Grande Prairie Stompede Night #4

Howdy All!

It hard to believe it’s Saturday already.   These past 13 days up here in Grande Prairie have flown by.  Today Rick and I made a quick stop in at Keddies Tack and Western Wear to meet and greet the good folks there at their annual Stompede Barbeque.  Glenn, Judy, Jeff and the crew are always  excellent hosts during the Stompede.  They have been supporting many of the drivers through sponsorship every year for as long as I can remember.

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Our next stop was the Tourist Centre 2000 located on the by-pass.  Downstairs in the facility, they host a unique smaller museum of the history in and around the Grande Prairie area.  This year, they put together an amazing display of artifacts and information on the sport of Chuckwagon Racing.  Rick and I donated one of Dave Lewis’s (Rick’s dad) Calgary Stampede trophy to put on display as part of the history.  If you happen to be passing by the area, do stop in as it will fill you in on so much of the Western Heritage we so love.




One little “BIG” Team 23 Fan

So much preparation and work goes into our thoroughbreds to prepare them for a race. The horses that do go that day, all get a nice shower to get them clean and shiny.  Then when the race is complete and they’ve cooled down, they get another shower before their put into their stalls for the night.  My Nephew and Niece popped by with their little ones who I must say are, I’m pretty sure our biggest fans.


Team Work

Duncan and Karina have been great workers on our team.  From shoveling manure, feeding hay, filling water buckets to harnessing the horses.  A good team works like clock work keeping everything in order, neat and tidy.


Its Time

Together as a team, we are looking after 19 horses here on the road.  It’s quite similar to looking after 19 babies.  They need constant care of feeding, grooming, and giving lots of love and attention.



Lovin Every Moment

And Karina shows no shortage love and care.  She might be small, but she is mighty.


One Barrel Run

Tonight, Rick decided to hook Spirit on the Left Lead, Sporty on the Right Lead, Cowboy on the Left Wheel and Glory on the Right Wheel.  Cole held the leaders with good o’l Beau and Casey rode Ice throwing the stove.  When the horn sounded, away they went.  The barrel figure eight turn was clean and the race was fast.  A 1:17.63 was posted on the clock.  When we got back to the barns, unharnessed the horses, and got busy with the evening chores, we got news on the quick time.  We were really hoping that time would stick for a Day Money run.  Well little did we know, we posted a speedy Day Money run, but we also were informed, we made the final Dash for Cash in tomorrows last heat!!!  We totally had no idea that a time such as that would get us in.  I tell you, our team hooted and hollered and enjoyed a big group hug for all our hard work thus far.


The Travelin “Team 23”

Some one else back home was quite excited too!  Rick’s biggest fan, Grandma Elsie from Gwynn AB.  She lives just up the road from us and was just as elated as us.

Jumping for Joy

And a call was made, From Rick, Sue and Elsie too!

So tomorrow, there will be what they call a barrel draw for the four competitors in the final heat.  They each will have a turn picking a ball with a number of 1 to 4 out of a hat to determine where each will be positioned in the race.   Congrats goes out to Obrey Motowylo, Ross Knight and Layne MacGillivray in their success in making the dash as well.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue with Rick and “Team 23”



P.S. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.

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  1. Good job Team 23! Watched the race and it was a very exciting heat.
    Much good luck tonight! YAHOO!

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