Rocky Mountain House, Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Sunday, the last day of racing for the 2016 season has arrived.  With an early day race time of 2 pm, we had to plan out our day accordingly.  The crew got busy with  the chores, and Bruce, Michelle and I put together breakfast.  As a Team, we made a corporate decision to head home immediately after the races.  So once we were all fueled up with the delicious food, everyone got to work packing up the many  belongings that could be loaded ahead of time.


Final Day at Rocky Mountain House


Tight Turn on Two

Cody’s final race of the 2016 season was in heat 2 off the two barrel.  He had a great start, charged hard and posted a pretty decent time of 1:17.24 to split a 14/15 on the day.  We are proud of how our son Cody handled his Rookie year on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Tour.  He has a great future ahead of him in this heritage sport of ours.

Rick was off the 4 barrel in heat 6.  His hook today was Nickel (LL), Speedy (RL),  Jim (LW Cody’s horse) and Law (RW).  Cole and Chance Flad rode Andy and Ice.  He had a great start when the horn sounded, but so did all three of the other wagons.  So when he saw he was 4 wide, he pulled his team into the first turn to go down to the rail and follow in behind the leader.  Many wagons drivers will do this as it often is a good move so when they hit the home stretch a hole can open up for them to charge hard to the finish line for a great finish.  Rick’s time was posted at a 1:17.72 to be 24th on the day.

2016 RMH Champs

World Champ, Luke Tournier and Battle of The Rockies winner Chad Harden

When the final wagons crossed the finish line, and all the times tallied up, the winners were announced.  Mulhurst resident, Chad Harden and his outriders Cole and Kale, accepted the winning belt buckles for being the fastest team at the Battle of the Rockies year-end venue.  Congrats to the Harden Camp.


Champion Outrider Cole Somerville

Cole works for us, and he received a beautiful buckle for being one of Chad Hardens outriders.  He was pretty proud to have won this title.

Our 3 months of race meets have points awarded for each day of racing according to your performance on the day.  The driver with the most points at the end of today’s race, wins the World Title of the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.  This year, Luke Tournier has captured the title.  This is his first ever world title and he was pretty excited to receive it.  Congrats to Luke and Michelle and their crew on capturing this award.


One of our Biggest, Littlest Fans

Just before we headed out, little Talence and her sister came by for one last hug before they headed back to Saskatchewan.  We always enjoy their support in the fan department.


With just under a 2 hour drive home to our Ranch in Wetaskiwn  AB, we were happily greeted by our dog Nugget.  She was pretty happy to see us, doing many circles around us.

It didn’t take long, and we had all the horses unloaded and running free without their halters.  They love to run.  We all just stood and watched for a while at how playful they looked in the sunset.


Freedom on the Ranch

I let the crew tend to the horses and the barn,  and I headed to the house with a few things from the trailer.

I stood and took in all my beautiful flowers, our  daughter Amy put together and tends to while we’re gone on the road.  They were all so beautiful.  It’s so good to be home.

The ground is pretty dry and dusty  here at home, compared to when we stopped in after Strathmore.  We are so glad the last race days of the season were not pelting  us with rain or having us trudging through mud.  We definitely  had our share of it this summer.


We may be home now, and the season of racing is finished.  But life goes on .  We have many things to get done around the Ranch before the fall and winter settles in.  Our list needs to be made and the boxes checked off as we go along.  I am thinking of continuing to write through out the off-season in of course a more sporadic time frame.

I thank each and every one of you for poking in and taking the time to follow my journey on the road this 2016 season.  I read each and every comment from you, and I intend on answering any questions that have come my way.  There have been many good ones asking in particular different rules of chuckwagon racing.  I know we just take things for granted, as we have been doing this for many years.  Yet many readers out there have little to go by as to the hows of the sport. Again,  “Thank You!”  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  The trick is to enjoy life.  Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.



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  1. Hello Susan – have been following you along all summer. Last thing I do at night is check in on your results of each day. Truly do enjoy following you all around every race day. Seems hard to believe that another summer is on it’s way out….can already catch some glimpses of fall. Thank you so much again for letting us be a part of the racing season – and loved seeing your horses hit your pasture tonight. Reminded me of when my Dad kept his horses at our farm (is now a major housing development). Horses running free can always give me a smile……Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Thank you for faithfully sharing your Summer with all of us following you on the dusty (or muddy in some cases) trail and can hardly wait to hear how you and your family are doing! DeAnne from just north of Saskatoon.

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  3. Thank you so much for the hat. Talance loves it!! She is so proud! Thank you for always making her feel special💕

  4. Aways enjoy your wrte ups . Best of luck the rest of summer and winter and will be watching for the races next year. Nice for their to be no run off this year.. Cody did real good his first year and that Rick out rode for him the one race . Bye Anne

  5. Thanks for your journey. Congratulations on your season and good luck in the following months

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted about chuckwagon life. I have really enjoyed your posts and pictures. Have a relaxed post season.

  7. We have always either watched the chuckwagon races on tv or listenedyo them on the radio (if out camping) but this year and reading your blog, I have enjoyed them so much more. Just being able to follow Team 23 and learning about the ups and downs and the ins and outs has given the races life. Your perspective on life in general is inspirational and refreshing. Have a wonderful winter and if you continue your blog once in awhile, even better! Cheers

  8. Thank you for your most interesting blog this summer. Your routine is so very different from mine and I love the peaks into such a different “normal”. Your video clip of the horses arriving home to run freely is beautiful. They give such a sense of “home again” as they appear out of the darkness of the sun behind them into he light. It is very well done. Again, thank you. I look forward to occasional posts through the winter. Your bits of wisdom at the end of each post very often are just what I need or am thinking about. Wish we lived close by so we could have a coffee and a chat.

  9. Love all your post !!! I always look forward to your next post first thing I do each day have a coffe and read your blog💖 My Dad and Mom were good friends with Joan and Dave Lewis and quite a few other wagon families back when we lived in GP. So nice to see your son up in the wagon box he does look good up there. The love you have for your family shines through in your posts and that’s a beautiful thing. The insperational quotes at the bottom are inspiring. Thank you for taking time out of your busy travelling season to post your blog and keep us informed of the goings on of the chuckwagon life. It is one big family. Have a wonderful fall and winter . See you in the spring!!
    Go team 23🎉🎊

  10. Good. Morning Sue and team 23!
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us over the months of the Tour, and if you continue to do so! I really enjoy reading you in the morning with my coffee, I will miss that!
    You have opened up your life to share with your many followers, not may people can or will do this, for that I thank you!
    Ricks accident scared the crap out of me, and i’m sure you as well, but glad everything worked out ok.
    Enjoy your time off with the new grandbaby!
    I will look forward to reading you whenever you do it!

  11. thanks for all the updates on your 2016 season Tracey and I have enjoyed knowing how Rick & Cody and your gang has done this year. Sorry we mist Dawson Creek . Hope to see you guys this fall

  12. Thanks for providing this blog Sue. I really enjoy reading each and everyone of them. Congratulations to Rick, Cody, you and the entire teams on great job they have done. I appreciate the aphorisms at the end of your blog, often copy and save them for future use. Hope that’s not copyright illegal. Lol. Take care!!!

  13. Thanks Sue! Have enjoyed following Team 23
    and learning about your day to day lives! Enjoy
    your home now!

  14. Thank you Sue for another great season of Travelin Trailer. Living in Regina, we only get to the races in S’toon during the race season but look forward to them every year. This year I was able to attend with our 2, 2 year old granddaughters. They loved the horses and the excitement, so I think grandpa has got a couple new fans who will gladly attend with him next year. Thanks again for all the insight into the WPCA and your team 23. Looking forward to 2017.
    Kelly Applegate
    Regina, Sask.

  15. I have enjoyed your comments and your “Thought For the Day”. Do enjoy this time at home.
    Looking forward to whatever you write in your blog.

  16. Ron and Penny Shantz introduced me to your blog and I have been following your stories for just over 2 years now. I thoroughly enjoy every reading. We live in Bashaw, Alberta and am only fortunate enough to attend the Ponoka Stampede. Always a great Stampede.
    I have never met you in person but can clearly see that you are a most beautiful person both inside and out and your writings are so inspiring, positive and uplifting.
    Thanks for another great season of stories! Enjoy your “Down Time”
    Rock on “Team 23”

  17. was sad that I did not make Rocky again this year. Life got in the way but as you have mentioned in one of your comments, you must just take life one day at a time. Have loved your blog and all the great photos posted. Look forward to seeing you on the trail again next year.

  18. Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your life on the road with us. We didn’t get a chance to see you in person but watched anything on TV that we could. I look forward to all of your posts and am glad that it was a safe year for you.

  19. Thank You Sue for the blog. Really enjoy it. Wish I would have found it sooner. Always look forward to reading it. Thx Team 23

  20. Thanks for your awesome blog! Looked forward to reading it every race day! Have a great off season. Flowers look awesome!

  21. Sue, I have so enjoyed your summer travelintrailer posts. You always have such great thoughts of the day. I always look forward to finishing the post to see what the PS has to say. They are always so true and food for thought, love being part of your journey, even if it’s only through your posts.
    You are amazing!

  22. THanks Sue it has been great traveling down the road with you for another season. The best thing about your blog is all the positive things you have to say. As you mention a lot is that we cannot take this life for granted and enjoy everyday that we have. Thanks and have a great winter.

  23. Thanks for the blogs Sue, we really enjoyed them. We are glad your season and Cody’s season were safe ones. Enjoy your down time! (Knowing you two, there probably is no down time, but enjoy!)
    Tracy & Coreen

  24. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful posts. I have enjoyed reading them, and following your season of ups and downs. If you decide to post in the off season, I am sure I will enjoy those posts as well. If you decide to take some time off for yourself, that will be understandable as well. I look forward to all your posts for the 2017 season, and wish you and yours a wonderful rest of 2016!

  25. Thanks for all your fabulous posts! We felt like we were right with you!! Enjoy some quiet time. See you next summer!

  26. Whoa… I did not see this ending like this at all! I started following your blog just over a mth ago and it seems you have fed hundreds of famous breakfasts to hungry chuckwagon team peeps all season long. McWho cares how many trillion they served, there you are serving it up at your chuckwagon travelin’ trailer! In this day n age of huge gourmet kitchens that often only feed a family of 4, this seems worthy of a cooking segment on HGTV Tiny Houses so triple points for this n all the ambassador n community support you give in all you do!

    But I digress on how I saw this end…I favor one of Wiki’s theory’s on the history of how chuckwagon races started and thought the season should finish accordingly:

    “…cooks from two chuckwagons who had completed serving a barbecue at the 1919 Victory Stampede in Calgary then raced to the grandstand’s exit, inspiring the event”

    In my alternate seasons ending, the announcer was still on the infield and this race was so quick he didn’t make it to the outfield in time so here is my recap from a birds eye view from Sask.  Super Skinner Sue was on barrel 1. No outriders were needed, her hook didn’t dare budge until her say so, and in her ever efficient way you know she already had her wife saver cook pans, fry pan and stove loaded herself. When the horn blew Sue made a clean start gaining  the rail to the Grandstand exit in an unheard of record time finish of 1.01 !

    Well as I saw it Sue did not stop at the exit but hollered a “wagons ho” and raced on not stopping until she hit home!  There she graciously entered the Nugget winners circle and accepted her prize as World Champ winner of the 2016  WPCCA (World Pro Chuckwagon Cook Association) and was awarded a good night’s sleep in her own bed …home sweet home!

    So glad to hear you will post from time to time in the off season so I don’t have to make up my own stories-yours are so much better!  I am reading the archives n have more questions!  But first relax, get caught up n get your wheels back under you after weaning off your summer too cute side kick Coy! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures in this blog! You, Rick n all the Team 23 are champions in my books!  Kari

  27. Sue, thank so much for allowing your fans to share your life on the chuckwagon trail. It gives those of us who can’t travel to the races an opportunity to follow your lifestyle and see the strong commitment you have for your family and your horses. Chuckwagon racing iis enormously complicated and labor intensive, so those who participate must be truly dedicated. You and your wonderful family are a credit to the sport. Safe travels until next season, and thanks for sharing.

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