Dawson Creek, BC Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Saturday was already upon us.  The week has gone by fast here, as the weather has been lovely.  This morning, we had to scoot over to the local Co-op grocery store for a pancake breakfast Rick and a few other drivers were scheduled to make an appearance to sign posters and meet the folks in attendance. Throughout the summer, there are many venues attended in order to promote our heritage of Chuckwagon Racing,


Rick, Troy and Darcy


Telling Stories

While the guys did their thing, I sped into the store to pick a few groceries for the next few meals.  From the Co-op, we continued on over to the Pioneer Village on the west side of town.  We got a message that there was a young little girl, on a mission to fill a box of a truck with non perishable goods for the local food bank.


We thought it would be great to support her in this so we made a stop to do just that.  She was also excited to have a photo taken with Rick and we left her with a poster too.


Riding High

We captured this cute photo of the kids of the Kimble Famiy riding high above their beautiful black work horses heading to the parade yesterday,   What a great memory these kids will have in the years to come.


One little Chuckwagon Fan

Our doors are always open, and this little fan came by to say hello and meet Rick.  He has been a fan of Chuckwagon Racing since he can remember.  He came by to say hello and get a signed poster as well.

Chuckwagon racing has so many variables that forecast the drivers outcome at the end of the day.  Cody drove off the 4 barrel today.  The practice turn was perfect, but the actual race turn was not.  His right leader Spierman just wasn’t performing as he should coming around the bottom barrel.  Another crunched barrel.  This is when you have to take a step back, and assess what is going on.  How many times has this happened and is it time to move him on.  He is getting up in age so this may be the solution.  He’s been a very good horse over the years, starting his career in the Buddy Bensmiller camp.  Then we purchased him when Buddy retired.  When the season is over, we will have to make a decision.


Rick drove off the 3 barrel tonight.His hook was the same as the night before.  Cowboy (LW), Glory (RW), Spirit (LL) and Spin (RL).  Same riders, Cole holding the leaders on Stadium and Rory throwing the stove on Ice.  All went well with the race posting 12th on the day with a 1:15.56.  We are very appreciative of our sponsor here in Dawson Creek, Vold Jones Vold Auction Market.  It’s the sponsors that get us down the road.

So the dash on Sunday is set.  The top four outfits are Kirk Sutherland, Chad Harden, Codey McCurrach and Luke Tournier.  Good Luck to them all and may the fastest wagon win.


Peeking through the Hole


Well tomorrow is pack up day with travel day on Monday.  One more show to go down in the town of Rocky Mountain House.  Looking forward to the last show of the season.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbounded enthusiasm and a determination to win that knows no failure.



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  1. Love the different view pics .. thru the hole n the chain gang. Some of my favorite horse pics r close ups of single body parts like their expressive eye the muzzle w whiskers they feel with, fetlock feathers on a heavy horse like the beautiful black hitch you shared etc.

    Sad to hear only 1 more show left this summer I have really been enjoying following your adventures via your blog.  I am sure set up n tear down are very busy times for you but would love it if sometime you could show us the process of set up n tear down of your camp. Coming from the horse show world of pull up, bed down a fair ground stall, unload horses n tack n feed n go. On a behind the scenes Stampede CBC segment I caught sight of a semi rig with canopies that folded out from the sides. Not sure if you have this type of unit? If so do you set up some stalls in there and or just use that for a tacking area n the horses live in a e- fence pen? Would be great to see everything involved n an inside the wings tour sometime. Thanks for your great blog!

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