Alberta Weather and More

We are on the last week of the month of April already.  The weather for these past 3 weeks has been very interesting here in Alberta.  We haven’t seen the sunshine a whole lot,  the air has been cool and more snow has fallen.  I have yet to pack away the winter clothing and footwear as we keep on needing it.


Tightening the Headstall


Harnessing the Horse


Team Meeting or Telling Stories

Yesterday, we hooked two outfits and went a few laps with them.  As they were all the old boys who are trained for the Chuckwagon, things went according to plan.  The wind was a bit chilly and fresh, but nothing we haven’t seen before.


Putting on the Hames


Doing up the Crosschecks


Exercising the Ponies

As the horses are athletes, they need training up to the events that we attend.  It is so enjoyable to watch them as we take them from their pens, harness them, hook them to the wagon and trot away.  They know when its time to get going as they show it in their body language.   Sometimes prancing, or swaying or just getting a nervous twitch.  Just like humans, they each have their own way of preparing themselves for the activity.


Toopy and Tigger


Nugget and Tigger

When we head out to the barns, the cats and dogs love to come too.  Tigger is such a friendly cat.  His best bud is Nugget.  Toopy loves to chase and tease Tigger.  They all get lots of exercise too.



Just as we were finishing up with the last hook of horses, the snow was beginning to fall.  We knew the forecast was calling for it, but didn’t think it would be as much as we woke up to on this early Sunday morning of April.


Yes it was pretty bright out, and about 5 inches of the white stuff had fallen.  It always looks so pretty and clean out after a snowfall such as this.  But it’s not quite what we need at this time of the year.  When we look back to last years calendar,  we were desperately calling for rain, as it was so dry out.  The farmers in the area are going to be delayed quite a  bit, trying to get a crop into the ground.  There is so much moisture in the heavy wet snow.


A Snowy Masterpiece

Well, just because it snows, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it.  Grandson Coy and his papa went out to build some snowmen.  They did a pretty fine-looking job  I must say.


The Biggest Leafs Fan Ever

Rick is the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey fan I know.  He has never,  over all the years that we’ve been together,  jumped off the bandwagon to cheer for another team.  I may have to get him a crying towel though, as tonight,  Rick’s team lost their game, taking them out of contention for the coveted Stanley Cup Trophy.  Maybe next year.


Indoors at the Gym

With the heavy wet snow, comes very messy gravel roads.  I like to do my running out in the country, it just didn’t warrant it today.  So I cleared the snow off my buggy, and headed into town to the local Snap-fitness to have some me time in the gym and on the treadmill.  I believe its important to look after my health and me, so I can look after my family and be the best I can be for the life we lead.


If I Could Only!

My days are busy, as we prepare for the upcoming Chuckwagon Season.  But never to busy to look after our second little grandchild, baby Ryker.  He keeps me young when he comes to visit while his mom takes time for errands.  It won’t be long before he’s running, then we can run together!!!

From Home on the Ranch

Sue with Rick and Crew too

P.S.  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.






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  1. Crappy weather up here in GP also wishing you all (Rick & Cody) and the whole team much success.
    A whole lot more than Rick’s Leafs. 🙄

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