Tour Auctions and Training

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Spring has sprung around here on the Ranch.  The snow has pretty much disappeared.  It  continues to look like fall though, as we patiently await for the warm sun to shine, the land to dry and the brown grass to change to green.  I am already enjoying the returning birds, lovely singing in the wee hours of the morning and the calm of the evening.


Geese in the pond


The Calm of the Evening

Last week was the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Canvas auction.   It was held at the Grey Eagle Resort in Calgary with live streaming to the 8 venues on our circuit.  All the drivers are allocated to attend the evening at one of the cities.  Rick was in Rocky Mountain House and I zipped down to Calgary to help out Tammy and the crew with the auction down there.


The Registration Gals


Lucky “23”

Chuckwagon Driver Colt Cosgrave and sponsor were in Calgary, and they thought that the #23 bid card was the number to have.  I think Colt had a successful night.

Back at the Ranch and the work continues.  Our equine herd are just like human athletes.  They need to train for their upcoming competition.  We begin by having them trot alongside trucks with sidebars which we have welded to the vehicle.   We start out at a short distance and continue to go farther as days go on.  It’s a beautiful site to see these muscular animals trotting with their manes flowing in the wind.  They are so powerful.  They were born to run.


Early Morning Sunrise

As the horses are in training, so am I.  I’m an early morning riser.  My me time begins at 5 am.  I hit the local gym 3 mornings a week.  I love the quietness as there are few of us there at that time.


Open Air 5km training

I decided this spring I would enter myself in my first 5 Km run when we are in Grande Prairie during our first venue of the season.    It’s a goal I made for myself and I am looking forward to it.  So far, the training is going good.  Rick keeps saying I should be training along side the truck with the ponies.  Would that not be a site to see.


Spring Waters

As a kid growing up, my favorite time of year on the farm was always spring time.  I loved when the water was melting.  I would lay awake at night and hear the water running.  It would make its way  across the farmer’s field from our house, through the tunnel, into the pond, down the hill and make its way to the creek down in the meadow.  Many times there would be so much run off, the water would rise over the road during the day, then recede at night.  We were told to stay away from the high waters or it could suck us in.  I Loved to throw sticks into the water on one side of the tunnel, only to wait for it to embark from  the other side.


Out and About

I enjoyed taking my two grand-boys out to enjoy the spring weather the other day.  What child and his dog could stay away from the huge water puddle.  Time well spent for all of us.


Some of the Boys

As I ran along the road, some of our horses were so curious to come visit.  They stood a while for me to take a photo.  The beautiful boy with the white blaze, is my horse Devereux.  He`s such a well put together horse whom I call Pretty Boy.  We have retired him from chuckwagon racing, and I now can use him for pleasure riding.  He helped us win the 2013 Grande Prairie Stompede.  That was his first year competing and he did us proud.   He`s a horse that we purchased from Kentucky a few years back.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh LIFE IS GOOD

As I looked at my calendar today, I pretty much said “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!“ as I realized there is only 7 weeks till the horn sounds at our first race meet.   That date is  not very far away.  There is so much to do, in such little time.  But……….at the end of the day, I always get it accomplished and away we go.

Till next time,

At Home on the Ranch

Sue with Rick too.

P.S.   The struggle you`re in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.



9 thoughts on “Tour Auctions and Training

    • Hello Erla

      Thank you for the nice compliment. I have been enjoying writing these past 6 years, I think it is. It started out as just an informational email being sent out to friends. Now this is what it has become. So glad you enjoy.


  1. Whole to get to watch and cheer your wagon to a win in Grande Prairie this year. Good luck to you all this season. Happy Easter!

    • Hi Marie
      Thanks for the note and good wishes. Looking forward to a winning season this year.
      Catch you down the trail


  2. Hope you had a Happy Easter I know we did also as I look at the tarp auction I don’t see Cody Fraser is, I will assume he is not running this year to bad was looking forward to see Cody & Rick hook together Also looking forward to seeing your guys in GP All the best on your racing year

    • Hi Darcy
      Easter was good. Had plenty of snow, but managed to pony horses yesterday as it was pretty nice out. Snow is melting slowly, cooler today and may get more tomorrow.
      Our 2 workers arrived on Saturday so that helps us.
      Had Easter dinner yesterday with the kids, Don and Dana.
      Yes, Cody made the decision to step down for a year. Just knew the economy was still down and wouldn’t profit the chuckwagon circuit. We are happy with his decision. He hopes to be back again.

  3. I was also wondering about Cody but will look forward to seeing him in the future. Not much snow in Calgary and by the end of Church service we had green grass showing everywhere so not the “Christmas” appearance as the north experienced this Easter. Cant believe how soon you will once again be on the trail.

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