biggest breakthroughs.  Keep pushing on!



7 thoughts on “Strathmore, Alberta Day #4

  1. Good luck in Dawson Creek. From the rain and lightening here in Calgary, I was not sure you would be able to race in Strathmore. Glad the races were completed for this rainy stampede

  2. We’ve been chasing chuckwagons since the first Stompede in Grande Prairie (not sure of the date). We’ve loved watching this year’s races even through the rain!! Tom will be 80 years old on Sept 21 and I wonder if you would show him through your barns during the Rocky Mountain House races. He would be thrilled to meet the guys from the Grande Prairie area where he lived most of his life.

    • Hello there Tom and Cheryl
      Thank you for following. Rick and I would love to show you and Tom our Horses and barn. Would Wednesday the 17th work for you?
      You may text me or call as well. 780-876-6645.
      Looking forward to meeting you.


      • The 17th would be great. I look forward to meeting you! What time would be best for you?

      • Hello Cheryl and Tom
        Lets shoot for 10 – 10:30. This way we will be done chores and have had breakfast.


  3. Safe travels Sue and Rick. Thanks so much for the effort you put into keeping us informed about what goes on behind the scenes. Good job!

    • Hello John
      Thanks for following. And thank you for your kind comment. Always good to hear from you and all the others following along.


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